"Who Are We And How
   Do You Talk To Us?"

The Newbie Club™ Group of companies which is owned by ...

Steve and Joe Robson

Steve is the administrator and general manager, son of Joe Robson the founder of the Newbie Club - Brits who live in the beautiful County of Yorkshire, England.

Steve is responsible for the overall Promotion and Marketing of The Club, and is deeply involved with his team of Techies, Writers, and Designers on several unique and ground breaking Newbie Club™ Products and Services 

Until Joe went online in 1998, he owned his own Direct Marketing company, and is a professional Advertising Copywriter with 30 years Sales and Marketing experience under his belt. He is widely acknowledged by many Internet Marketers as one of the Internet's top Sales Copywriters, and his Copywriting Solutions Website is one of the most respected Web Copywriting Tutorial Websites on the Net.

One of his strengths is his ability to reduce highly technical marketing copy, into easily understood Plain English. And he is a avid campaigner against the use of Jargon in writing materials. Hence the birth of The Newbie Club™.

His Copywriting and Internet marketing articles and Tutorials have been widely published across the Web, and he is the author of several books, including the Internet Copywriting blockbuster 'Make Your Words SELL! - MYWS - co-authored with Ken Evoy of MYSS fame.

Joe was a Founding Member of iCop - The International Council of Online Professionals, the highly respected organization dedicated to protecting Internet consumers from the dishonest practices of unscrupulous Internet marketers. He is also a Member of the iCop International Advisory Council.

Joe passed away on New Years Day 2010 after a long battle with illness, leaving his son Steve to keep up the running of the Newbie Club.

Contact Information
3 Ashleigh Avenue

44- (0)1924-315062 (UK)

Website: http://www.newbieclub.com

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