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"Are You Terrified By The Idea of Building Your Own Website? Confused, Frustrated, Despondent, Even Hacked Off Because You Don't Know How To Start Or Who To Trust? - - - Relax"

"Because  if you're REALLY Serious about wanting to build your own Website, the Toolkit used by Thousands and Thousands of Newbies in 107 Countries around the World is the ONLY course you'll ever need to realize your dream  - Period!"

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Hi, I'm Steve Robson - owner of The Newbie Club™. 

I'll bet you would really LOVE to own your own Website - wouldn't you? Your very own creation, designed by you, and fully controlled by you. A Website you'd be proud of. A beautiful Website your friends would be envious of. Your own Site that you could change, redesign, and add to any time you choose.  Without having to tear your hair out plowing through weeks of Techie Gobbledygook, and spending a fortune on all the bells and whistles the Techies say you need - but don't! Yeah right ...

"Then stay with me because  I KNOW I can help you ..."

Since November 2000 The Newbie Club's First Website Builder has helped thousands upon thousands of beginners just like you to realize their dreams.  Newbies in 107 countries around the World who felt the same frustrations as you do, experienced the same bewilderment as you. And went on to overcome them using our unique Newbie Club™ Learning System. Newbie-Speak!

So why will First Website Builder help you so much more than any other Website Building course? It's a simple, yet devastatingly successful concept really because ...

"Volume 1 of this Best Selling 3 Volume Course shows you step by careful step how an Absolute Newbie built her own Great Website in a few days - Without Spending a Red Cent!"

It's absolutely true. It was her achievement and brilliantly detailed account of how she did it, that inspired us to create the course. 

"So we created another 2 Volumes by 2 highly experienced Newbie Tutorial Writers, to produce the finest, Newbie Friendliest, and easiest to follow Website Building course that's now being used by Newbies all over the World!

And now, with the help of more savvy authors and software developers, we've just expanded it to MEGA proportions! 

"This Newbie website building course is light years ahead of anything I have ever seen for the price. The Software alone is worth 5 times the cost" Dorothy Coleman, Melbourne

"Don't Settle for Sub Standard Copy Cats - get the REAL THING" 

3 years ago we were one of the first to introduce a successful 'Plain English' Website Building course. And many 'clones' have appeared and disappeared since. When you're as staggeringly successful as The Newbie Club™ you have to accept being imitated. But now, our Brand New Version 2.1 ensures we stay way out in front as the undisputed leader in Newbie Tutorials and courses. That's why our motto is ...

"Hey I'm a Newbie, not a Dummy - Just show me HOW!"

Important; Unlike many Website Building programs, your Website will be Designed, Owned and Directly Controlled by YOU and YOU alone!

You can add to it, or change it any time YOU wish - how you wish. You will NOT be held to ransom by a Web designer. You will NOT be forced to buy more products or services from us. You will NOT be locked into monthly fees of any kind. You can choose to host with who you like, where you like. And you can build as many Websites as you wish on your own PC
Absolutely Everything you create will be YOURS - Period!

"Who better to show a Newbie like you how
to build a great Website, than these people?"

Book 1
"How A Newbie Built A Great Website In Just 2 Days - Absolutely Free"
By Dianne Reuby

Dianne Reuby - was a Newbie who had never built a Website in her life - ever! But she made it her business to spend weeks wading through the hype, confusion and 'Techie-Gobbledygook' until she found the best and easiest way to do it. And she never spent a single cent! Now she has a thriving Internet Business, and you can take advantage of her invaluable early experiences and create your first family, personal, club, hobby, or business Website.

  •   Chapter 1    Destroying the myths
    Who says a Newbie can't build a Website? Separating the fact from the fiction - and most of it is fiction!

  •   Chapter 2    First things first - the tools you need
    The essential Free tools for your basic Web building toolkit - and where to get them. Why pay, when you can get them FREE?

  •   Chapter 3    You need a plan
    If you plan properly you won't get lost. Pre-planning ensures a focused Website that your visitors will enjoy. How to avoid the common Newbie problem of poor navigation.

  •   Chapter 4    Learn HTML - who me?
    How to learn the mysteries of HTML - from scratch! No previous knowledge required - just the willingness to learn.

  •   Chapter 5    After the basics
    Checking your HTML, checking links, inserting graphics, free software to use and where to find it. Now the fun begins.

  •   Chapter 6    More Free graphics than you can handle
    Where to find them, how to download them. All the links you need to access millions of Free photos, backgrounds, buttons, cartoons and more.

  •   Chapter 7    Show your new site to the world
    How to get your Site onto the Web and show it to the world - and the Free tools to do it. ISPs, hosting, free Web space. All is revealed.

  •   Chapter 8    Hey everyone - I'm here!
    Now you have to tell everyone how to find you. Links to the best places to promote your Site.

  •   Chapter 9    All the Free tools you need
    Links to the best Free software and tutorials on the Web.

  •   Chapter 10   An unlimited amount of help is available
    No need to feel alone. There's an unlimited amount of Free help available whenever you need it. Expand your knowledge with these great resources.

Book 2
"How To Write & Present A
Website That GRABS Attention!
By Joe Robson

Steve Robson is owner of The Newbie Club™ and many other successful Websites. Joe Robson was a full time professional Copywriter. There's more to building a great Website than creating a stunning design. It has to educate and entertain your visitors - and sell to them! Joe reveals some of his professional 'tricks of the trade' that will transform your new Website from an average Newbie creation into a professionally presented Website you'll be proud of. This is the kind of advice that no other Website creation products ever give you - and it's dynamite!

  •   Chapter 1    Write it right!
    Joe is regarded by many as the best Web Copywriter on the 'Net. If you think professional Copywriting is only reserved for Business Websites, you're wrong. Joe shows why.

  •   Chapter 2    Who wants an ugly Site?
    How to use space, font designs, font color and so much more, to give your new Website the kind of professional appearance seen only on pro Sites. These easy to apply guidelines will dramatically improve eye-appeal without having to rely on graphics.

  •   Chapter 3    Write for your niche
    Find out how to plan your message, how to write for your niche market, and why detailed planning at this stage will determine the success or failure of your Site

  •   Chapter 4    Identify your USP
    All successful Website owners have managed to identify their Unique Selling Proposition. Yet most people don't understand how to do it. Joe reveals the secrets behind this rarely understood subject. A must read!

  •   Chapter 5    How to grab their attention - and keep it
    If you don't grab your visitor's attention immediately, your Website is wasted. Joe reveals some insider tips on this vital subject.

  •   Chapter 6    Professional tips for a winning site
    Here's a comprehensive menu of tips and techniques used by successful Copywriters the world over, many known only to them. Until now!

  •   Chapter 7    Wrapping it all up
    Joe rounds off this excellent book with one of his much acclaimed Copywriting Tutorials on the essentials of Web Copywriting. Great 'insider' stuff to make your New Website stand way out above the crowd.

"How you guys do it I really don't know. This is your finest product yet - and that's saying something. Magnificent!" 
Alan Fredericks, Switzerland


*This Product Is Undergoing An Update And Is No Longer Available.*

Book 3
  "How To Automate, Backup, And Publish Your New Website"
By Tom Glander


  •   Chapter 1   Adding Forms can transform your site
    Tom is the brains behind the original highly acclaimed Newbie Club™ Tutorials. This specially written chapter shows how easy it is for you to add Forms to your Website.

  •   Chapter 2   Autoresponders - a Newbies best friend
    Autoresponders are considered too Techie by most Newbies. Not when you read Tom's excellent description of how they work, how to install them, and how they can transform your Family or Business Website.

  •   Chapter 3   Backup your Website - or die!
    Tom's unique ability to 'Newbie-Speak' comes through again. His advice on saving a copy of your Website will prevent you from losing the lot - for ever! And this Tutorial shows you how - in English!

  •   Chapter 4   How To Upload and Publish your new Website
    This picture Tutorial makes 'Techie-Stuff' a breeze, and shows why Tom's teaching style is so effective! Getting your new Site out for the world to see is easy when you follow his picture driven step-by-step advice.


"But now we've added More. Much  More. Because our massively expanded Version 2.1 contains THREE awesome Web Building Software Tools to catapult your skills even Faster!"

Joe Robson's Newbie Web Gizmo Wizard  is an amazing  Web Tools kit and powerful Script Generator. This specially commissioned software enables you to add up to 60 'Techie' special effects in just a few clicks. You'll absolutely love the Newbie style question and answer format, and instant copy and paste features. Yet each Gizmo is accessed with just a single mouse click from a simple control panel. Soon to be sold on The Newbie Club Website and around the Web for $29.95 - it's yours FREE! Here's just a sample ...

*Cool Page Transitions *Colored Page Borders *Automatic Date Countdown *Banner Rotator *Color Pickers *Doorway Pages & Quick Templates *Dropdown Menus *FAQ Page Builder *I-Frames *Image Mouse Overs *Link Cloaker *Meta Tag Generator *No Spam Email Addresses * Image Theft Protector *Random Text Messages *Thumbnail images *Automatic Popups *Instant Copy & Paste Script Library and More ...

Joe Robson's Super Easy Mini Site Wizard. Learning html with First Website Builder is by far the best way to build a great Website. But feed back from our thousands of users tells us there will be times when you may need a one or two page Mini site without the frills. A 'Quickie' if you like. This no-brainer software instantly creates a simple Mini site or ebook page with your own graphics, message, and testimonials. You can even paste your text straight from Word or Note Pad. Ideal for a Family Page, or a Single Product Sales Page. Shortly Selling on our Site for $19.95, it's yours Free!
Joe Robson's Newbie UnZipper. Once your Website is built, you'll be downloading graphics, software, ebooks and much more. That's the beauty of the Internet! But much of it is in Zipped format and has to be Unzipped before you can use it. Most Unzipping software is complicated and confusing to use - especially to beginners. Joe Robson's Newbie UnZipper will open your zipped files in just 2 Mouse Clicks. It just doesn't get any easier than this! Will soon be selling on our Site for $19.95, but it's yours FREE!

"Wait for it, wait for it - there's Even MORE, because you also get this Super FREE Bonus!"



So You Want To Build A Web Page? by Joe Barta is the brilliant 24 Part HTML Course used by hundreds of thousands of Newbies around the world. He blows away the mysteries surrounding this misunderstood and feared subject, and proves that you don't have to be an expert - you just need a basic understanding to build a Website to be proud of. And it's all in Newbie-Speak!

 Don't Forget 

This Superb Bonus is in addition to the abundance of free scripts, programs, graphics and tutorials already linked to inside Dianne Reuby's Book 1

























































"You just keep getting better and better. This is over-delivering at its finest. There's stuff in this package that any so-called professional will be delighted to own."
Carl Jennings, Singapore

"Now Come On Be Honest. Isn't This Package
Just Absolutely Awesome?"

And you thought that building your first Website was beyond you! You do NOT need any special skills to follow these Newbie-Speak Tutorials. And you do NOT need to spend an arm and a leg buying expensive Techie Software that most people can't understand anyway.

"First Website Builder provides you with absolutely EVERYTHING you need to build a Website you'll be proud of"

All you need is a PC, and this fabulous collection of specially created tools and tutorials. Plus the willingness and desire to create a Website that could totally transform your enjoyment and use of the Internet, for you, your family, or your business. And even if you only have a tiny spark of desire to start your own Internet business, isn't this is the perfect and cheapest way to make a start - the Newbie Club™ way? 

"Hey, EVERY Website owner was a Newbie at one stage"

*This Product Is Undergoing An Update And Is No Longer Available.*


But they had to learn the hard way. The long frustrating, confusing, and expensive way that until now has been the norm. And for every person who succeeded, thousands never even made a start.  Because they thought it was just for 'Techies'. What a sad, sad mistake!

"How Much For This World-Wide Best Selling Course?"

Sorry No Longer Available

That's right, just $39.95. And it comes with our 12 months unconditional, No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee! Repeat - Unconditional!

This Product is being updated please sign up for news on the New Newbie Club HERE


Look, I will NOT attempt to hoodwink you with a price deadline that never changes (we've all seen those stupid tactics haven't we?)

However, I WILL promise you that the price MAY go up because of all the extra benefits we have just added to this already MASSIVE Best Seller. So as a marketing test, I'm keeping the price low for the moment.

"However if I feel that a price increase is viable, I reserve the right to increase it at any time. Hey I'm in business!"

"So Get it NOW, and PLEASE DO NOT write to me if you miss it at this low price - you may get upset when I refuse"

Besides, with a 12 Months No-Questions-Asked Full Refund Guarantee, how can you lose?

"Decide NOW and change your life"

Are you really prepared to sit back, after spending all that hard earned cash for a box of electronics, and deny you and yours the chance to enjoy the life transforming miracle of the Internet?

Heck, you know you're just as intelligent as the next guy? You know you're not stupid. You know you would really like to own your own Website. So what is it that makes you hesitate? ...

Look, it's not the work involved that's holding you back. So perhaps it's the fear of making a mistake. Maybe it's the fear of the unknown. Or the feeling that maybe this course isn't everything I say it is. So that's why I cover you with my unconditional 12 Months No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee - even though our reputation is impeccable (The Newbie Club has been on-line since August 2000).

Just imagine ...

For the price of a meal and a few evenings enjoyable work, you could have your very own Website up on the Web alongside the best of them.

  • How about putting your children's photo album on-line to share with their friends and grandparents?

  • What about an interactive Site for the PTA, your local golf club or your Seniors club?

  • How about a Family Website that every family member can contribute to. Imagine the fun and sense of achievement! 

  • Why not share your passionate hobby with like minded enthusiasts around the world, and make some great friends into the bargain?

  • Why not start a little part time business - and grow it into a full time business when you gain the confidence?

  • Or if you have an existing offline business or service, why not persuade your present and potential customers to visit your new Website - and generate even more business?

"I'm amazed at how easy it is to follow. All that technical jargon I was frightened about is totally non existent in your course ... how you manage to translate it all into plain English I'll never know, and those wizards are a newbies dream to use. Thank you." Alice Morgan, Durban

"Look, let's get down to the nitty-gritty and do some straight talking. Are you going to sit on that darned fence for EVER?"

Or are you serious - I mean really serious about realizing your dream of owning your own Website? Or are you just kidding yourself? Are you going to 'think about it' even longer and end up doing nothing? Or have you got the gumption to take positive action - NOW?

You've seen and read about all the wonderful things being achieved by other Website owners. Heck, you probably have friends who are doing just that! But they're no more savvy than you are.

"It does NOT take a high level of education or intelligence to build a Website - that's a Myth"

*This Product Is Undergoing An Update And Is No Longer Available.*


Remember how you felt when you first got behind the wheel of a car? Nervous, a little helpless, and afraid to even start the engine? Well the thought of building your first Website is probably the same - yet all it takes is confidence, knowledge, and an expert to SHOW you how. 

And the unique design and 'Newbie-Speak' content of The Newbie Club™ Website Builder  will give you the precise knowledge and tools you need. All within a fraction of the time, effort and expense you would normally have to spend with painful, frustrating, and costly 'traditional' methods. 

So decide right now to join the 21st Century, and in no time at all you could be achieving things you never thought possible. You could be setting up your very own Family Website, publishing your Family Tree, selling your first How To Manual, or starting your own Affiliate business.
















































"Now then are you STILL going to think about it? Don't you believe that you and your family deserve it?"

Of course you do. You know in your heart you do. Deep down in your gut you want to. So get your hands on First Website Builder Fast! ...

Like NOW!   Not later.   Not tomorrow.   Not someday maybe ...


"... an absolute delight to do business with you. You even made it easy for me to download the stuff. Now THAT is what I call user friendly!" Moira Harrison. Scotland

"If you've never ordered on-line before, or if you're unsure about downloading, you're in safe experienced hands" 

Because even our ordering procedure is specifically designed for Newbies, and we even give you a Downloading tutorial to use.

Our sophisticated credit card ordering system is totally secure in every possible respect. Your card and personal details are absolutely safe because all our transactions are securely handled by  - one of the most respected companies in the industry. Or if you prefer, you can order by snail mail.

You can not order accidentally, and you can not place your order until you're absolutely ready to do so. With over 3 years of working with Newbies, and countless thousands of delighted customers around the world, we reckon we've thought of everything. No wonder we're independently rated by as one of the TOP 0.1 percent of the most popular Websites in the World?

"First Website Builder is like NOTHING you’ve ever seen before. It's the Best Selling Course for Designing, Writing, Automating and Publishing your very own Website with Tools and Tutorials Specially Created by the World's No 1 Newbie Website"

And it's created by some of the best Newbie Tutorial writers around today. The absolute cream of the crop. That's why The Newbie Club™ courses are being used by tens of thousands of people all around the World at this very moment - because our Members and Customers LOVE them!

If you can't trust us - who can you trust? 

*This Product Is Undergoing An Update And Is No Longer Available.*



P.S.  You've thought about it for long enough. Now's the time to swallow hard and take ACTION, because owning your very own Website could be just a few hours away. How much longer are you going to sit there and just dream about it? Heck, if it's not everything I say it is, just ask for your money back! Is that fair, or is that fair?

So take that vital first step now. After all ...

"You're A Newbie NOT A Dummy.
You Just Need Someone To Show You How!"

Remember, the previous version has already been sold in its thousands all around the World. So demand for this Mega Expanded Version 2.1 will be even heavier, and the Super Bonus may run out soon ...

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*This Product Is Undergoing An Update And Is No Longer Available.*