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"Who Are We And How
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The Newbie Club™ is owned by Roglan International, a US Company owned by two partners - Tom Glander and Joe Robson...

Tom Glander

Tom is a Californian living in Battle Creek, Michigan, USA.

He is a gifted writer, and the 'Techie' behind the business. He runs the Website, manages the administration, and does absolutely everything that his partner Joe isn't already an expert at doing.

But Tom's unique talent lies in the fact that even though he's spent 15 years working with computers, he can still think like a Newbie. And that's an extremely rare talent!

So rare in fact, that his 2 publications 'Windows For Newbies' and 'Registry For Newbies' are totally unique in the way he teaches beginners the essential basics of how to use a PC and the Internet. His revolutionary method, called The Newbie Club™ Learning System, has been widely acclaimed by Newbies and Pros alike for it's amazingly high degree of success. In short, they love it!

Tom's greatest love is teaching. And his special writing talents are demonstrated to maximum effect in his PC and Internet books. Rarely do we get the chance to see such a powerful combination of experience and unique talent in one person.

Tom's lovely wife Jann is also a writer, and at the moment she and Tom are putting the finishing touches to a groundbreaking Newbie book which will be the first of it's kind to be published on the Web. After it's been run past Newbie Ned of course!

Joe Robson

Joe is a Brit and lives in the beautiful County of Yorkshire, England.

He is responsible for the Promotion and Marketing of The Club, and is involved with Tom on several unique, and ground-breaking Newbie Club™ Products and Services to be announced later in the year.

Until he went online he owned his own Direct Marketing company,and is a professional Advertising Copywriter with 30 years Sales and Marketing experience under his belt. His Copywriting Solutions Website is one of the most respected Web Copywriting Tutorial Websites on the Net.

One of his strengths is the ability to reduce highly technical marketing copy, into easily understood Plain English. And he is a great campaigner against the use of Jargon in writing materials.

His Copywriting and Internet marketing articles and Tutorials have been widely published across the Web, and he is the author of several books, including the Internet Copywriting blockbuster 'Make Your Words SELL! - MYWS - co-authored with Ken Evoy of MYSS! fame.

Both Joe and Tom are Founding Members of The International Association Of Professionalism Online,the highly respected organization dedicated to protecting Internet consumers from the dishonest practices of unscrupulous Internet marketers.

So Tom's 'Techie' abilities, and Joe's total lack of it, is the perfect combination for The Newbie Club. Because everything - absolutely everything -that is published is first checked for technical accuracy by Tom, and tried out by Joe. If he can't understand it, then it's re-written until he can!

Contact Information

Roglan International
The Newbie Club
3401 Capital Ave SW
Battle Creek
Michigan 49015


Tom Glander,
Joe Robson,

Telephone  1-616-979-2433 (US); 44-1924-315062 (UK)
Fax. 1-616-963-3305 (US); 44 1924 382590 (UK)

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