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"How To Automate Tasks 
So You Can Do More 
Productive Things 
With Your Time"

Save time, have fun

There's no reason to stare at your computer while it cleans house. Unless you like watching it work! Once the novelty has worn off, you can set up a scheduled task to be performed while you are busy with other things, like sleeping. That's the genius of automation-- make the machine take care of itself on its own schedule!

Let's take defragmenting for example. This is a task that can take up to an hour or more on one of today's big hard drives. Here's how to create an automatic defragmentation program.

Like most tasks in Windows, there's more than one approach. I'll show you the quickest, easiest way.

Step 1. Double click the My Computer icon. You'll see the following dialog appear. I've highlighted the Scheduled Tasks folder.

Schedule common tasks and chores with ease


Step 2. Double click the Scheduled Tasks folder. Or, once it's highlighted, you can press the Enter key. Either way, the folder will be opened to reveal the Scheduled Tasks window as shown below.

Make appointments for educational activities

Above: Large Icon View of the Scheduled Tasks window


Note: Notice the red Nothing is scheduled until you set it up ("X") on two of the icons above. This means no tasks are scheduled for those items. Changing the view of this window to a detailed view (Click View and select Details from the drop down menu) provides you with details concerning each item in the window, as shown below:

Learn more. Learn well. Have fun!

Above: The Details View of Scheduled Tasks


Step 3. Double click the icon you want to work with. In this case, I've chosen the defragmentation icon. Here's the window that appears with the Task tab first:

Clean up your hard drive today

Note: Windows automatically fills in the Run line and the Comments field.

Be sure to enable automation by selecting this check box: Enabling is easy Otherwise, your task will never run. I learned this by trial and error. I couldn't figure out why the task never operated as scheduled until I looked more closely and found the check box unselected.


Step 4. Click the Schedule tab Tasks, tasks, and more tasks. Automate them! to receive the following screen:

Find the answers at the Newbie Club.

Note: Select the check boxes you need to create a schedule that works for you. This can be changed at any time.


Step 5. Click the Settings tab for more options. Here's the picture:

Check your settings. Huh? Learn more.

Note: Select the check boxes as needed. When you're finished, go back over the tabs to be sure everything is the way you want it.   When you're satisfied with your options, click OK.

The screen goes away, and the task is set to be performed at the time you've scheduled. You can apply these same steps to any scheduled task. Just make sure your computer is running at that time or the task won't run.  

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