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How To Change Your Wallpaper
Quick and Easy

Unlike changing the wallpaper in your house, changing the wallpaper on your computer is a breeze! The wallpaper is the background you look at on your desktop, and just like the stuff hanging on your real walls, the virtual paper may need a change now and then!

No mess paper changing
Create custom wallpaper using a paint program, or use the wallpaper supplied with your computer or some other source. The best thing about wallpapering on your computer is the mess-free ease of hanging it! Redecorate at any time. 

When you're more advanced, you can use special programs that will rotate your wallpaper for you every day. Sign up for the Newbie Club e-magazine and start learning all these fun "secrets" today. I just wish someone would invent a real world device that would change my office paper every three months! 

Here's how to change your wallpaper using the pre-supplied designs residing on your computer right now:

Step 1. Right click on your desktop. From the resulting menu click Properties.

Look, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's... the Newbie Club!

Here's the Display Properties dialog box you'll see. Clicking the various tabs lets you make changes to the appearance of your display. The word 'display' is simply another word for your monitor or screen:

Your computer displays its display properties in this dialog box.

Step 2. Scroll through the Wallpaper list and click to highlight a wallpaper. As soon as you do, you'll see a rendition of the wallpaper on the mini-monitor pictured pictured here:

More display properties to view

Note: You can browse for wallpaper that may be located in a different folder by clicking the Browse button. Center the image or tile the image by selecting Center or Tile from the  drop down menu shown below: 

Windows for Newbies shows you everything you need to know

Step 3. Click OK to accept the changes you've made. Your new desktop will appear with the image you have selected.

Remember, you can use any image that's not copyrighted. Your own photos and designs are the most fun, but there's a world of graphics to select from. 


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