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How To Customize the Recycle Bin

Take out the garbage and the trash...

The bin is located on every drive on your computer. Whether you have a new computer with one big C: drive, or a computer with one drive made into multiple virtual drives, the Recycle Bin is there, ready to catch whatever you send it. Here's how to customize the bin's properties to your unique requirements:


Step 1. From the desktop, right click the Recycle Bin icon for the shortcut menu: 

 Clean out the dead files


Step 2. Click Leave files here you aren't sure you want to delete . You'll see the following dialog appear:

The property belongs to you

Note: Work your way through the options presented in the properties dialog. One word of caution--if you select the option to bypass the Recycle Bin and remove files immediately when deleted, don't forget you've selected this option. It's easy to forget, then two days later you delete a file, thinking it'll be saved in the bin, but no, it's gone. Just a friendly reminder!

Step 3. Click OK to save your changes. You've just taken another step in personlizing your computer to meet your unique needs. 

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