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You've Got Mail! 
And now you've got options.

From Outlook Express

Did you know that the Internet is made up of various parts? The WWW (World Wide Web) is one part. Usenet is another (another name for newsgroups). And the third is e-mail!

  • The Web
  • Newsgroups
  • Email. And that's all there is!

Yes, electronic mail. The stuff you love to receive.

Here are the highlights you need to know.

Spam: you don't have to eat it
First of all, let's tackle spam. Have you ever eaten any? Did your parents ever put the meaty stuff on your plate contrary to your request?

That food wasn't asked for. So it was unsolicited. And that pretty much sums up electronic spam, also known as unsolicited e-mail. It's also known as UCE-- Unsolicited Commercial E-mail.

Whether you get real bent out of shape and go ballistic, or you just hit the delete key is up to you. We prefer the delete key ourselves. If it gets real bad, you can try enlisting the services of or an organization like them.

Where spammers get their spam
People who send spam are called spammers. How do they get your e-mail address, anyway? Well, if you keep things to yourself, and don't post messages on newsgroups that include your email address, you're probably safe from spam. 

Spammers also use robots to harvest email addresses from web sites. If you're a web designer or site owner, you can be sure the robots are out harvesting email as you read. It's an ongoing war.

Can you stop incoming junk email?
In a word, not really. Ok, make that two words.

And another thing-- I wouldn't bother replying to those spam mails you get saying "to be removed from further mailing, just reply to this message." All that does is validate your email address so they can Spam again.

Low life critters is what they are. Careful-- you can't tell if the guy or gal next to you on the street is one of "them."

Yes, we take great pains not to spam. But regardless of our level of control, there are still those who forget they requested certain e-mail newsletters, announcements, etc. 

They forget that it was their request for this stuff in the first place, then they proceed to level accusations against the sender.

The best thing to do? Just reply with a kind letter, or simply ignore it. No need to exercise that much gray matter for so little return. :-)

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