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"At Long Last Someone's Created It - 
A Detailed Website Building Course 
By A Newbie, For A Newbie,
In Language You Can Really Understand
- Newbie-Speak!"


"I get a lot of e-mail from folks asking ... "How do I get started building a website? Without any doubt, the Newbie Club Website Builder is the answer. It transforms a complex topic into plain language that anyone can understand. What I love best... tons of links to get the stuff you actually need to build your site - FREE! It's a great piece of work and I commend you on a job well done."
Brett Krkosska

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"Take Firm Control Of Your Computer And Totally
Transform Your Internet Experience
With The Most Unique And Entertaining
Learning Course On The Web"

It's simply called ...

By Tom Glander

"Just wanted to let you know that I think your "Windows for Newbies" is really great. Simple, and very informative. I am new(6 months ago)to the computer world. I couldn't turn one on before that, if my life depended on it!"  

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"Take The Next Step And Increase Your PC Knowledge Even More With Yet Another Tutorial Winner From The Newbie Club™."

By Tom Glander

"Tom has taken a 'geek speak' topic and put it into a 'real speak' e-book. I bought his "Windows for Newbies" book for my wife and son and his "Registry" e-book for myself...and I wish I had these 5 years ago!!!! I'm still learning from both...and they're on the desktop for easy reference!"  
Ed Bennett,
Find out why...

By Joe Robson and Ken Evoy.

Joe Robson is co-owner of The Newbie Club.
"MYWS! gives you a mission-critical skill, writing to sell on the Net. Use it sell your products, or those of others. Or even use it to start your own copywriting business -- e-commerce is in dire need of "Netwriters who get it."
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"Isn't it time to shift out of
first gear and start cruising?"

"I found more shortcuts, tips and tricks from this booklet than in over 6 years using Windows."
Peter Hyde

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"Discover How To Create Stunning
Letters, Presentations, Greetings Cards,
Promotional Materials, Memos, Reports 
And More - Just Like The Professionals"

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"Discover How to Create Stunning Digital
Photographs Using Your DigiCam!

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