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The Newbie Club™
Free Autoresponder System
"We call it Otto"


How do you make your living?
Are you a teacher, truck driver, small business owner, stay-at-home mom or dad, a lawyer, salesman, or stock broker? It doesn't really matter. Have a sideline business or a hobby that you want to share with the world? It doesn't really matter to the autoresponder.

What does matter is that you have information you'd like to deliver to anyone interested. And deliver it from your web site or from an e-mail letter you send out.

Briefly, how does the system work?
You may have seen the following: "Send a blank e-mail to the following address for your free report." The address you send to is the autoresponder address. When the blank email hits, the e-mail header is read, your name and email address are taken from it and placed in a database, and the first message on your list is sent to the requester. 

You're busy with life. Why mess with manual followups? Using an autoresponder, or automatic mail, is the fastest, easiest way to deliver your message. I don't care if it's a sales letter to qualified potential customers, or extra credit assignments for your classroom, there is no better way to deliver your message. Anything that requires an immediate message qualifies. And if you want to follow up with additional messages, it happens automatically at the time interval you specify when you set up your autoresponder. 

  • Your responder account comes with 10 messages.  It has full personalization features.

  • Messages in HTML or Plain Text. It's your option.

  • You can set up as many accounts as you'd like for FREE. 

  • Each account is fully documented as to how to set things up. Our only requirement is that you do not spam. Verified spammers will have accounts terminated without warning.

  • This is a free service. Because it's free, a text ad will accompany every message. And a banner ad will be displayed in your admin area.

  • Web form code is generated for each account, so you can place a form on your site. Tracking code is also created for each account, and an e-mail notice sent to you when anyone uses your signup form.

Put Otto to work for you. Once your account is set up, (and it only takes a minute to do), you can start loading your messages, setting the message interval, then forget about it. Everyone who signs up gets your immediate message, and every other message you've loaded. And all while you do something else, like spend time with your family. There's enough work already.

That's all for now. If you have questions about this service, please write to us at wecare@newbieclub.com. Accounts can only be set up by email double-confirmation. 

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