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The universally praised PC pictorial course featuring the revolutionary Newbie Club™ Learning System.You'll be delighted by how quickly and easily you learn! It's fun, jargon-free and there's nothing like it anywhere else on the Web! Make your PC your friend.  



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Setting up a new PC is
an intrig
uing experience, 
sure to make you smile, 
or make you sick, 
and maybe even both.

It happens every day of the year, over and over again.

You've finally decided to purchase a new computer, and after wading through a bunch of baffling descriptions and jargon, you settle on the new wonder.

Ah, the Amazing Magical Mystery Machine.

Your salesperson told you "it's easy." Even used phrases like, "anyone can do it" and "it won't be any problem."

So you get home with at least two, big, big boxes. One for the monitor, another for the main "box" (that's the term used to describe the affair that holds the hard drive, memory, etc.). Oh yes, we're heady with the moment. At long last.


If you bought a printer and a scanner, you'll have two more boxes to deal with. And if you got that BIG monitor, you had to rent a moving van to get all the stuff home.

You unpack, and oh my, what a mess of techno rubble. "Peripherals," they call them.

Cables and keyboard, mouse and mayhem. You've got packing material spread out all over the house, and parts scattered about. Foam, bubble wrap, packing beads, and cardboard boxes.

Sound familiar? And will it all work?

Do you have small children or grandchildren? They can build a fort!

You figure out you need to plug the keyboard, mouse, and monitor into the back of the box. And the speakers. And the scanner. And oh misery! Where's the cable for the printer?

(You may have noticed there's no printer cable included with the printer. Why not? Because nobody knows how long the thing needs to be until they've set things up. You may be one of the unfortunate many who have an extra "too short" printer cable lying about.)

Maybe you purchased a USB device, and it's a real joy, because it just plugs in and you're done. Nothing fancy, no pins, no fuss no muss. USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, and is a universal standard for connecting devices such as a scanner to your computer.

Any device bearing this symbol can be plugged into the USB port, which also bears the same symbol.

You notice the once nice-sized desktop has quickly vanished beneath your Magical Mystery Machine.

Finally, the amazing thing is all plugged in. You've minimized the possibility of dirty power (rogue electrons) with your surge and spike protector. Shoot, maybe you even bought a UPS--an Uninterruptible Power Supply. Now you're ready to fire everything up for the first time. And you're more than ready to settle in for some Net action.

Well, lo and behold.

Everything goes according to the instructions. You're able to register the computer using the on-line registration wizard (a wizard is a program that walks you through a task). Hey, the modem connected! The Internet Service Provider you chose gave you a good dial-up number! Now you're on-line, and you're here, reading this.

That's a successful experience. And congratulations are in order. Break into a jig and put on the good music.

(Pop a CD into your player, and try out those new speakers!)

So now what? What if you weren't one of the lucky ones who had smooth sailing from the beginning? Well, at least you're in the right place to talk about it. Just use the Forum! Learn more about the Forum.

The Forum

For Newbies

Tell some great short stories that will help others laugh and learn. And yes, one of those wry grins may spread slowly across your face-- that all knowing, "yes, I've been there" look. That's the real reason The Newbie Club exists - for you to share your brain with others!

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