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"The Newbie Club Easy Learning System
Is The Most Revolutionary Learning
Method on the Internet--Try It."

Do any of these questions ring a bell?...
  • I need to know the basics before I can use the great software that's available. Will someone please show me?
  • Download all that free stuff? Great, but I keep losing it!
  • What's the best way to send and receive email?
  • Unzip? Won't my trousers fall down?
  • Be honest. Can a Newbie like me really set up my own Website?

And how about all that technical stuff?...

  • HTML, ASCII, exe, configs, defrags. What's going on here?
  • What's the low down on using more than one program at a time? I have trouble handling just one!
  • Windows? I know it's on my machine, but what exactly is it and how do I use it?
  • I keep reading tips on how to tweak my PC. Won't I break something?

Or maybe stuff like this bothers you ...

  • Me start making money on the Internet? Get real!
  • What's all the fuss about this much acclaimed Information Super-Highway? I keep getting lost!
  • My PC is stuffed with things I don't want. How do I get rid of it?
  • What about security? Won't my personal details be stolen?
  • SPAM, Scam, Alacazam. I'm so confused I'm fit to burst!

Sound familiar? It's ok, you're in very good company. Because millions of intelligent people just like you have exactly the same problems. But you don't need super intelligence to understand the answers. It's simply that...

... You haven't been shown how!

So choose the Tutorial that interests you most and watch the magic of your PC - and the mind-boggling power of the Internet - unfold before your very eyes! 

Come on, let's do it... 

Click the  graphics below to
view the information you want to see... 

Tutorials built from Screen Captures

Dozens of actual "snapshots" of the windows you'll see inside Windows, along with clear, concise explanations, using the Newbie Club Learning Systemô. Please allow a few moments extra for these to load. 

Learn to download anything quickly and efficiently...
Learning is easy when it's fun

See more on your PC by changing how you view your screen...
Learning is easy when it's fun

Automate your computer's chores. Reduce the drudgery factor 10 fold...
Learning is easy when it's fun

Customize your Start Menu to your own taste. Do more...Learning is easy when it's fun

Dissect your PC's anatomy in this in-depth tutorial...
Learning is easy when it's fun

Use the recycle bin to its full potential. You don't ever have to lose another file again...
Learning is easy when it's fun

Wallpaper your desktop with great graphics you can collect from the web...
Learning is easy when it's fun

Educate yourself at your own speed. Discover more...Making extra money is easy when it's fun


Read-along Tutorials, Tips & Tricks

Article style tutorials, stories, tips and tricks. You'll have fun while you learn at the same time - The Newbie Clubô way!

Just bought your first
computer? Now what?! Read a 'just took it out of the box' short story that may be familiar...
Learning is easy when it's fun

Wonder about files, and file extensions? What does it all mean? Discover exactly how to file this topic...
Learning is easy when it's fun

You've got spam! Or is really e-mail?! Wonderful, yet potentially frutstrating electronic mail...
Learning is easy when it's fun

How to register a domain name, understand Net addresses and more. All spelled out in plain language...
Learning is easy when it's fun

You look through windows,  right? Used to be a window was a window, until along came Windows...
Learning is easy when it's fun

What's up with bits and bytes? Do you really care how big your hard drive is? Does size matter...
Learning is easy when it's fun

You want a picture driven learning system? Exactly what to do and when to do it, and why it works...
Learning is easy when it's fun

Credit cards and hype. What does it take to get set up to accept them? A business brief for newbie netrepreneurs...Learning is easy when it's fun


New! Video Viewlets 

Combine dynamic video tutorials with static "read only" tutorials for even more understanding.

The Viewlets will take a moment to load in a new browser window.  When you're finished, close the viewing window to return to this page for your next selection.

These viewlets are not guaranteed to work with all browsers.

Click to begin...

A lot of stuff you download from the Net comes in something called a "zip" format. That means it's been squished and packaged to take up less space. Zipped files have to be "unzipped" before use, and that's where WinZip comes in handy. There are many programs available, but this is probably the best known.

The following tutorials explain how Winzip works, and help you learn more about how to use the program. 

If WinZip is too complex, and you'd rather have an unzipping utility that's more than Newbie-friendly, you need the mighty Unzip Wizard.

1 This is an overview of the zipping process and the software used to handle zipped files. They're a popular type of compressed file encountered everyday on the web.
Click to begin viewing

2 Need to Unzip a file you've downloaded? This tutorial will show you how to use WinZip to extract files from a zipped download, then show you how to create a new directory to put them in. 
Click to begin viewing

3 Learn how to quickly zip files on your computer with WinZip's archive feature. This tutorial walks you through a few easy steps to select files and then shows you how to archive (zip) them into a single file.
Click to begin viewing

4 Learn how to spread files across multiple diskettes with WinZip, to store more stuff than you ever thought possible. WinZip is "powerful good medicine!" The Newbie Club uses WinZip for all of its zippering needs.
Click to begin viewing

Get your free report on organizing your computer's files for maximum efficiency. Fill in the details below, and it will be sent immediately. Written by Tom Glander just for you! (We honor your privacy and will not divulge your email address to anyone.)


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