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"How To Protect Your PC, Your Privacy, Your Business Data, 
& Your Private Information From Identity Thieves, Malicious
Hackers & Devastating Viruses
- In One Hour Or Less!"


"I truly believe this to be the most User-Friendly product of it's kind 
on the Internet. No techie-talk. No specialized knowledge required. 
No additional expensive software to purchase! It contains EVERYTHING 
you need to bullet proof yourself against malicious virus and hacker attacks!




Newbie Club Home

So you think it will never happen to you?

Nah - your computer will never be hacked into and your data and
private information rifled through, scrutinized, and stolen. Will it?

Nah - you'll never be stoopid enough to allow a virus to run amok 
on your hard drive, and wipe out the information, files, and software that's taken an age to accumulate. Will you?

Nah - not you. Someone else maybe - but certainly not you!

"Yeah right. Now let's face up to the harsh realities of the Internet" ...

Every day - RIGHT NOW - tens of thousands of PCs catch a virus. 
And untold amounts of work is lost forever causing pain, frustration, 
and heartache that's impossible to measure. 

The devastating worm, SOBIG, is said to have cost US companies 
more than $10 Billion alone! Heaven knows how much heartache and misery it cost the millions of infected home computer owners!

Thousands more PCs are hacked into - right there on their owner's desks! Personal information is copied by identity thieves. Credit Card numbers are stolen, and bank account details lifted by fraudsters. Do you realize it could be happening to YOU right NOW?

"Are you aware that someone could be watching what you are reading at this very moment? Scary isn't it? And sickening!"





























































































Hi, I'm Joe Robson, owner of The Newbie Club™. You know, every single day of the week I get desperate emails from members asking for help, because a virus has caused a major PC crash, or their PC has been hacked into, Spyware installed without their permission, and even private information stolen.

The inconvenience and cost of repairing this physical damage is considerable, but the psychological effect can be devastating. Yet it's relatively simple to protect yourself!

But installing security and safety precautions appears to be so costly, technical and intimidating, that the vast majority of people don't do it - with devastating consequences!

"So I've made up my mind to do something about it"

No, I can't wave a magic wand and wipe the scamsters and scumbags from the face of the Internet. But I CAN help you to protect yourself from their vicious attacks, by providing you with the information and software you need to bullet proof yourself.

All in a language you can understand. The language that has made The Newbie Club™ so famous all around the World. The language I call Newbie-Speak!

So I've created ...

'PC & Internet Security Kit' contains Alex Poole's brilliant Security How-To Manual 'PC Security Secrets Revealed'  
  FOUR Security Software Packages by Newbie Club™ Founder Joe Robson, to further protect you and your PC 

Just look at what you get ...

Sells separately for $17.95

By Alex Poole

"I believe the information in this report to be of huge benefit to 1000s of people, and be directly responsible for blocking many malicious hacker attacks and virus infections." Alex Poole - Author

Alex Poole has compiled an informative information product that will teach you the steps that you need to know in order to protect yourself. My advice to you is to get this eBook, read it, and then protect yourself."  James Mann "Build A Better Web Site" www.inetstrategiesinc.com

If you've ever had to deal with the aftermath of a computer virus though, you know that its not just the time and the money it takes to get things back up and running that hurts. Far worse is the feeling that your personal space has been violated.

If you're lucky, you may be able to recover some of your files. If not, you lose everything. Documents. Emails from colleagues, friends and family. Music files. Irreplaceable photographs. Everything you've worked on for years. 

Would you leave your house unlocked with a sign outside saying "My Front Door Is Open" ?

Of course you wouldn't!

So why do millions of people take little or no effort to safeguard their online security against viruses, malicious hackers and other threats?

Maybe its because there are so many different products on the market. Virus Scanners. Personal Firewalls. Hardware Firewalls. Spyware Removers. Popup Blockers. Even if you buy the right tools, chances are you still don't really know what they do or how to set them up.

It can be confusing, not to mention expensive. Now you'll understand it all AND save a fortune on essential security software! 

"In 'PC Security Secrets Revealed', you'll learn...." 

  • The differences between viruses, worms, trojan horses, spyware, adware, diallers and scumware.

  • The methods by which these nasties can get onto your PC.

  • Steps to prevent them getting onto your PC.

  • What a Virus Scanner actually does (and what it doesn't do.)

  • 2 places to download a completely free Virus Scanner. (This could save you $50+)

  • What a Firewall does.

  • 2 places to download completely free Firewall software. (Saving: $30+)

  • The differences between a Personal Firewall and a Hardware Firewall.

  • 2 places you can do a quick, free, online virus scan. (Scan a PC for viruses without even installing any software!)

  • How to test that your Virus Scanner and firewall actually work. (Hard to believe, but almost nobody ever does this!)

  • 2 places to download completely Free Spyware removal software. (Saving: $40+)

  • How to build a home network with a Hardware Firewall for less than $100. (You do NOT have to do this, but if you do you'll have the same state-of-the-art protection that many big companies use.)

  • Where to download the free software to build your Hardware Firewall. (Commercial software that does the same thing can run to over $1000!)

  • 2 places you can download completely free popup stoppers. (You could easily spend $30 or more on a popup stopper alone!)

"By using these top quality free resources, you could easily save over $150 in software costs alone"

However, by preventing yourself from falling prey to a virus or hack attack, the value of this manual will be immeasurable to you. In money, in lost data, and in heartache.

"As a professional working from home, my PC is very important to me. This book has saved me precious time researching how to protect my valuable information, as well as saving me money on commercial software. I am now much better informed and protected against hackers and viruses online. Thanks." Mark Prettyman

PC Security Secrets Revealed is not some mega-ebook that will take you a week to read either. Its 31 information-packed pages are a gold mine of Secrets, Software Links, and How To's. So you can take informed action to protect your PC in less than an hour from now.

Neither is it written for Techies looking to build an iron-clad 100% fail-safe protection system costing many hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and requiring a high level of Techie Knowledge to implement. But it WILL enable you to install a very high level of security at the lowest possible cost, without the need for a high level of technical knowledge - the Newbie Club™ Way!

PLUS You Also Get These FOUR Security Software Packages By Joe Robson:

IE History Blitzer
by Joe Robson

Sold separately for $19.95

Want to protect your surfing history from the prying eyes of work colleagues or other shared users? This clever software wipes all your surfing history and cookies from your PC. Ideal for removing your sources of research and any other surfing history you wish to keep private!


by Joe Robson

Sold separately for $19.95

Keep all your individual passwords in one manageable place. No more guessing or lost passwords - ever! And the software itself can be password protected to prevent theft of your private information!

IE History Scanner
by Joe Robson

Sold separately for $19.95

Do you share your PC with other people? Do you know where your kids have been surfing? Probably not! This software tells you EXACTLY where other users have been - in minute detail! AND it can be hidden from everyone but you! 

It may also explain where that Spyware came from, and those nasty offensive pop up ads! Maybe even some of the Spam!

Email Address

by Joe Robson

Sold separately for $9.95

Now you can hide your email address from the robot website email harvesters that are responsible for the majority of spam that hits your inbox. This easy to use software encrypts your email addresses on your Website and html emails so that only humans can read them. One click and it's done!

When purchased separately the total cost of this package would set you back $87.75 - and you also get links to additional security software that will save you a Huge $150!

But you can have it ALL for only $29.95!

Order Here

Just one more thing. Everything sold by The Newbie Club™ is covered by our Famous 12 MONTHS No-Quibble Money-Back Guarantee. 

"The Famous Newbie Club™
12 Months Unconditional No-Quibble Guarantee"

"If, within 12 months of purchase and for any reason whatsoever, you decide that this Newbie Club™ Publication is not for you, simply let us know and we'll refund your purchase price immediately. No Questions Asked! No ifs, buts, or maybes. No hidden clauses and no small print! That's more than just a guarantee, that's my Personal Promise.


So why wait a moment longer to protect yourself from the sick and malicious scamsters that abound the 'Net?

Why risk losing everything you have just for the sake of ordering this bullet proofing package and one hour of enjoyable work?

What's the point in burying your head in the sand and 'hoping' it won't happen to you?

My friend, the sad but chilling fact is that it's not a case of IF, it's a case of WHEN it will happen! Because as sure as day follows night, sooner or later you'll boot up and find it's finally happened. And the sick feeling that punches you right in your gut is something you will NEVER EVER forget. As the poem says ...

"And all for the want of a horse shoe nail ..."

So Order Now and bullet proof yourself today. No matter which way you look at it, no matter how you may try to kid yourself ...

You just KNOW it makes sense!

Well doesn't it?

Order Here Now

PS. Are you really prepared to risk losing everything in a split second - all for just $29.95 


Bullet Proof Your Life's Work.
You KNOW It Makes Sense!
Order Here


Suitable for Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT/XP

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