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"Take Firm Control Of Your PC And Totally
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With The Most Unique And Entertaining
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It's simply called ...

Help yourself to another serving of knowledge-- a great way to learn!
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There is no hardcopy book.
For Windows 98/95

Hi, I'm Joe Robson.

So what? Well I'm dying to tell you that this remarkable creation by my Business Partner Tom Glander, is the very reason why I persuaded Tom that we should set up The Newbie Club. And it's the first in our tremendously exciting range of educational products, designed from the ground up specifically for Newbies!

Tom is a gifted writer and a computer 'Techie' with the rare and uncanny ability to think like a Newbie. Whereas I'm a professional marketer and Copywriter who has no problem thinking like a Newbie ... because I'm a technology lunkhead. Talk about a frustrated PC user!

But all that suddenly changed when I stumbled across Tom's brilliantly presented and unique Learning System. And I'm inviting you to try it too. Because it will completely transform your ability to utilize the previously undiscovered capabilities of your humble PC.

Tom will help you achieve whatever you want from your PC, whether it's just the simplest of tasks, or the heights of starting your own Internet business. Yes, it really is possible ... once you know the basics. It's rather like learning to drive a car ... Once you understand the essential controls you can drive any vehicle you choose, and go anywhere you want ... On your own!

"So what's so special about it?"

Utilizing Tom's revolutionary and highly acclaimed Newbie Club™ Learning System - NCLS - this totally unique learning course will literally catapult your understanding of your PC and the Internet. And end your frustrations at a stroke.

What's NCLS? It's a whole new picture-driven learning system that's completely different and far, far superior to anything you'll find anywhere else. Period! There's ...

No 'Techie-Talk'.

No boringly complicated and mystifying jargon.

No painfully tedious 'instructions' that talk down to you and leave you stranded.

No assumptions about your level of expertise. It starts at 'switching on your PC'.

No desperate searching through confusing and irritating 'help' files. Because ...

Education is the key to your future is the amazingly successful PC Tutor that uses 52 minutely detailed and illustrated Tutorials to guide, prompt and almost 'force' you to conquer the fundamental basics of your computer.

And once you know the basics, the sky's the limit! Because you'll have all the confidence and know-how you'll ever need to go on and tackle any task... 

  • Download new software and ebooks 

  • surf the Net

  • set up your own Website

  • design those fantastic T shirts for the kids

  • email with confidence... 

  • even start your own Web business!

Yes, the world will be your oyster - literally!

But it doesn't tell you how to do it. Oh no no. Far from it. Because you've probably already discovered for yourself how ineffective those out-dated teaching methods are ...

It shows you! And even more importantly ...

"It makes learning such an enjoyable experience!"

"This program should be sold with every PC. 
It is great that others may profit from your
experience, time and effort." 
Eric Skaggs,

Windows for newbies SHOWS you how to get organized
is a 2.2 Megabyte ('Techie-Talk' for BIG) detailed learning course of...

  • 200 pages containing a massive library of ...
  • 400 screen captures (pictures from a PC) and ...
  • 52 in-depth 'Newbie-Speek' Tutorials. 

    All designed ...
  • Specifically for PC beginners like you.

It's so good, even experienced computer users are bowled over by it. It's been successfully used to train people of all ages and backgrounds, regardless of education, gender or computer experience. College students and senior citizens have all equally benefited from it's unique down-to-earth learning method. 

And so can you.

You'll kick yourself if you don't click here and read these totally independent reviews. A new browser window will open for your viewing. Close that window when you're done, and this page will be ready to continue reading. 

"Here's a selection of the 
extraordinary tutorials you'll enjoy" ...

Getting Familiar With Your PC
Windows Basics 101 ... from the beginning. Can't get more basic than that! How to display exactly what you want, where you want, and when you want it.
Navigation basics ... without the shipwrecks
Taskbar and the system tray ... Huh? Don't worry they're great tools.
How to resize your windows ... give yourself elbow room to work in.
How to customize your Start menu ... and control what you want on your screen.

Techniques Techniques Techniques
Drag and drop techniques ... move anything anywhere just by clicking your mouse.
How to copy and paste ... copy your favorite images and position them precisely.
Switching between applications ... how to use 2 or more programs at once.

Make Your Files and Folders Behave
Create a new folder for your favorite stuff, anytime and anywhere you want.
Give a folder a new name ... Dad's stuff, Janet's handbag, Junior's junk.
Create shortcuts to load your most used programs in a flash. Save time and stay organized!
How to find any file fast ... say hello to those long-lost files and locate anything quickly.
How to associate files with different programs ... hmmm, sounds Techie but it's not.

"By far the easiest way to learn. The way you present the pictures of what I am supposed to be learning is what makes the tutorial! It's easy to navigate from anywhere in the program, too. I just wanted you to know how much easier you made an intimidating learning process. I'll be spreading the word!"
Phil McKinney, Respiratory Therapist,

Recycling Without A Bicycle
Using the recycle bin ... just dump all your junk in here.
Restoring files from the bin ... changed your mind? No problem, all is forgiven.
Emptying the bin ... get rid of your rubbish for good. Better than a garage sale.
Customizing the bin ... racing stripes for the waste disposal.

Housekeeping Chores and Automation
Hard disk problem solving ... things your PC manual never tells you about.
Defragmenting ... 'Techie-Talk' for boosting your PC's performance.
Defragmenting revisited ... an even better method.
Automation ... make your PC do the menial tasks - automatically.

Diskette Creation and Cloning
Formatting ... prepare your floppies for copying. No surgery required.
Copying ... you won't believe how easy it is. Duplicate your boring wedding pics.

"Very clearly written, and the screen shots are 
worth the price of admission, that's for sure."
Laurel Ruch, Adult Educator,

Mastering Downloads and Program Installations
Downloading programs ... at last, cure the frustrating scourge of lost downloads.
Software installation ... how to install Junior's games without losing them for good.

Color Me Blue
Color schemes ... pink, green, cool blue? Choose the colors to suit your mood.
Is that the time?... no, your PC clock needs adjusting. White rabbit to the rescue.
Wallpaper your Desktop ... no paste, no scissors. Re-decorate with a click.
Maximize your Desktop for the best view. See, you don't need glasses after all.
Screen Savers ... captivating, fun, hypnotize or paralyze - you choose.
How to customize the title bar. Never get lost again - well hardly ever!

"It's great, Tom. I had a hard time quitting the program, it's so interesting and informative and question-answering. There is so much garbage out there, but this is the first one I can really understand and I feel is easy to follow. Congratulations! May God richly bless you.
Lynn Estes,

There's Something About Email
Attaching multiple files to your email ... no paper clips needed.
How to filter your email ... automatically junk the spam and display the good stuff.
How to email lots of pictures ... send your whole wedding album. Better not!
Creating new folders for your email ... don't hoard those letters - file them!
How to use signature files for business and personal publicity. Free!.
Where to find Newsgroups and how to join them ... make friends around the globe.
Additional email accounts are easy to add ... who needs them? You do.
Use blind carbon copies to send private email ... keep your addresses secret.

Internet Insights
How to change your modem's speaker volume ... and deafen your neighbors!
How to create a new Internet connection ... all the Techie stuff demystified.
How to configure TCP/IP settings ... wow, strong language but very useful info.

A Few Bits And Pieces
Make Windows 98 grasp four digit dates ... pardon? If you insist.
The left handed mouse ... button reassignment to prevent schizophrenia.
Cures for frozen programs ... blow torch not required. Just a little knowledge.

"And that's just a selection!"

Phew. You know, this thing really is awesome. And it's so easy to follow because every word, every picture and every single ounce of experience and knowledge is completely Jargon-Free! But if you prefer confusing Jargon, you can always read Bill Gate's Windows manual. Or have you already tried?

'Nuff said. How much does this cost?...

Just $49.95

All products come with a 12 month unconditional, no-questions-asked Money Back Guarantee! That's right - unconditional!

"If, within 12 months of purchase and for any reason whatsoever, you decide that Windows For Newbies is not for you, simply let us know and we'll refund your purchase price immediately. No Questions Asked! No ifs, buts or maybes. No hidden clauses and no small print!"

How can we give such an unconditional guarantee? Easy ... we're not taking any risks at all because ...

We know you'll absolutely LOVE it - our past customers have told us so!

So. Don't you think it's about time you stopped fighting your computer, and starting making it work for you?

Are you really prepared to sit back, after spending all that hard earned cash for a box of electronics, and deny you and your family the chance to enjoy the life transforming miracle of the computer age?

You've seen and read about all the wonderful things being achieved by other computer users. Heck, you probably have friends who are doing just that! But they're no more savvy than you are. It doesn't take a particularly high level of education or intelligence to use your PC effectively. All it takes is a little knowledge ...

And the incredibly successful unique learning system of Windows For Newbies will give you the precise knowledge you need. Quickly, easily and with a smile!

So decide right now to join the 21st Century, and two weeks from now you'll be discovering things you never even knew existed. You'll be exploring the Web with the confidence of a hardened Techie. You could be setting up your very own Family Website or writing your first novel. Compiling personal or business accounts and sending emails to friends, children and grandchildren will seem as natural as making a phone call.

"Isn't it about time to bite the bullet and take action?"

Of course it is. You know in your heart it is. So select the option that appeals to you...

Click here to go to our Secure Order Page and order the e-book. Cost: $49.95.

Our sophisticated credit card ordering system is totally secure in every possible respect. Your card and personal details are absolutely safe because we operate our own Merchant Account through the highly respected Concord EFS and Authorize.Net payment system.

If you've never ordered on-line before there's no need to worry. And if you're unsure about downloading you can rest easy...

Hey, this is The Newbie Club! We'll take you step by easy step through the ordering and downloading process. And we've made sure it's as easy as humanly possible. Because even our ordering procedure is specifically designed for Newbies. 

You can't order accidentally and you won't place your order unless you're ready to do so! You verify each step along the way.

Welcome to the exciting world of computers. Your first step starts
here ...

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