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Look through them, or look at them. Either way, windows aren't 'Windows' unless they're from Microsoft. Really?"

How did the name "Windows" ever get associated with computers, anyway? Most people think of a window as something you look through to get a view of your world while being protected from the elements.

Of course they're right. But in a serious way, Windows does give you a view of the world. When searching for a name for his brain trust, Mr. Bill Gates and friends decided on "Windows." The full name is, of course, Microsoft Windows. Yea, it's a registered trademark and all that.

With that in mind, what exactly do you call this?:

It's a badly shrunken screen capture of the Display Properties thingy. Well, instead of calling it a "thingy," how about calling it a Dialog Box, or if you'd rather, simply a window? Let's use the "proper" terminology, shall we?  Just immerse yourself in this site, and you'll soon you'll be dreaming about this stuff.

Terminology and its meanings made clear as freshly polished glass. Now that's some window you've got there!

So Windows is all about windows--and the amazing things you can do with them. Whether it's minimizing, maximizing, restoring, or simply opening and closing them, you've got control over your computer.

"Thanks for writing this. I couldn't be more pleased with my results."Imagine having 52 Tutorials like this at your fingertips! The Newbie Club Learning System is the most talked about Tutorial method on the Web.

And it's guaranteed to get you up to speed in hours instead of months.

No wonder everyone's raving about it. With over 400 pictures, and 200 pages of detailed Newbie-Speak advice, it makes every other PC manual look distinctly average!

For a detailed description of The Newbie Club's highly acclaimed Flagship Product--Windows for Newbies--
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. And make your PC your friend!

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