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"Now You can Astonish Your Friends, Your Family,
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"A Unique and Lavishly illustrated Library of 6 Volumes,
43 Chapters, 32 Topics, 123 Charts Images & Screen Captures,
and a MASSIVE 849 Tips Tutorials & Additional Resources"

"This course must be the the most jaw-dropping collection of
Newbie-friendly Tutorials in existence" 
Jenny Faro. Canada


Hi, I'm Steve Robson - owner of The Newbie Club™.

Ever suffered from PC Rage? When was the last time you threw a tantrum, because the software you'd just installed required a 'simple' PC action you'd never learned - so you couldn't use it?  And how often have you wished you could wave a magic wand and wiz around the Internet like a seasoned pro - instead of fumbling your way around step by painful step? It's enough to send a normal sane person into orbit! 

Yeah right - we've all been there!

Trouble is that millions of people stay there - because just about every help file and user manual they come across is written by an ego-tripping wiz kid - in Techie-speak! Hey, we can't enjoy a great novel, if we never get past 1st grade English! How can we surf the Web for all that free information if we struggle with Browsers popping up and closing down at will? And what's the point in upgrading our PC if our old one keeps arguing with us with stoopid error messages we don't understand - and going into a sulk without telling us why? 

Here's your answer to those psychos. Here's the solution to your frustrations and head-banging pain. Here's the perfect antidote to your PC Rage next time you feel like closing down and walking away. Just open up your copy of ...

"PC & Internet Companion"

Hey Presto!  It's the ultimate cure for PC owners who merely struggle to 'get by', using a machine they just can't understand. And every single word is written in Newbie-Speak - the language that made The Newbie Club™ famous all over the world. In fact 'Companion' is bursting with too much help to list fully, but here's just a smattering of what you'll learn to conquer ...


 Volume 1:  3 Chapters 

  • Insider Tips for new PC owners.

  • Setting up your PC to suit you; Sounds, screen contrasts, mouse and monitor settings, serial ports and more.

  • Injury prevention; Ergonomics, monitor height, keyboard and seat positions, monitor glare, preventing stiff joints ...


 Volume 2: 10 Chapters 

  • Mousing around;  click speeds, shortcuts, changing pointers, good mouse, cool mouse, bad mouse, drunken mouse ...

  • Keyboard: Shortcuts, Function keys, Escape key magic, naming folders, 2 ways to unfreeze your PC ...

  • Windows basics (2 Chapters); Files, folders, objects, property sheets, drivers, Zip files, PC maintenance, Scandisk, and Defrag. Task bars, title bars, buttons, status bar, tabs and radio buttons. Critical updates, Safe mode, new software problems, start/run dialogue box. Oops, where did that go? ...

  • Desktop; icons, resources, overloaded recycle bin, and restoring deleted files. Drag and drop, context menus, Quick launch.

  • Start menu; additions, control menus, system tray ...

  • Vital fundamentals (2 Chapters); Startup options, hot keys, cut and paste, right click tricks, help messages, information messages, confirmation messages, warning messages ...

  • Automation; Scheduling your tasks, auto start programs ...

  • Cool Customizing; Endless ways to brighten up your desktop, windows,  startup screen and menus. How to install beautiful browser skins, selecting multiple objects, monitor settings ...

I'm amazed you managed to put all that information in a single book. I was thoroughly impressed... covered all PC essentials - even DOS commands. The one thing that really impressed me was how easy it was to flip through the book and scan for relevant information...definitely a BIG bang for the buck.
Dennis Faas  Infopackets.com


 Volume 3: 7 Chapters 

  • Crash prevention; System resources, and resource meter. 10 ways to save and recover resources ...

  • Error Messages; 10 common error messages - what they mean and how to react (not with a hammer).

  • Improve your Memory (2 Chapters) ; RAM, upgrades and memory types. Can you really speed up that old PC? Swapping files, Virtual memory and the VM box (huh?).  How memory works, optimizing swap files to maximize your memory ...

  • Making a Bootable diskette to trouble shoot Windows. Formatting a blank, why you definitely need one and what to use it for ...

  • Crash Survival skills; The blue screen of death, 10 reasons why your PC can crash - even in dry weather. Checking your resources...

  • Backing up; Essential files to back up, and how to do it. CD or tape? Internet Backup services ...


Those first 3 Volumes alone will save you months of time consuming trial and error, and hours of  finger-pounding frustration. But there's more - a lot, lot more ...



 Volume 4:  10 Chapters 

  • Email; How it works, Protocols, Pop 3's, SMTP, aliases. Web based email, 3 types of email format - Plain Text, Rich Text and HTML. Organizing folders, sub folders, attachments. Finding lost emails, bandwidth, bounces, filters, cc, and bcc. Flames, sig files, mailboxes and emoticoms ...

  • Newsgroups; How to find them and how to use them. Jargon demystified.

  • Viruses; Arrgggh! Crackers, virus killers, worms and other nasty stuff. Protection and cures.

  • HTML; Not a high- tech course, but just enough to make you feel comfortable next time you come across it.

  • Internet Safety; Blocking offensive emails, how to protect your loved ones, and how to discover what's been downloaded in your absence.

  • Web Security; Encryption, security breaches, and other scary stuff.

  • Browser tips; Jargon translated, server types, address bar and shortcuts. Hyperlinks, image maps, history bar and search techniques. Quicker surfing tips, auto complete, auto scan and morphing. Managing Favorites, book marking, dragging links, synchronization wizard and cache settings.

  • Advanced Browser tricks; Advanced options, dialogues, accessibility options, auto update, and script errors. Java, multimedia, animations, printing Web pages, invalid certificates. Profile assistant, PCL, SSL and secure mode. Hey my head's starting to spin. Don't worry - it's easy!

  • Internet Jargon: Flames, alphabet soup. mood conveyance, emoticoms and other stuff - all translated.

  • Home Networks; How they work, benefits, and how to set one up in your home or office.

s an Ezine owner this is one product I feel safe to offer my subscribers... a g
reat program that should come with all pc's straight from the factory. PC Newbies Companion will be here to stay for many years to come.
Michael D. Rogers owner & publisher 'A World Of Humor'


 Volume 5:  9 Chapters 

  • Modems; How they work, types, speeds, and firewalls to keep out hackers. Cable, phone and modem banks.

  • Hardware solutions; Processors, hard drives, video cards and connections. USB devices, drivers, accessing your hardware and adding or removing. 7 most popular device storage methods.

  • Monitors; CRT, LCD, and sizes. Refresh rates, dot pitch, and resolutions. What you should know before you buy.

  • Printers (2 Chapters); Laser, ink jet, cartridges and quality. ppm, dpi, printer memory and cables. Top 10 buying tips. Resource sites, drivers and 15 links to additional help sites.

  • About Disks; Floppy, CD, how they work. Storage capacities, CD writer and tapes. 8 Types of storage devices.

  • Sound: In-depth tutorials on recording voice and music. Speakers, sound card, sound software. WAV files, recording quality and emailing sound files.

  • PC CD Player; How to use it effectively, trouble shooting. Experimenting for best results, CD programs, disc settings, tweaking CD ROM speed, cache size.

  • Home Networking; 11 more tips on setting up your own system.

 Volume 6:  4 Chapters 

  • DOS (2 Chapters)Most Newbies are absolutely terrified to use it - and pay through the nose for a techie to use it for them. So what is it, where is it? Why and when to use it? DOS text editor, Safe DOS exercises, languages, typing entries and more.

  • Internal DOS Commands; 24 Internal commands and what they're used for.

  • External DOS Commands; 31 external commands.


"What makes it unique is it's light-hearted, straight forward style that makes everything so easy to understand. You can even find yourself doing what are actually pretty "techie" things without so much as batting an eye! Azam Corry. Nowsell.com

Phew, that's a lot of stuff isn't it? In fact I'll lay odds you didn't even know half of it existed - Right?  That's why you're struggling laboriously with your PC - you're stuck in first gear not even knowing there are 5 gears to use! But only because you've never been shown! 

But this is not high tech programming we're talking about. Or mystifying geeky hieroglyphics. We're talking about the stuff that made it possible for ordinary mortals like you and me, to comfortably use the most life enhancing creation since the invention of the Pizza. It's just that the geeks who invented it haven't got the common sense to SHOW us how to use it without us having screaming fits.

But The Newbie Club™ can - and how!

Look, how can you enjoy a car journey, if you're spending all your concentration on just handling the car - instead of the pleasure of the journey itself? Just think how much more fun you'll have with your PC as a servant instead of a task master! Think about the enormous amount of new software, programs, and educational stuff you'll conquer, when you don't even think twice about jumping in. Think about how much your business will benefit when you can confidently use the latest software your competitors simply take for granted.

And imagine how much your family, children or grand children will benefit, when you're showing them the unlimited amount of fun, education and pleasure they'll experience from all the family oriented software available. Stuff which has remained off limits - until now!


"Beautifully organized ... and it's all here. Everything
 you'll ever want to know about your PC. An outstanding
 collection of simple explanations of all the exciting
 things your computer can do for you. A class above the
Bob McElwain, ActionTales.com


So why suffer a moment longer? Why just day dream about being a confident PC user? Why put up with it a moment longer when the solution is right under your nose? It doesn't make a grain of sense - Does it?

Especially when I tell you that your PC & Internet Companion is covered by the famous Newbie Club™  No-Questions-Asked 12 months Guarantee. Just ask for a refund and it's yours - no small print!

All you have to do is Click Here Now and you'll be taking the PC Rage cure within a few short minutes - I promise.

In fact, when you click on that tantalizing Buy Now button, it will open up a locked doorway to a new, frustration-free, and exhilarating world.

Do it now - you deserve it. Don't you?


"Once again The Newbie Club has come up with a product that I can heartily recommend without any hesitation! PC Companion clearly answers the computing questions that people ask me. Now those answers are quickly available in an 'anyone can understand' kind of format. Congrats!"
The Pencil Dude (Robin Forbes) Pencildude.com 

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