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Copy/Cut and Paste

This is just ONE of the many tutorials in 
Windows for Newbies. click here.

How To COPY and Paste

This is the basic way of getting information from one location into another location. For example, copying a website address from a newsletter into your browser's address bar. Or copying text from a newsletter, and pasting it into a word processing tool, such as Microsoft Word.

1. Copy the sentence in Box 1 that says "Copy this line" by navigating your mouse cursor to the front of the line, so it's at the beginning of the "C" in "Copy". Left click with your mouse to "set" the cursor. You will see it blinking at you in front of the "C".

2. Keep your left mouse button pressed and DRAG your cursor to the end of the sentence until the sentence is highlighted (almost Blacked out) . Release your mouse button.

3. Now, with the sentence still highlighted, RIGHT CLICK anywhere on it. That means, click the RIGHT mouse button instead of the left button. You'll see a popup menu appear. On that menu, click on "Copy". This copies the highlighted sentence to your clip board (don't worry about what that is - just do it)

3. Now move your cursor to Box 2, and left click to set the cursor inside the box. Your cursor is blinking. Now Right click and the Popup menu appears again., choose "Paste" and the text you copied is now pasted from your clipboard into position. You can do this with anything on your computer. Words, pictures, whatever. 

If you want to practice even more ...

How To CUT and Paste

Do this if you want to remove text or otherwise from one part of a page, and paste it into another section - or even another page.

1. Highlight the sentence in BOX 1 and RIGHT CLICK. Select "Cut" from the Popup menu..

2. Using the same procedure as in first tutorial,  paste it into BOX 2.

You have now removed text from one section into another. 

Want to practice some more? Cut the text from the boxes and type in your own text into BOX 1 . Now copy/cut and paste at will:-) 

This tip works in any windows program, including Outlook Express. 

Box 1:

Box 2:


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