"Fed Up With 'Ordinary' Pictures From
Your Digital Camera? Infuriating Isn't It?

"Well Now You Can Discover Exactly How To Get To Grips With Its Amazing High-Tech Features, And Create The
Stunning Memorable Digital Photographs You Were Once Promised - And Expected!"

It's all finally revealed in ...

- By Jann Gentry - 
Photographer, Author, and Graphic Artist

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Hi, this is Joe Robson. 

You know, I'm extremely excited about our Newbie Club™ ebook, DigiCam MAGIC! Since its launch in 2001, Digicam MAGIC! has helped thousands of new Digital Camera owners around the world, to create the kind of stunning photographs they previously thought could only be obtained by experienced pros. I'd love to share its truly eye opening contents with you, but first, let me ask you a question ...

"Wouldn't you just love to take really GREAT photos?"

I know I would.

Wouldn't you be over the moon if you could share truly stunning family photographs with friends and loved ones? I'm sure most people would.

And wouldn't it be fantastic to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments with memorable images, instead of the usual ordinary boring snapshots? Of course you would - wouldn't everyone?

That's why you own a Digital Camera isn't it? After all, the sales literature promised you the earth. It told you that all you have to do is point and shoot, stick the picture on your computer and that's that - instant award winning photographs!  But when the golden promises didn't materialize, you probably gave up in frustration or boredom, because you were never shown a better way!

"It's the same old story ..."

The truth is that the real magic and awesome benefits of even the most inexpensive Digital Camera are rarely exploited by anyone other than Photography 'Buffs' and professionals! Why? 

Well this may sound painfully familiar, but it's the so called 'User Manual' that came with the camera. At best it's frustratingly unhelpful. At worst just downright incomprehensible. And most times it's just a joke! 

"Who gives a hoot for the technical specifications?" 

And how many people actually understand all that techie jargon used by pro photographers? All you want is an album of memorable pictures to share with your friends, family, or business colleagues. And not spend half your life learning!

Yet your pictures could be dramatically improved if you had the benefit of a 'Newbie-Friendly' camera techie looking over your shoulder and showing you how to use its amazing features! 

So we looked hard and long for someone to do just that. Someone with the knowledge and experience of all the techie stuff, but who also had the Newbie-Friendly voice to show you a better way...

"And we finally found Jann Gentry"

We commissioned Jann because she's an extremely passionate and talented photographer, with more than 26 years of hands-on experience. Her pictures have graced the pages of corporate reports, newsletters, brochures, media productions, graphic displays and more. She's worked with a range of professional photographers, taught dark room techniques, and has degrees in Journalism, Graphic Arts and Public Relations. Needless to say we were delighted when she finally agreed to create 'DigiCam MAGIC!' for the Newbie Club™.

"She shocked us by revealing that ..."

... most people never ever realize the full potential of their Digital Camera, because they've been mislead into believing it's just about the easiest thing in the world to use. Well it is easy, but only after you know how! Yet it's not their fault. It's just that no-one's taken the time to actually show them how they can achieve truly astonishing results with the minimum of effort!

"Digital Cameras are not all made equal" 

Every digital camera is different. Some are inexpensive, and some cost an arm and a leg. Chances are yours is somewhere in between. Some have zillions of features, others are pretty basic. Just point and shoot. Fully automatic. No adjustments allowed or needed for that matter. But that's not to say your pictures should be basic too!

So, do you want to take great pictures? Do you want to take excellent pictures? Or are you satisfied with mundane 'snaps' that attract no more than a cursory glance? And would you like to load them onto you computer for others to admire? Jann will show you how to turn your photos into dynamic, eye grabbing works of art you can be truly proud of. 

"Just a little knowledge can bring you astounding results"

There are all kinds of little things you can do to improve your photography skills. And with your digital camera you can test your "eye" instantly. No need to wait for film processing. Just shoot your pics and download them from your camera to your computer. Not sure how to do that? No problem. Jann even explains the fundamentals of that process too. 

In this extraordinary publication, Jann shows how the simple application of her 'in-the-know' techniques will transform your picture taking experience. She demonstrates how you can  achieve so much more with your digital camera, using professional techniques that "ordinary" cameras were never designed to perform! 

"Just look at what she covers ..."

Chapter 1. An Overview
History of the digital camera, about "jpeg" images, choosing a digital camera, understanding pixels, and how resolution makes a difference. You'll take a tour on Digital 'film', the LCD monitor, Lenses, ISO ratings, Automatic and Manual Control, getting rid of Red Eye, storing pictures, connecting to your computer, and more.

Chapter 2. Using the Camera
What to know before you start, being aware of "lag time", reviewing your shots on the camera, using menus, why and how to control the exposure, how to use automatic exposure mode, aperture info, shutter speed insight, and exposure control.

Chapter 3. Connecting and Downloading
How to connect your camera to the computer, how to download your photos, and how to send them by email. This could be the entire subject of another book, but it's explained with enough detail to get you up and running. 

Chapter 4. Essential Elements
How to incorporate light, form, color, and texture into your pictures the professional way. How to make your images vibrant, vivid and alive. We'd show them to you right here, but it'd take another two web pages of photos! And yes, this ebook is packed with beautiful photography.

Chapter 5. Techniques for Better Pictures
Preparing for the photo, observation skills, point of view and perspective, whether or not to use a flash, how to crop or frame your photo beforehand, casual portrait work, and various minute details that all add up to a stunning final take. One you can be proud of. "Hey, did YOU take that picture. That's terrific!"

Chapter 6. Self Assignments
There's no better way to improve you photographic skills than to take on assignments designed to develop your newly discovered photographic techniques. Jann has included 10 of these for you, each one covering a range of vision that will really boost your creativity and make you a better picture taker. Even if the only time you use your camera is for family gatherings, you'll amaze your family with your new skills. 

Chapter 7. Website Resources
There are some great web sites designed for photographers with all levels of ability. Jann lists the top sites for you. From authoritative listings of photography contests, to image brokers looking for serious digital photographers, who want to sell their photos to a global market. They're all here. She'll help you cut through the clutter and go straight to the stuff that matters.

"So now what do you do?"

DigiCam MAGIC! will improve your creativity and enjoyment to a level that will simply astound you! Yet it's soooo easy - once you've been shown how!

From A to Z,  and everything in between, this very knowledgeable lady takes you through tips, shortcuts, 'secrets', and visual demonstrations of the little-known benefits of your digital camera. It's simply bursting with vision, techniques, and oodles of photographs that will make your mouth water. 

So when you actually see the amazing things you can do - things no-one ever told you about because they never knew themselves - you'll be falling over yourself to try out your new-found discoveries.

"Jann's teaching technique is so laid back and enjoyable"

And you'll soon realize why we commissioned her! You'll feel her presence as she gently nudges and guides you through the amazing tips and techniques that will revolutionize your attitude towards your Digital Camera, with beautiful photographs to illustrate her teachings.

Owning a Digital Camera and not taking advantage of its amazing benefits, is rather like buying a Ferrari and leaving it on your driveway. So get savvy, and download your personal copy of DigiCam MAGIC! right now. It's the ultimate companion for your expensive state of the art equipment, and it's totally risk-free because ...

Like all Newbie Club™ Products, DigiCam MAGIC! comes with our 12 month unconditional, no-questions-asked Money Back Guarantee! That's right - unconditional!

"If, within 12 months of purchase and for any reason whatsoever you decide that DigiCam MAGIC! is not for you, simply let us know and we'll refund your purchase price immediately. No Questions Asked! No ifs, buts or maybes. No hidden clauses and no small print. 
That's a Promise!  

"It's Decision Time!"

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"So stop 'Snapping' and start Creating!"

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