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Sorry but due to persistent spamming and offensive advertising on our Guest Book we have decided to remove it for now. It's just too much work trying to keep it clean.

This is the 3rd service we have been forced to remove because of the actions of stupid ignorant dead heads!

Free Newbie Club Guest Books are no longer available. Sorry!

"Get a Fully Customized
Free Guestbook for Your Site"

Millions of Internet users just LOVE Guestbooks. It's said that Yahoo alone has given away over 8 million of them to Website owners. So whether you use them or not, doesn't really come into the equation. If they're that popular you need to get one on your site right now. Why?

A professional looking Guestbook on your site can make a dramatic difference to your relationship with your visitors - and your sales ...

  • They feed back their opinions, comments and suggestions about your site and your business. This gives you the opportunity to improve your site to give them what they want. And in some cases it gives you the opportunity to offer them products and services which you know they will buy.

  • They bring your attention to problems on your site such as broken links, typos, poor navigation and design faults. Problems which very few visitors will take the time and trouble to email you about. Problems which could be costing you sales right now!

  • They'll tell you how great your site and content is. You can then use this feedback as testimonials to improve your Sales Copy, your Advertising, and your Sales. What better and easier way can you think of to obtain HOT Testimonials?

What's so special about The Newbie Club Guestbook?

A lot actually.

There are lots of free Guestbooks available but ours is different, because our programmers have created something rather special and we're sure you'll like it. Here's the low down ...

  • No Programming or CGI skills needed. You simply copy and paste a piece of html into your page and it's  live - immediately. 

  • No strain on your Server. Your Guestbook runs off The Newbie Club's dedicated server which is big enough and powerful enough to cope with the demands placed on it. You just paste in the code and enjoy the benefits.

  • Fully Customizable. This is where The Newbie Club™ Guestbook comes into its own, because you can quickly and easily ...

  • Change the page background color to blend in with your site.

  • Insert any page background image of your choice.

  • Change the Size, Style, Format and Color of your Fonts.

  • Choose to have all messages forwarded to you by email.

  • Change the Title to whatever you wish eg 'Joe's Guestbook'

  • Select the number of comments to display on your results page.

  • Select the type of information to be displayed.

  • Your own Password protected administration area, where you can customize to your heart's content - as much and as often as you want.

  • A Newbie- Speak set up guide to ensure a quick and easy installation onto your site.

  • Like other free Guestbooks, yours will carry a banner. BUT, we ensure the banner is tasteful and as 'discrete' as possible. No silly monkeys flying back and forth to distract your visitors! Initially the Ad will be an invitation to visit The Newbie Club™.

What do you do now?

Wouldn't you like a professional looking, fully customized, and simple to set up Guestbook for your site? Isn't a Free Guestbook one of the easiest ways you can think of to improve your content, avoid design errors, obtain Testimonials, and improve your Sales - just by letting it sit there on your site?

One thing's for sure - it's certainly the cheapest. Heck, it's FREE!

So why don't you click here and get one right NOW. You can have it on your Website in minutes.

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