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Newsletter Archive

Issue 15

--- THE NEWBIE CLUB INSIDER Issue 15 January 11, 2001

Edited by Tom Glander,
Contribution by Joe Robson

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---------- Email Received This Week.

Thanks for your quick reply - it's a real pleasure to get
such excellent service.

I've downloaded my copy of First Website Builder. It's
absolutely amazing. I have to tear myself away from my 
computer screen ...simply can't stop reading!

I'll keep you posted on my progress. Thanks again - and keep
up the good work.

Regards. James Sinclair

----------- Our Thoughts

We're getting emails like this on a daily basis. All from
delighted Newbies who now have the opportunity to build
their very own Website with Free tools and software. Get
your Free Trial, along with your Free 5 Part Website 
Building Tutorial right here:

Download it now, and when you've finished this Newsletter it 
will be on your desktop.

<< MENU >>

1. Tom's Thoughts
2. Changing Your Browser's Start Page
3. Joe's Place ... Now The Phone Techies Are At It!
4. Are Your Windows In Focus?
5. Using Zip Files to Make Life Easier


1. Tom's Thoughts
Hello {firstname},

I meandered into the kitchen this morning to pour myself
a bowl of cold cereal. Examining the Cheerios box, I
noticed something....

"Discover the best of the Internet (bold headline)...

...With lightdog, a NEW Internet Service Provider offering
family-friendly Internet access nationwide."

Yes, I'm eating my Cheerios while writing this. And reading
the box.

The first bullet point grabbed me. "Filters out the worst
of the Web so your family can explore with confidence. Easy
to customize for all ages!"

I like that. And they also have affordable business or
personal Web site hosting and design services. The hosting
you may need, but the site you can do yourself.

There's also a free CD-ROM inside this box. It's Windows
for Newbies! Yea! General Mills, the maker of Cheerios,
decided our product should be distributed to the masses.

NOT REALLY! I made that last sentence up entirely for my
own benefit. Don't believe it! However, the part about the
free CD-ROM is true. Of course, the CD includes the Internet
access, along with a giveaway game. Neat marketing concept.
And about as old as the hills. But it works. And that's why
you see those offers on cereal boxes. Coz they make money.

You can get Windows for Newbies on CD-ROM. Just visit this

Okay, I spent a week in Tennessee with my brother-in-law,
the ER doc. He fixes broken people on weekends, and fixes
his computer the rest of the time. He's building a website,
and just bought a domain name. So we created a quick
page. Then downloaded an FTP client. Then uploaded his new
page. And we did it using the principles outlined in our
new e-book, First Website Builder.

It was cool. He was happy. I was happy. I can't divulge the
domain yet. Of course it has to do with health. But when
it's ready, well, I'll share.

You can read about First Website Builder here, and get a
start on your new Website:

Finally, the snow has let up. And we're looking at a new old
house. I've got a mind to chronicle this event. Last time I
bought an old house, I gutted the thing and rebuilt it from
the roof down. Won't have to do that much on this place, but
all the same, with the digital camera, the Internet, and my
prolific site creation habits, you can have a ringside seat
at my "This Old House" creative event. We'll put the 
Internet to some serious use. And learn even more about how
to build a Website that serves a serious purpose. And we'll
have fun at the same time.

Stay tuned. You won't want to miss any of this.

Okay, let's get on with the show. There's some cool stuff
in this issue.



Geek-speak Buster

Default: The setting that's applied if you
do nothing to change things. The default
setting for the Windows desktop wallpaper is
whatever Microsoft wants you to see when you
first turn the machine on. You get the picture.


2. Change Your Browser's Start Page

How to change the default browser page...

When you launch your browser, does it always go straight
to MSNBC? Or to Yahoo!? Or to some other site? Would you
like to make it open on a blank page instead? Or just
change the default entirely, to a new page, like, your
own page that you built?

Here's the how-to...

Open Internet Explorer. On the Menu line, click Tools,
Internet Options. You'll see the Internet Options dialog
box displayed. The General tab is pre-selected.

The first item is the Home Page section, and it says "You
can change which page to use for your Home Page." The
address bar will have a URL (address) listed. Three buttons
help you make a choice: Current, Default, and Blank.

The buttons in order now....

* The 'Current' button makes whatever page is in your browser
at the moment the new home page. It's the current page.
Click to "make it so."

* The 'Default' button will most likely make Microsoft's MSN
network the default page.

* The 'Blank' button will make Tai-Bo boxing star Billy Blank
the home page. Without Billy, of course. Just a blank page
is all you'll see.

So, if you have a particular page you want to appear when
you start IE, just open the menu, set the page to Current,
and you've done it.

Hey, why not use The Newbie Club as your default home page?

Just click to and when the home page 
loads, just follow the above instructions and it's there 
every time you load your browser! So any time you need help 
with your PC just one click to load your browser and you can 
search the site!

What about Netscape users? Edit your preferences. Click 
'Edit' on the menu line, then click 'Preferences'. You'll 
see the options right there. The format is similar to what I 
just wrote regarding Internet Explorer.



Geek-speak Buster

WWW: World Wide Web. Created by Al Gore. He
failed in his attempt to create a presidency,
however, so now we're left with a Bush in the
house. All funning aside, the WWW was created
by a guy named Tim Berners-Lee. Yes, the Web
was invented by one guy. Amazing! Check me
out on this by visiting
and looking up World Wide Web. And now you
know where I get my stuff! (Or at least some
of it.)


------------- Another Email This Week (Only 2 Emails?)

Hi Tom,
I recently purchased your windows for newbies and it is
great,just what I've been looking for. Learned more in 1 
hour than I have in 2 years trying.

(See for details.)

Bill Decker

------------- Our Thoughts

Did you know that this widely publicized Newbie Club eBook
is now available on CD ROM? And you also get the Download 
version too. What a fantastic gift for someone struggling to
get to grips with their new PC. Read all about this widely 
publicized ground breaking PC learning system here...


3. Joe's Place. Now The Phone Techies Are At It!

Hi {firstname}. Wanna buy a 'nearly new' mobile phone?

It's been while since I owned a mobile phone. Ever since I
sold my off-line businesses I've somehow managed to do
without one.

But the constant barrage of TV advertising, and the sight of
so many 8 year olds dumping their Walkmans for a cellular
comforter, finally convinced me I was wrong... I DID need

Off to the store, bought a 'phone-in-a-box' and rushed home
at 80 miles per hour in case someone rang me before I had
the battery charged. Well, you can't take chances can you?

Cup of coffee, comfortable seat, reading glasses, 30 foot
power extension for the phone charger tucked (almost) under
the carpet, and I was ready to enter the 21st century...

------- Then The Saga Began.

First thing I had to do was change my reading glasses for
some cool sunshades. The psychedelic neon blue case was just
a bit of an eye strainer, but hey - this will look great on
the beach!

Then after my wife tripped over the rumpled carpet, she
demanded I arrange for a carpet fitter to refit it. "No
problem," said I - "I'll try out my new mobile". She smiled,
shook her head, and left to do some 'urgent' shopping.

Inside the box were THREE instruction booklets.

"Man this phone can do ANYTHING" I shouted. Text messages,
FM radio, road traffic reports, email, 1006 memorized
numbers. Once you learn how to use 13 fingers at once, the
combination of buttons can achieve just about anything an 8
year old could ever wish for. Now then....

How do I switch it on? The 3 manuals didn't say, and it
didn't have an obvious 'On/Off' button. S'pose that's not
cool these days, but that's progress. But, 5 minutes of
trial and error and I'd sussed it.

As you would expect with such a cool piece of gear, the
manuals didn't tell me which button to press to make a call
either. That's because all 8 year olds already know. But you
can't keep a good man down though, and 4 minutes later I'd
sussed that too.

"Why won't it call out" I muttered.

"Why the **** won't it call out", I shouted.

This stoopid machine must be ****** faulty" I screamed.

That's when I learned how robust it was. It bounced off two
walls without so much as a scratch!

I retrieved it 5 minutes later and looked despairingly into
the box for help. "What's in this plastic bag" I wondered.

Hmmmm ... a battery! That also explains why the darn thing
isn't charging.

----- Time out for a coffee break, and 200 pushups.

I phoned the carpet fitter on my old fashioned land line - I
have 6 to choose from around the house. Well, you have to be
prepared don't you. I gave him my contact home phone number
and he said "Do you have a mobile."

"Of course" I smirked, feeling thoroughly modern.

"Better give me the number, just in case"...

"Ermmmm". And for some reason the phone slipped back onto the
hook and cut me off.

10 minutes into manual 3, and I finally discovered I had to
press 273 buttons all at the same time whilst standing on my
head, and I would be given my new mobile number.

Eventually I went 'live' and was greeted by a female robot.
I curled my toes and listened intently while she took me
through a 'simple' 37 button sequence which explained just
how brilliant my phone was. Then before I had a chance to
grab a pen she read out my number. I managed to scribble
down the last 3 digits before she thanked me and hung up....

Stoopid robot!

Anyway, the phone survived another flight across the room
and bounced safely at my wife's feet. She ignored it and
went to do some 'urgent' gardening..

The next day, my wife and I had to take a trip by car, and
even though I'd bought the phone for 'emergency' use, I
decided not to take it with us.

After all, how can I drive at 70 miles an hour, grip the
steering wheel, flick through 3 manuals, punch in 354
buttons and grip the phone under my chin, all at the same

"The techies never thought of that" I said to my wife. She
gave me that 'knowing' look, nodded, and said nothing.

When I got back from the trip, guess what I found in the

A 'Hands-Free' kit for a motor car. What, for 8 year olds?

Still, seeing it was built in Japan, I'll bet it only works
in Toyotas!

Techies? ... gimme a break!

------- Newbie Guide Confusion Unraveled

One or two of you have emailed us to ask if a new site
they've seen advertised is anything to do with The Newbie

It costs $49.95 to gain entry to the site, after which you
can buy their product called Newbie Guide, which promises
you a high Internet income for a further investment of
around $200. As our FREE eBooks are sub-titled Newbie Club
Guide, I can understand the confusion.

So I'd just like to say that this site has NO connection 
whatsoever with The Newbie Club, and never will have.
It's run by Gary White, the creator of the 'Cookie Cutter'

It's amazing how many 'Newbie' sites are springing up since 
The Newbie Club was launched. Coincidence I suppose!

That's it for now {firstname}.

Keep smilin'


By the way here's 2 great resources to bookmark ...

Want somewhere to check out the latest Internet Scams?
Before you part with your hard-earned cash with any Internet
company, check out this site first. You'll be amazed at how
many scams they reveal.

And if you have a problem with ANY Internet business that
you can't resolve, report them to The International Council
Of Online Professionals - iCOP. Or check out their files to
see if they know anything about a company you are thinking
of spending your money with. The Newbie Club is a Founding
Member of this prestigious organization, and I can guarantee
that the Director, JL Scott, kicks butt and takes no


4. Understanding the Active State, or "In Focus" Window

This one's a fundamental basic. You don't have to know
HOW it works, or even WHY. Really, who cares? But you do
have to know WHAT IT MEANS. What does what mean? Help!
I'm already confused!

Okay, we're talking about the windows you see when you
click an icon. Let's take the silly little 'My Computer'
icon. It's probably hiding in the upper left hand corner
of your computer's monitor right now.

Double click, and up pops a window. (Wow! That's why they
call this thing 'Windows'.)

Leaving that window open, let's say you drop down a notch
and click the 'My Documents' folder. Up pops another window.
Now you've got two open windows.

You could go on clicking stuff, and opening more and more
windows. And soon, you'd be lost in a sea of windows. Be
careful, coz that's a lot of glass to break!

Now, how do you know which window is active? Which one is
"in focus"? The window that has the focus will be richer
in color. Or "not grayed out." It won't be dim. It will be
bright. It will look alive, instead of the opposite. Isn't
there a better clue? Do we have to depend on colors or
shades thereof for our visuals?

Why, yes there is! And fortunately, it's pretty easy to tell
just by looking. However, if you ever get confused, here's
how to know instantly which window is active. Just hold down
the Alt key (next to the spacebar) and press the spacebar.
The active window will make itself VERY evident. You can try
it right now. Press Alt, plus the spacebar.

See? It's kind of cool. For a blow by blow account of this,
and an entertaining look at some Windows anatomy, visit this

Why does this matter? Because the action of the keyboard,
and the action of the mouse, will be directed to this active
window. And no other. So you can't make a mistake and type
stuff in the wrong window.

Finally, if you want to see a whole bunch of windows open
at once, and in a cascade fashion, you can do the following:

Click Start, Run. And type 'sysedit' in the 'Open' line.
Press the Enter key or click OK. Pow! You'll get a face full
of windows. Don't worry, everything's cool. Just hold down
the Alt key, press the spacebar, and close the letter 'C' on
the keyboard. Do it now. While you're reading this.

Lesson: You're building confidence. There's nothing to fear.
You can master this machine, one step at a time. Kind of
like Windows for Newbies. Step by step. And soon enough,
you've built that foundation I keep preaching about. Take
another look now: and see how easy it is to control you computer.

5. Using Zip Files to Make Life Easier

I've written about using Zip files. You know what they are?
They're those files that end with the three letter file
extension '.zip' and are compressed into a much smaller

They're supposed to save space, and make your computer life
easier. And they do. Really. They do.

Stuff you download from the Web generally comes zipped.
Compressed. Stuffed. Whatever you want to call it. And if
you want to use a zipped file, you need to unzip it. So
what do you use?

And how does it work? Who cares how it works. We only care
that it DOES work, and we're going to learn HOW TO use a
program that unzips files. So don't get sidetracked staring
out the window at the squirrels, okay? (Yes, in Australia
it's summertime.)

If you don't already have an unzipper, or even if you do,
I suggest you amble on over to the home of the Unzip
Wizard. He's a bonafide Newbie-friendly guy who makes your
life SO much easier. We here at the Newbie Club testing lab
have put the Wizard to sleep, casting our own powerful spell, 
so we could dissect him. We found he really knows his stuff,
and now comes with the highest recommendedation.

The Unzip Wizard simply pops up whenever you double click
a file that ends with '.zip' and goes to work. He even helps
you organize your zipped files. You can learn more about
organizing YOUR files by sending a blank email to... or click

Alright, I've sung his powers. Now you'll have to
examine them for yourself. So get on over to the
Wizard's home by clicking or copying and pasting this URL
into your browser:

And see how easy he makes your day!

Read up on file extensions, and other terribly exciting
stuff that will make your head spin and other good people
slide away from you coz your brains are starting to show, 
by visiting...

I'll see you there!


If you have questions about anything you've read in this
newsletter, visit the forum. It's the BEST Newbie Friendly
zone around. Why, just today, someone got a KAK virus, and
was wondering what to do about it. They found their answer
in the forum. Totally cool. "Just click here".... and ask away. One of our
helpful friends will take care of you.

Always the best,

Tom Glander


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