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Newsletter Archive

Issue 16

--- THE NEWBIE CLUB INSIDER Issue 16 January 18, 2001

Edited by Tom Glander,
and Joe Robson,

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Did you know that the highly acclaimed Newbie Club eBook
'Windows for Newbies' is now available on CD? And you also
get the Download version too. What a fantastic gift for
someone struggling to get to grips with his or her new PC.
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1. Tom's Thoughts
2. Brand New TNC Free Service
3. New Programs Can Cause Conflicts
4. Why Is The Computer Dying, Mommy?
5. Joe's Place ..."Just Trust Me!"
6. Smart Homes are Computer Controlled
7. Who Cares What Browser You Use?


1. Tom's Thoughts

Hello {firstname},

Hope you're staying warm. Or if you live in a warm place,
staying cool. It's almost impossible to write to any one
location, since this publication goes to countries on both
sides of the planet at the same time.

Ah well, the joy of the Internet.

Just a smattering of thoughts and tips this time, in no
logical sequence. Kind of like the computer you're using.
A random assortment of programs and icons scattered across
the vast desert known as your hard drive. And one big
cowpoke called a GUI that guides you through it all.

GUI, you say? (GUI is pronounced to rhyme with "gooey.")

Yea, that's the stuff you're looking at right now. The
Graphical User Interface. The stuff you click. Your desktop.
You know, "Windows." That's what Windows is all about. It's
about the GUI.

Before Windows, all you could do was type a command, and
press the enter key. No mouse. No joystick. Just a keyboard
and a monitor.

DOS is still hiding in there. You can see it anytime you
want. Might as well get a feel for it right now. Click your
Start button, and if the MS-DOS Prompt item isn't on your
Start Menu, you'll find it under the Programs flyout menu.
Give it a click, and you'll see the black screen in a
Window. That's DOS. And that's another major book in and
of itself.

Speaking of books, specifically the electronic kind, have
you picked up your copy of Windows for Newbies? See if it
would help you. Visit today.

Let's get on with the rest of this work of art.


Tom Glander

Geek-speak Buster:


Infonesia is an inability to remember where you
saw or heard an item of information. The condition
is usually temporary but can recur frequently, and
is more common in "information societies."
Possibly the most pernicious form of infonesia is
internesia, which is the inability to remember which
Web site you saw an item of information on. A person
who is racking their brain to remember the information
source could properly be termed an infonesiac. Like
me. "I'm an infonesiac." "Where did you see that site?"
"I don't recall. I have infonesia."


2. Free Newbie Club Autoresponder Service

We've spent a number of weeks setting up our latest Newbie
Club product, and it's a beauty!

It's called 'TNC Responder', and it's an amazing FREE
Autoresponder service running from OUR server. If you know what
autoresponders are all about, then this one is for you. It has
the facility to automatically follow up 30 times, and you can
set up as many as you want absolutely FREE!

In true Newbie Club tradition, within the next few days we'll
have finished a step-by-step tutorial on how to set them up,
along with an autoresponder course. Sent to you by TNC
Responder of course!

But if you want an excellent autoresponder NOW, get on over to

It's cool beans!

3. New Programs Can Cause Conflicts

Are you experiencing problems since you installed Internet
Explorer version 5.5? It may be IE's fault. As with any
software program, if you start having weird things happen
to your computer, and only after installing a certain
piece of software, it's probably that software's fault.

Remove the offending program. Use the Add/Remove Programs
applet in the Control Panel. Reboot your computer (reboot
means restart). Then see if the problem has gone away.

You may be surprised. Just because your computer's hard
drive can hold a million programs doesn't mean they're all
compliant with your unique architecture. And by architecture
I mean your mix of hardware components.

Which brings up an important point.

If you're using a Windows 98 computer, you shouldn't have
any problems with software that says it's Windows 98
compliant. You may experience problems if you try to
install old software (stuff that's written for Windows 95
or 3.1) and expect the same flawless performance. Not to
make you worry. Just keep your wits about you. If problems
begin with the installation of certain program, you can
almost be positive that removing that certain program will
resolve your problems.


Geek-speak Buster

Interface (used here as a noun):

A user interface consists of the stuff you
click on to communicate and use your computer.
A graphical user interface provides its
user a more or less "picture-oriented" way to
interact with technology. A GUI is usually a
more satisfying or user-friendly interface to
a computer system. Just as mentioned in Tom's 
Thoughts above.


----------- Unsolicited Rave

"All I can say, is AMAZING. This publication is the best on
webbuilding I've read. And being quite new to the Internet 
and keen on building my first website, I've read a number of
webbuilding tutorials. Not one can compare to the NC
Webbuilder. I especially love the newbie friendly language. 
It makes it all so easy to understand. And every chapter is a 
nice digestible length. Congratulations on a superb publication, 
guys. May the Newbie Club only go from strength to strength."


James Sinclair

What's he raving about? Just the best and most easily
understood Website Building Tutorial on the Net - 
'The Newbie Club First Website Builder'. See why by pointing
your browser to:


3. Why Is The Computer Dying, Mommy?

Is your computer running slower and slower? You've defragged,
and aren't running a virus checker continually, and it's still
slow? There is one thing to check.

Open My Computer. Right click the C: drive icon, and click
Properties from the context menu. You'll see how much disk
drive space you have free. If you've got less than 250
megabytes free, you're in trouble. Windows needs a good
amount of space to use as virtual memory. Since your RAM
is limited, it uses a chunk of your hard drive to store
data, until it can empty a memory location. And then swap
what was on the disk into memory.

If you've checked everything, and find that you've got well
over 250 megs free, and you're still stricken with a slug
for a PC, it may be your hard disk is failing. Or the BIOS
isn't working right. Oh my, there are so many potential
possibilities. Best thing to do if this problem fits you:
make an appointment to see your local PC clinician. Get
a checkup. You'll be glad you did.

Or, if you're really quite bright, and don't mind having
a bit of fun, start over. Reformat your hard drive. Install
your operating system afresh, and everything else. That'll
certainly cure what ails you.

If the thought of doing that makes you ill, please just
ignore the preceding paragraph. (I'm grinning as I write.)


---------- Good news for Mac Users

Very shortly, Newbie Club eBooks, Free or otherwise, will be
available in PDF format. So if you're a Macintosh user, you'll
soon be able to read all the terrific info the PC Newbies have
been raving about for so long. Stay tuned.


5. Joe's Place. "Just Trust Me!"

Hi {firstname}, it's me again - in the wars as usual.

I'm sure you know what it's like when your Internet
connection slows down to a crawl. There's lots of reasons
for this and it's just something we all have to put up with.
But every couple of months or so, my Internet connection
slows down to a crawl permanently!

No problem. I just ring my ISP customer support desk, tell
them the problem and they supply me with another phone
number to use. It always works, and I'm off again as happy
as a dog in a butcher's shop.

This week was different!

After two days of agonizingly slow connection speeds, I rang
the usual number and asked for a different phone number. But
this guy wanted to show off his 'expertise' to a newbie!

"You have this problem every so often sir, so I'd like to
check your software." Cheeky devil!

"Look, I'm a Newbie" said I, "just show me how!"

"Fine" said he "Click this. Click that. Click the other".

I could almost see the smirk on his face as he rubbed his
hands together!

"I see. Will you delete those two icons please?"......

"WHOA, WHOA, WHOA. Did you say DELETE???"

He explained why he was doing it, and said there was nothing
to worry about, as we'd be reinstalling them after some
further checks.

"With the greatest respect," said I, "I don't trust Techies."

It must of been like a red rag to a bull. But, gritting his
teeth he held his composure and uttered those fateful three
words ...

"Just Trust Me." And like a fool I did!

Dear, oh dear, oh dear, will I NEVER learn?

Without going into the nitty-gritty details (which I can't
understand anyway) it took 4 hours and three phone calls, to 
get back on line. And guess what I ended up with?..

.... An agonizingly slow Internet connection!

So I made a 4th call and spoke to another 'advisor'.

"I'm sorry about your slow connection, Mr. Robson. Try
connecting with this other phone number. That should solve
the problem."

It did of course!

Dealing with Techies is one thing, but Newbie Techies? Gimme a break!

Keep smilin' {firstname}.


P.S. If you haven't yet bought your 4 volume copy of 'First
Website Builder' you're really missing out. The feedback from
customers has been amazing. Have another look at it on this
page and, dare I say it, ..."Just
Trust Me!"


5. Smart Homes Controlled by Computers

John owns a computer store. He started seven years
ago turning all his profits back into the business. Today,
he's making some serious money. It's been a long haul, but
worth it. Now, he's going to start doing something amazing.

And probably make a lot more money.

You've no doubt heard of smart homes, smart appliances, etc.
He's going to purchase a house, wire it for smart everything,
and showcase the future. I'll explain.

If you own a building, and the furnace goes out in the dead
of winter, the computer tells you. It may even be able to
reset itself, and start up again. Monitor everything from
the computer. Set the oven, the microwave, water the lawn,
even cut the grass with the robo-mower.

Oh, back to the smart furnace. This alone would have saved
a $10,000 repair bill if there'd been one installed when
the furnace died on an empty apartment. I would have been
alerted when the computer dialed my cell phone, letting
me know of the malfunction.

John's showcase home will be run by a couple of server
computers, all wired to the Internet. The entire house will
be on one of those power cleaner things--a massive surge
protector. With one central control area.

This isn't space age stuff. It's all here today, and
because of the Internet, we can monitor anything anywhere
at any time. As long as it's plugged in, and there's a
program written to control it. Lose the programmers, and
we're done in. Lose the power grid, and the nerds go on

6. Who Cares What Browser You Use?

Who makes the best browser? How many different browsers are
there? Does anyone really care? I spoke with a gentleman, who
will go nameless, on the phone Monday. He was quite adamant
that Internet Explorer was a waste. Netscape was great, and
Opera was the best. Well, I politely refrained from comment.
And I said to myself, "Self, some people are opinionated."
And that was it.

Really, in my opinion, browsers are browsers. Just like we
put on different colored clothing, or different types of
work shoes, each serves our personal taste, or works for us.
And so it is with your friendly Internet Browser. If you're
comfortable with it, use it.


If you have questions about anything you've read in this
newsletter, visit the forum. "Just click here".... and ask away. One of our helpful
friends will take care of you.

I love reading your email, but may not have time to get back 
right away. So go ahead and mail me with your comments, or
just ask your questions in the Forum.

Always the best,

Tom Glander


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The TNC INSIDER is a production of The Newbie Club(TM) and
is owned by Roglan International, whose partners are
Tom Glander and
Joe Robson

(C) 2001 The Newbie Club(TM) All Rights Reserved

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