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Newsletter Archive

Issue 19

--- THE NEWBIE CLUB INSIDER Issue 19 February 9, 2001

Written by Tom Glander,
and Joe Robson,

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<< MENU >>

1. Joe's Place: "Out Of The Way Tom - This is IMPORTANT!"
2. Tom's Random Access Memory
3. How to Install the Resource Meter and 75 Other Components
4. How to Speed Up Your Keyboard
5. Administrative Wotnot


1. ----- "Another Great Newbie Club Product Launched"

"Out Of The Way Tom - This is IMPORTANT!"

Hi {firstname},

I've elbowed my way in ahead of Tom this week, (get back Tom!)
because I really must tell you about our latest Newbie Club
Publication ....

------------ 'Keyboard MAGIC!'------------

And that's exactly what it is ...sheer MAGIC!

It's the first in a long line of inexpensive eBooklets which
we're bringing to you over the next couple of months. It's
written by my partner Tom Glander and the response after just a
few short hours has been truly phenomenal.

"Keyboard? Why on earth would I want a book about using my
Keyboard?" Yeah I know, I know. That's EXACTLY what I said to
Tom when he suggested the idea. So he sent me an outline and
asked me to look it over. 2 days later he asked my opinion, and
I *forced* myself to open it up ...

{firstname}, I have to tell you, I was completely blown away!

I had NO IDEA there was so much I could do by just pressing a
key or two. No, it wasn't because I'm such a Technological
lunkhead - I simply hadn't been shown how. And even worse - I 
didn't even know these kind of things *could* be done.

Why? Because when we first begin messing around with our first
PC, everything we are taught revolves around the Magic Mouse.
Click, click, click and it's done. And then the rot sets in,
because we never take the time - or have the inclination - to
find out that the keyboard can do everything the mouse can do -

Just look down now at your keyboard - yes NOW.

How many of those keys do you use? What are they for? Why has
some stoopid geek filled it up with strange looking words and

Because when they're used correctly they will create stuff that
the mouse will choke on. And make your life a whole lot easier
and more enjoyable. All you need to tap into this goldmine is
for someone to show you how. Does "Hey, I'm a Newbie, Not a 
Dummy - Just Show Me How!" sound familiar?

I'll tell you now, I get real mad when I think about it. I've
spent all those years clicking around on a mouse pad, and never
knew that I could be so much more creative, and do things so
much quicker and easier, just by pressing a few keys on my 

Think 'Keyboard MAGIC! is just for Newbies?... WRONG!

Here's some feedback from a couple of *experienced* PC users...


"Keyboard Magic is incredible! I opened this wonderful little
book and could not close it until I had to go - well, never
mind that. The lessons you provide, the tips you give, and the
"secrets" you reveal are easily digested and applied. You have
achieved a remarkable feat considering that I have the
technical ability of the average house plant. Thank you, 
thank you, thank you!

By the way, your price for this collection of time, eyeball,
wrist and finger-saving magic is far too low (now that I have
mine, of course...).

Keep at it, please!

Kent E. Butler, Editor, Publisher

And another ...

"Hi, Tom:

Upon downloading, I became totally engrossed in it for over two
hours, and I'm still not anywhere finished! It's really
outstanding! This is another example of The Newbie Club never
being boring. I never knew my keyboard could do that stuff, let
alone "how" to do it.

I absolutely love it!

Mary Holzrichter

(And later on, this arrived...)

I've just spent the better part of the day going through
Keyboard Magic. There's so much! Still a long ways to go,


So I'm not alone. Millions of us - Newbie And Oldbie alike - go
about our day to day computering, in complete ignorance of the
unused and wasted mine of valuable and FUN things we can
achieve with the keys of our humble beige boards. I tell you I'M

I spent 8 solid months writing and compiling 'Make Your Words
Sell'. Now Tom's book shows me that I could have saved a week
on that project alone!

Now here's some even better news for you...

------- Keyboard MAGIC! costs only $9.95 ...

and it comes in two versions for PC and MAC users. It's an
incredible little e-book and I PROMISE it will open your eyes so
wide they'll start watering.

Look {firstname}, never mind reading the rest of this
newsletter for the moment - read it later. Do yourself a great 
big favor and read about this terrific eye opener in detail by 
clicking this link: 

>>>>>> <<<<<<<

The designer of the Mouse sure has a lot to answer for! Walt
Disney, where are you?

Keep smilin',


P.S. {firstname}, if you've got a young family - or anyone who
is new to PCs, you're doing them a HUGE disservice if you don't
introduce them to this brilliant inexpensive ebook. Click over to NOW! And even if you decide not to purchase (huh?), at least forward this Newsletter to someone you know. I tell you, you're both in for a real treat!

OK Tom - get on with it ...

2. Tom's Random Thoughts

And about time too! I thought Joe was going to explode there for
a minute. For a usually stuffy Brit, he got rather passionate
there. Whew! I'm wiping the sweat off my brow...

I simply didn't realize 'Keyboard MAGIC!' would be such a
massive hot seller. I personally commend you if you decide to take control of your own education by owning this ebook.

Yes, education can be costly. But it's worth every penny. I
spent a small fortune on mine, and now I work on the Internet. 
Go figure. If I'd had the stuff I've written back when, I'd
be farther ahead of me now. Or something like that.

I want to clear up some installation issues that have cropped
up. All of the applets (mini programs) that should be in your
computer may not be there. So I'll show you how to install
them and remove the ones you aren't using.

Thanks to the new subscribers to this publication over the past
week. Joe and I are pretty swamped. And to cope with the 
abundance of ideas and Newbie-Friendly Products we have in mind, we have taken on a new programmer so we can do what we do best. The strange thing is that Joe actually talks to him - a geek! He understands every other word, of course, and is making

The Internet has made an incredible impact on both our lives,
and we owe it in large part to you. Because people are what makes the Net work. Without people, the Internet is just a stupid
machine sulking in the corner.

Microsoft is going to stop selling Windows 95. Which is a good
thing. It was a good start, but Windows 98 and above are just
far better. If you aren't using at least 98, well, look into
getting an upgrade or having your PC's brains rearranged.

Enough already!

Tom (talk to me, I'm listening)


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Website, and there's no need to spend a penny more! This ground
breaking product contains 4 - yes 4 - Newbie-Speak ebooks
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Upload, Automate, and Publicize your own individual Website.
Using FREE Software and Graphics. Get your FREE evaluation copy
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2. How to Install the Resource Meter

When I mention the Resource Meter, and you go looking for it,
you may not find it. "Where is it? I don't see it. Could it
have another name?" (The Resource Meter is that little gizmo
that tells you how much of your computer's resources have been
burned up, are burning up, and are left to burn.

It was never installed on your hard drive. That's why you
don't see it. The files are there, they just need to brought to
life is all. So let's do it.

The Resource Meter is called an applet. A mini-program. This
is considered by some to be an advanced item of interest, so
it was left off when Windows was loaded on your computer in
the beginning. It's probably there, but in a CAB file, or
on your Windows CD-ROM if you have one. CAB files are just
Microsoft's version of a Zip file - a special compressed file
format that saves space. 

Now then, let's install the Resource Meter, and any other
programs you want to install as well. You'll find a lot of
them have NOT been installed.

Go to the Control Panel. (Start, Settings, Control Panel) Fire
up the Add/Remove Programs applet by double clicking its icon.
It'll open the Add/Remove Programs Properties window.

Click the center tab named 'Windows Setup' and get ready for
enlightenment. Because this is where you'll discover just how
"dumbed down" your computer is. Or how smart. Of course it all
depends on what the manufacturer decided you should see, because they set up these options on their installation programs.

When you click the Windows Setup tab, Windows will search for
installed components. Then it will display a list for you.
To add or remove a component, just select or clear its check 
box. You can look at the details of each item by clicking the
'Details' button for each item you've highlighted.

The Resource Meter is hiding in the System Tools folder.
Highlight System Tools by clicking it, then click the 'Details'
button, and you'll be able to add the component by selecting
its check box. To select anything, just click in an empty
check box, and it'll be selected.

Click the OK button, then click OK again to put the Add/Remove
Programs window away.

Now, let's recap.

Think about this for second. Windows has 76 different components that can be installed using the Add/Remove Programs window. You probably don't need all of these, so the kind Techies who set things up for you only give you the basics. It's up to you (and me to inform you) about this, and let you know how to get in there and make things work the way you want them to.

Blatant Self Promotion for my e-course:

I cover a lot of how-to stuff like this in 'Windows for
Newbies'. If you know anyone who needs help with Windows, and 
would like to order the CD-ROM as a gift of love, just visit 
this page:


You can actually learn a lot about the components that Windows
will install just by reading the descriptions of the components
listed. And Windows will display the space requirements for
each component, as well as the space available.

Here's the abbreviated version of the above:

1. Click Start - Settings - Add/Remove Programs - and click
Windows Setup tab.

2. Select the components you want to install. Remove checkmarks from those you never use, because they're just using up space. You can always add them later.

3. You may need to have your Windows CD-ROM handy, unless the CAB files are already on your computer.

4. Click the OK buttons when you're done. The 'Apply' button is
an extra step you don't have to bother with. The changes you
make will be applied when you click the final OK.

This should clarify the Resource Meter problems encountered by
readers of this rag.


------ At Last. A Totally Newbie-Friendly Unzipper!

Some Zip programs are frustratingly confusing to use. But it's
essential to have one if you're downloading stuff from the Net.
'Unzip Wizard' is so simple it's impossible to go wrong. That's
because it's specifically designed with Newbies in mind. And
The Newbie Club has arranged a special discount for you at this
page. So now you can save AND unzip without embarrassment!


4. How to Speed Up Your Keyboard

Computers should make life easier, not more complicated. And
your keyboard shouldn't make you wait around when you're trying
to get a letter done, or manuscript written.

You can adjust a couple of options that may make things less
annoying for you, and again, with an applet in the Control

Click Start - Settings - Control Panel - and double click the
Keyboard icon. The Keyboard Properties window will open. Set
the 'Character repeat' so the Repeat delay is short. Slide the
slider clear to the right. And set the Repeat rate to Fast. 
Again, set this slider the way to the right.

If only it were as easy to adjust the political leanings of
elected officials... :-)

You can test the effect of your changes by clicking in the
box and holding down a key to test things. What box? You'll
see when you open the Keyboard Properties window.

Making these changes may really improve the responsiveness
of your keyboard. I cover this and hundreds of other tips
in our new ebooklet, Keyboard MAGIC! You'll want to pick up
a copy here:


FREE Newbie Club Courses - by email. Just send a blank
email for the course you need. It's delivered every few
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remove the mailto: part of the address.)

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Finding files:

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### ### ### ### ###

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secret database that makes your PC tick? Yep, it's sitting there
inside your computer right now. But how do you find it - let alone
learn about it?

'Registry For Newbies' is our Newbie-Speak ebook that covers
all the Techie stuff you need to know, to really boost your
knowledge of your PC. And your performance. Read about it here:


That's it. If you learned something new, that's a good thing. 
If you already knew everything here, send me an email so I can
tap into your brain power. Until next time, keep one eye on 
the monitor and the other on your keyboard.


6. Administrative Wotnots

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The TNC INSIDER is a production of The Newbie Club(TM) and
is owned by Roglan International, whose partners are
Tom Glander and
Joe Robson

(C) 2001 The Newbie Club(TM) All Rights Reserved

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