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Issue 1

----- The Newbie Club INSIDER Issue 1 September 7, 2000

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d) This may have been forwarded to you by a friend. (If you want to subscribe, please see the end of this letter.)

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Written by Tom Glander,

<< MENU >>

1. Tom's Thoughts
2. Tutorial: "Forward Your Email With Style"
3. Download With Confidence
4. Demystify Techie-Talk
5. Tutorial: "Clean Up Your Mailbox"
6. A Word from Joe
7. Program Review & Joe's Tip
8. We Need Your Feedback


1. Tom's Thoughts

Hi {firstname}! 

This is going to be fun. Most of all, it's going to be enjoyable.

I'm sure you have desire. I hope it's a burning desire to know more, learn more, and do more. The Internet is a fantastic place, as you already know. Just wait 'till you get super comfortable with it! 

Ok, these weekly letters to you will be full of stuff that makes learning easy and most of all fun. I promise to write write without jargonistic gobbledygook. And I'll do my best to talk in clear tones without mumbling!

I know you'd like to get this whole computer and Internet thing figured out as soon as possible, so I'm getting off the soapbox now. 

Come on then, attach your thinking cap and let's get going!


2. Tutorial-- Forward Your Email With Style

Let's say you decide to share the Insider with a friend. What's the easiest way to do this? Just forward it. But how do you make it happen? 

Well, you could just click the forward button on your email client. ("Client" is the techie-speak name for your email program - what you're using right now to read this mail.) But simply clicking and filling in an email address and punching the Send button may cause problems.

Here's why.

If you include a short note to your friend, at least it's obvious who the letter is from, and why. I mean, what if they don't recognize your email address? Not saying they won't, of course. It's just good manners is all. Plus, you may want to include WHY you're sending the email. 

When you forward an email to someone without an explanation, it's like getting junk mail. At least that's the way I see it!

Hey, let's try something. Right now, click your forward button. You'll see the subject line is filled in for you.


Now type your own email address in the "To:" line.

Drop down to the body of the message, where you'll see this letter. Click your mouse cursor on the first line in front of the first character, which just happens to be a dash (" - ") in this instance. 

Now press the Enter key a couple of times to give yourself some typing space, and type a short message. Like "Testing." Or, "I'm forwarding this to myself."

When you're through, send the email. Then check your mail. 
Some great voice will chime, "You've got mail!" 

Very good. You've just tested your own email, and you know
you're able to forward. Now try forwarding to a friend, 'cause.....

You can forward with style!

I'll look at the whole "CC" and "BCC" issue next time, as we discover how NOT to send other people's email addresses all over the Net. 


3. Download With Confidence

I was listening to NPR (that's National Public Radio) here in the States, and heard that Microsoft and have struck up a new alliance. Seems the two will pair to push e-books. Microsoft has a special e-book reader, called (of all things) Microsoft Reader. Amazon will sell e-books that use the Reader, and together both companies will grow richer.

Please help Bill put another piling in his pier.

Maybe that's old news to you, but it points out the power of the e-book format. Digital delivery of nearly anything is possible now, and experts expect 10% of all publishing will soon be done by e-book.

So be warned. The future is digital downloads. The trouble is that millions of people are confused and even frightened to download. And that's a terrible shame because there's so much information to be had. So if you're confused about downloading, why not study The Newbie Club tutorial on this very subject? You can't put it off forever, and it uses the same Newbie Club Learning System that made our 'Windows For Newbies' product so popular.

Just click and click the 'Tutorials' button when the site loads in your browser.  Select the downloading tutorial. And don't forget to yell at me if you don't understand something! :-)

And by the way, would you like video tutorials on the web
site for free? Let me know, ok?


4. Demystify Techie-Talk

Yes, we all experience it, no matter how long we've been on the Net....

We're at a Website and come across a word we've never seen before. Or perhaps it's a word we've seen often, but STILL don't know what it means....

Robots to the rescue!

A new - free - program called GuruNet will instantly decipher that techie word for you, at the click of your mouse. After you download the program (download instructions are on the site) you have your own techie-translater at your beck and call.

See a gibberish word? Click, and a window pops up with the 'Newbie-Speak' translation there on your screen.


Ok, it's useful to me, and I hope you take advantage of it. For more information click


5. Tutorial-- Clean Up Your Mailbox

Aye, it happens every day. "I sends out me mail, and it  bounces right back." I don't need another rubber ball! What's happening here? I know the address is good, so that's not it. 

Turns out the email message explains it. "The recipient's mailbox is over quota." Hmm, means the silly thing is plumb full of mail! This happens to web-based email, like accounts at Yahoo!, Hotmail, and the like. And maybe AOL, and Juno, and....

Every mailbox has a limit. If the next incoming piece puts you over the top, then the mail is "returned to sender. No such number. No such zone." (Thanks, Elvis, for the inspirational lyrics.) 

Hmm, has your mailbox been cleaned out recently? 

So clean out those messages. Archive them. Transfer them to a special folder. Do whatever it takes. 'Cause you don't want to miss another Insider! 


6. A Word From Joe (What do mean, who's Joe? Joe Robson - Tom's technologically challenged partner, that's who.)

Hi. You know, everyone gets so engrossed in Tom's excellent Tutorials on The Newbie Club Website, that some of them are not getting round to reading about the program which will literally transform their ability to use their PCs, and begin to actually *enjoy* this amazing technology. Because until they learn to use their PCs without having to agonize over each and every action, they'll never discover what they actually *can* achieve. So here's the plug...

Look, I think I'll take the easy way out and let someone else describe it, because owning this program could be one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

Bob McElwain is an experienced Internet marketer, a Programmer, and a published author. Yeah, yeah, he's a dreaded Techie. But just read his independent review of Windows For Newbies, which he published in his weekly Internet newsletter, 'Stat News'...


A Review by Bob McElwain

"Written by Tom Glander, 'Windows For Newbies' is the first product released by Tom and his partner, Joe Robson, through the Newbie Club. And it's a dandy. If you are just getting started with computing or still find Windows something of a mystery, this is a sure cure. All questions will be answered and you will quickly come to master Windows, and in the process, your computer as well.

"The accent is on showing what happens when you click this or do that. Lots and lots of screen shots (pictures of a computer screen). Few words. I like this part best. The pictures tell most of the tale. Words are only used to fill in the gaps.

"In all there are over 200 pages and 400 screen shots collected into 52 tutorials. Since each tutorial is specific to a particular point, you are never asked to consider too much at one time.

"Every effort has been made to minimize computer jargon. In getting started, you may find some words troublesome. That is, if you have not yet looked at the section about files and folders, you may be puzzled by these terms in what you happen to be reading.

"A good approach is to scan quickly through the entire set of tutorials, just to get an overview. Then return to items of interest and consider these with greater care. And, of course, the information remains as a resource. When a question comes up for which you don't remember the best answer, recheck the appropriate notes.

"I found the navigation scheme a bit confusing. While the tutorials are grouped by topic, such as those related to files and folders, the menu remains a list of 52 titles. Most will need to become familiar with the content in order to be able to quickly find the tutorial needed. Again, though, a sequential scan will help in figuring where to find what.

"The Newbie Club believes in "Windows For Newbies." They offer a 12 month unconditional money-back guarantee. And, of course, they can only make this offer from a position of confidence. They believe you will love this work, find it extremely helpful, and benefit greatly from it. If you're new to computing, grabbing a copy may prove to be the smartest move you can make.

"For further information, and Joe Robson's presentation of this exciting new product, please click the following and visit this site. 

"And while you're there, be sure to join the Newbie Club. Sign up for the newsletter and be treated to some great content pointed right at new computer users."


Joe's Tip.

I'm not just saying this because of his review, but visit Bob's site at for an abundance of Newbie, and not-so-Newbie stuff that will help you in lots and lots of different ways. But AFTER you read this page... -->



8. We Need Your Feedback

What's on your mind? What problems are you facing with your PC? Sending email? Surfing the web? Computer crashing for no reason? Don't know who to call for help? 

Use the TNC Forum and put an end to your distress. Click on 
this link and try getting your feet wet...

Hey, do you know a bit about PCs and their operation? Why not help everyone out and answer some questions. You can do it at the Forum. 


Well, there's the first issue. And of course I want you to write back, 'cause I want to know what you think.

Warm regards,




{firstname}, you subscribed with this email address:


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unsubscribe, please visit the subscription management page
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NOTE: If you see "firstname" instead of your name, it's because you were a subscriber to the Newbie News and have not yet given us your first name. So what are you waiting for? Use the link above to add it, or send me the details by email. Thanks!

The TNC Insider is a production of The Newbie Club (TM)
and is owned by Roglan International, who's partners are
Tom Glander and Joe Robson.

(C) 2000 The Newbie Club

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