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Newsletter Archive

Issue 4

----- The Newbie Club INSIDER Issue 4 September 28, 2000
Copyright (C) 2000

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Written by Tom Glander,

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1. Tom's Thoughts
2. Tutorial: "Grandma, I Love You"
3. Teach Your Dog a Keyboard Trick
4. Tutorial: "Try on an Icon"
5. Moaning and Groaning 
6. Does It Stink?


1. Tom's Thoughts

eGreetings {firstname}! 

Poking around under the hood of my wife's computer, I
found a mound of cat hair, 129 strands of shag carpet, 
loads of lint, and some string the cat dragged in while
chasing the mouse.

"Where'd it all come from?" I wondered. "No wonder the 
power supply quit working." It couldn't breathe properly
and expired early from asphyxiation.

Nothing $39.95 and an hour's time wouldn't cure. I share
this in hopes you'll learn from my mistakes, proving once
and for all that you are definitely smarter than I am. 

Lesson: Practice good PC hygiene. Inside and out. You can 
remove the case, blow out the crud, and be done with it. 

Heat is your computer's worst enemy. It HATES the heat.
A layer of dust may protect fine furniture, but inside your
computer, it only helps everything run hotter. Which means
stuff will break sooner. 

Hey, the new message board is working perfectly. We've
decided to use the Cool Board system, since it's more fun
and puts less demand on our server. 

Check it out for yourself. Click on over to the entry page
located right here: and say
hello. And enjoy the cookies!

Finally, if you've ever wondered even the slightest about
the Windows Registry, I've included some interesting stuff
from my ebook:, so stop by and smell that pure registered air. The visit is free!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you learn something new

Always yours, 



2. "Grandma, I Love You"

Last time, I unleashed the Resource Meter on you. Check out the archive if you need more info. This time, let's make a sound file that says "Hi Grandma, I love you." And we'll
send it to Grandma by email!

I'm assuming you have a microphone, sound card, and speakers installed in your PC. Now here you go...

Open Sound Recorder with clicks on Start, Programs,
Accessories, Entertainment, Sound Recorder. Or, if you
prefer, hold down the Windows Logo key and punch the "R"
on your keyboard, and type "sndrec32" into the Run line that appears. 

Once Sound Recorder is open, click the red button to start 
recording your voice. When you're done, click File, Save, and give your recording a short name, like "grandma." The file extension ".wav" will be automatically appended to the file. And be sure you save the file to your desktop! 

Now, open your email client, bang out a letter to Grandma, 
click the paper clip attachment button, and select the file
named "grandma.wav" from the C:\Windows\Desktop folder. 
Send the file. It shouldn't be TOO big, as long as you kept 
the recording under 60 seconds. 

There's a lot you can do with the Sound Recorder. Like edit
files, insert one file into another, mix files, add echo, 
or reverse the file output so you talk nicsht verden smaltz
en gutzen roarden or whatever. You know, backwards!

Have a blast with this. I know I did! And remember to ask
Grandma if she enjoyed hearing from you. 


3. Teach Your Dog a Keyboard Trick

If my dog was named Logo instead of Leisl, I'd teach her
how to use the Windows Logo key. She could hold it down
with her paw while I pressed letters! 

You saw in the preceding tutorial how fast it was to 
open the Run dialog box. Logo key plus R. There are plenty
of other super fast ways to get places, so here you go...

(Substitute the letter "W" for "Windows Logo Key" and the
plus symbol ("+") for the word "plus."

W+D gives you the desktop instantly, minimizing all open
windows to the taskbar.

W+Pause lets you see your System Properties, where you 
see all the stuff pertinent to your computer.

W+C opens the Control Panel. Have a look at all the goodies windows packs in that lunch box.

W+E opens Windows Explorer. Fast, friendly, and efficient. 

W+I is supposed to open your mouse properties, and W+K
is supposed to open the keyboard properties, but I can't
get them to work on my keyboard. Try them on yours, and
let me know if they work for you, ok?

You can look up shortcuts for anything using the F1 key.
Make sure your desktop is the focus of activity (minimize
any open programs and click once on a blank portion of the
desktop) then press F1. The Windows Help window cranks up, and you can type "keyboard" and everything related to it comes into view. 

So much to do. So little time. Have fun learning something
new today!


4. Tutorial: Try on an Icon

So you're stuck with the icons Windows gives you, eh?
Not! You can change icons for most of the programs
you have showing on your desktop. (Sorry, this doesn't 
apply to My Computer, My Documents, Recycle Bin, or Network Neighborhood.) Here's how...

Right click your choice of icon and select "Properties" 
from the context menu that appears. See the "Change Icon" button? Click. Now you see the "Change Icon" window, and you can select from what's there, or browse for additional selections. 

What do you browse for? Head into the Windows folder, and select the file named MORICONS.DLL and click Open. Then select the icon of your choice from the group that appears,  and click OK, and OK again to make the icon a permanent replacement. 

Well, it's not really permanent, since you can simply go
back and repeat the same steps to change icons all over
again. There are millions of icons on the Web. Icon packs,
icon editors, with every imaginable theme in between. 

Here's a cool place to get started in your search for
iconic ideals:

Enjoy making Windows uniquely yours. That's what it's all


5. A Word from Joe (What do mean, who's Joe? Joe Robson -
Tom's technologically challenged partner, that's who.)

Hi {firstname}. Hope your week's been better than mine.

Moan, moan, moan! Tom's been complaining about the space being taken up by all these Newbie Club reviews ... well it's HIS fault - I warned him that 'Windows For Newbies' was going to create a lot of commotion around the Web.

Of course he's delighted when I tell him that Sales are up
300% this month. And he's over the moon when the Insider
subscriptions top 4000 in just 6 weeks. But oh no, when I
tell him I need space for the excellent Reviews and
Testimonials we're getting, he starts complaining about
'Server overloads' and "we need a dedicated Server"
and other Techie mumbo-jumbo!

Well I just 'aint interested.... yawnnn. Anyway - I'M
responsible for marketing so he'll just have to put up 
with it!

So here's an excellent Review I picked up from Cathy
Bryant's popular newsletter. She's a really successful
Internet Marketer and Champion of the Newbies. Notice her
remarks about how much she's paid for 'Windows' University courses and how they compare with 'Windows For Newbies'. Sheesh!!

And after you've read it do yourself a BIG favor and visit
her site. It's got loads of stuff ideally suited to Newbies.
Here you go...


----- Product Review
By Cathy Bryant,

When you want to learn about something, you have to start with the basics, right?

Well, that is exactly what Tom Glander has done in his eBook "Windows for Newbies."

I don't know about you, but I have a shelf full of books
about computers, Windows, name it. Some of them are good, others mediocre - and some are downright

So many of the products you see advertised claim to be for
the "beginner," but oftentimes they assume a base of
knowledge that some individuals just don't have.

A person who has absolutely NO knowledge of the Windows
operating system can learn how to use it with this tutorial
alone - he or she can progress through each of the steps
at the pace which is comfortable for them. Screen shots
illustrate each explanation, so learning how to maneuver
through the various tasks in Windows is easily mastered.

So what about those of us who aren't beginners? Can we use it as well?

Well, I can tell you - I took not one, but TWO adult
education courses on Windows 98 at the local university - to the tune of $129 each. I'm not going to say that I didn't
learn anything there, because I did.

But like so many of those classes, there's not enough time
to really master the techniques. Not only that, there's
always such a wide range of skill within the participants of
those classes that most of the time you don't really spend
the time on those things that are of particular interest to

Windows for Newbies has been my answer. It is a wonderful reference tool that sits right on my desktop - I can open it whenever I have a question about Windows. And I never fail to find the answer!

For a comprehensive review of all the features offered by
Windows for Newbies, read what Tom's business partner Joe Robson has written about this book.

And while you're there, be sure to join the Newbie Club.
You'll be delighted with all that's there, I promise!


Cathy Bryant is the publisher of HomeBizJunction Herald,
a weekly publication dedicated to helping those who want
to work from home. Visit her website to read what others
have to say about this informative newsletter -
All subscribers can post one free ad weekly at her site!


Well, that's it for now {firstname} and don't forget ....

'Nil Geekinsomnia Carborundum'. That's Latin for...

Don't let the Techies grind you down!

Keep smilin',



6. Tell Us What You Think--Vote!

I always say "use the Forum." Except if you go there now,
you'll notice it's totally different! Sorry if blitzed
your posts, but the "old" board was causing massive 
headaches due to, well, techie-stuff. So I dumped the
whole lot and went with Cool Board's offering. Check
it out.

Hey, do you know a bit about PCs and their operation? Why not help everyone out and answer some questions. You can do it at the Forum!


Now there's the fourth issue. And of course I want you to
write back, 'cause I want to know what you think. You can 
send a one liner if you want. In fact, to make things super
easy for you, click one of the links below to vote with 
your mouse:

I Like it!:
I'm Undecided:
Needs Improving:

I'm stepping out on a limb here, got my asbestos shorts on 
in case of flames, and I'm ready. So fire away! Just be 





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for? Use the link above to add it, or send me the details
by email. Thanks!

Forward this email to someone you know. Don't spam anyone 
with it! That would make me cry. 

Archives of the INSIDER are found here...

The TNC Insider is a production of The Newbie Club (TM)
and is owned by Roglan International, whose partners are
Tom Glander and Joe Robson.

(C) 2000 The Newbie Club

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