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Newsletter Archive

Issue 7

---- The Newbie Club INSIDER Issue 7 October 22, 2000

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This is a personalized publication. If it does not address
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Written by Tom Glander,

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1. Tom's Thoughts
2. Confused by Windows?
3. Moving Stuff To Your Desktop
4. Joe's Ramblings - Free Games And Software.
5. Wrapping Up - Now You Can Pay By Email


1. Tom's Thoughts

Hi {firstname},

Wow! I just got back from the Forum and my head is spinning.
Some fantastic posts there from some really great people. 
Dave, Jamie, Lois, Evelyn, Richard, you know who you are.

That means I don't have to answer all the questions!

Which of course would be impossible.

If you haven't visited yet, stop by. The Newbie Club Forum 
is a calm place. No advertisements. No hype. Just peace and
excellent answers to your questions. Check it out now...

This time, we'll look at more customizing tips. Just like a
new house, your PC can use some of that magic touch only you
know how to provide. So I'll play interior home decorator
this time and make a bunch of suggestions you can choose
to use or just, well, trash.

Is that the garbage truck I hear?

Finally, if you need to check out some of the back issues of
the INSIDER, snap your mouse finger on over to this address: and check out the topics.

Let's get a move on it...

Geek-speak Buster

Boot: To start your PC so you can 
get some work done. Or just loaf in 
front of the screen saver.


2. Totally Confused Windows

Alright, this isn't a customizing job, but it'll straighten
out a crooked situation. Windows treats your dragged files
differently if you're moving them around the same disk, or 
if you're moving them between disks. 

Drag a file from one folder to another, and the file is moved.
But drag the same file to another disk that's separate from 
your hard disk, like a floppy or a Zip disk, and it's copied. 

NOT moved.

Dumbness prevails - hey wake up at the back!

If you want to get control of the situation, and always be 
presented with a verification of your intent, use the RIGHT 
drag method. Really. Just right click instead of left clicking
when you drag an icon. When you release the right button, 
you'll see a context menu appear with these options:

Move Here, Copy Here, Create Shortcut(s) Here, and Cancel.

It sure beats not knowing what Windows will do next.

If you don't like pressing the right mouse button for some 
reason, hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys at the same time 
while dragging with the left mouse button. You can press 
them before or after you click the mouse--it doesn't care. 
The end result is the same. You be presented with a context
menu seeking your intent.

Windows does try and aid you to some degree, changing the 
mouse cursor depending on the action taken. For example, a 
small plus sign (+) appears when you copy, and a small 
curved arrow appears when you're creating a shortcut.

Geek-speak Buster

Reboot: To restart your PC after it freezes
up because it ran out of resources. Try
monitoring your resources with the Resource
Meter. See back issues for details:

The single most effective action you can ever take to
catapult your knowledge of your PC, is to study 'Windows For
Newbies'. Using the Newbie Club Easy-Learning System, it's
actually FUN to use. 52 picture Tutorials and over 200 pages
cover all you need to start enjoying your PC. Read about it
here ... and end your
frustrations at a stroke. It doesn't sing, it doesn't dance.
But it sure knows how to put a smile on your face.


3. Moving Stuff To Your Desktop

Speaking of mice and buttons, this tip was designed to make 
you more efficient, and push Windows into being a bit more 

When you right click an icon, you'll notice one of the 
options is "Send To". There's a flyout menu that appears 
when you put your mouse pointer over it, with various places 
to send to. Maybe one of the places you put stuff is on your
desktop. Well, you can accomplish the move using the right 
mouse button. Here's how.

To add the desktop to your Send To menu, simply place 
shortcuts to the Windows\Desktop folder inside the 
Windows\SendTo folder.

Did you catch that?

An easy way to do this is to open the Windows folder, 
right-click and drag the Desktop folder directly over the
SendTo folder, release the mouse button, and select Create
Shortcut(s) Here. You may also want to rename the new 
desktop shortcut now inside the SendTo folder.

>From now on, moving an item to the desktop is a simple,
right-mouse operation. Just right-click any file, folder, or 
shortcut, select Send To, and in the resulting list, select 
Desktop. No extra clicking or dragging necessary!

Geek-speak Buster

USB (Universal Serial Bus): A place on your
PC to plug in specially shaped plugs so you
can hook up scanners, cameras, printers, and
other peripherals without any fancy footwork.


4.Joe's Ramblings (Joe is Tom's 'Techie-Hater' partner) 
about some great FREE games and Software packages.

Hi {Firstname}. Ah well, another week, another crust.

Hey, I've got this downloading thingy down to a fine art 
now. No more files lost in the bowels of my PC. That's
right, I gave it a laxative! No, actually I found a great 
free downloading gizmo that even I can use. Yes ME!

It's called Download Accelerater and it's supposed to fire
those free ebooks and stuff across cyberspace faster than
you can say "warezitgon?".

Well I don't know about the speed of it 'cos I haven't got a
stopwatch. Well I have actually, but it's electronic - too
techie for me. But what I do know is that if for any reason 
I lose track of where my download has gone - like 5 times 
out of 10 - I simply click on a little icon, open a window 
and ALL my downloads are there, so I get another chance! 
Double click again and BINGO it's there again. Two free 
ebooks for the price of one!

And if you manage to get it a third time you get a free
Elvis doll.

But hey, just look at the blurb they have on their site ...


Download Accelerator uses unique algorithms to achieve these
results. The software is available FREE of charge. In order
to set up the software, no configuration is required -- only
a simple installation procedure. Download Accelerator Plus
supports Mirror-Site searching, Multi-Server downloads, 
error recovery, proxy, and many other features.


Pardon me - Algorithms? proxy? Multi-servers? It's a good 
job I didn't read that bit first, because I'm afraid I would 
never have known it was useful to me! Why can't they just 
say " It downloads your stuff unbelievably quickly, and 
you'll never lose another download again".

I despair sometimes, I really do. Pass the anti-depressants!

Anyway, GET IT! And your Downloading nightmares are over.
It's at And please don't
write to me 'cos you didn't get an Elvis doll. I was only

See you next week ...oh, by the way.

A very respectable company called Publishers Pipeline are
GIVING away lots of top notch games, kids educational stuff, 
and various office software packages. They're all on CD and 
will make terrific Xmas presents. (Xmas ALREADY?)

Believe me when I say there are no catches and no small 
print. See for yourself;

That's it {firstname}. And next time you feel frustrated
about technology, just SCREAM out loud....

Hey I'm a Newbie, NOT a Dummy. Just show me HOW!

Keep smilin'


P.S. You have downloaded your FREE Newbie Club eBook about 
the Internet haven't you? Sheesh! Do you know how long it 
took me to put it together?

Stop messing about and download it NOW by clicking this link
.... and save 
it to your desktop. Your browser will start the download
process immediately if you're online.

Comment from Tom....

Did you know that Joe wrote the Internet blockbuster
"Make Your Words SELL!" with Ken Evoy of Sitesell fame? Bob
McElwain, published author and Internet Marketer, described 
it as "The greatest work on Copywriting I have ever seen". 
It should be - it took him 8 months to write and put back 
the launch of The Newbie Club by 4 months!

Whether you want to write copy for your Family Website or 
your Internet business - you should get your hands on it. 
Joe shows you how to write compelling emails and 
Newsletters, and order-generating persuasive Webcopy! Read 
about it here.. and 
you'll see why he's regarded by many as the best Copywriter 
on the Web!

Geek-speak Buster

Folder: Another name for a directory on
your hard drive. A place to keep your stuff.
A place where programs you install keep their
stuff. The most well-known folder: Windows.

Want to start your own Internet business? There's no better 
way than by becoming a Newbie Club Affiliate. Promotion 
tools, tracking software, articles, sample Ads, personalized 
eBooks and more are available FREE. And it costs nothing to 
join! Read all about it here ....

Geek-speak Buster

Modem: Modulate-Demodulate. The hardware
that controls your connection to the Net. 
Comes in 131 flavors. Also changes sound
(that whining and pinging you hear when you
connect) signals to ones and zeros (digital
signals). It's also known as an interpreter.


So you're not such a Newbie after all? Then I'll bet you'd
love to REALLY bring your PC to heel. This book will take
you from 'knowing a fair bit' to 'Techie' status in no
time. It's called 'The Registry For Newbies' and you can 
read all about it here

But only on one condition ... don't unsubscribe from The
Newbie Club after you've 'graduated'. We enjoy your company.


5. Wrapping Up - Now You Can Pay By Email.

The most common use of your PC could easily be for keeping 
track of your finances. It's a master at crunching numbers 
so you don't have to.

Of course the Net is full of financial applications, and you 
may have taken advantage of some of these. One of the 
coolest is PayPal, which is part of

Haven't heard of PayPal? You haven't been to eBay! The logos
are plastered all over the place.

I took the plunge and signed up. Now we're an official 
PayPal user. It's a great way to send and receive money -I 
can even do it by email!

If you haven't already looked at this great totally FREE way
to pay for stuff online, you can check it out here:

Hey, if you haven't got a Credit card, now you can order 
from The Newbie Club by EMAIL. Just write to me at and I'll show you how!



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The TNC INSIDER is a production of The Newbie Club(TM) and
is owned by Roglan International, whose partners are Tom
Glander and Joe Robson.

(C) 2000 The Newbie Club(TM)

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