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Newsletter Archive

Issue 8

--- THE NEWBIE CLUB INSIDER Issue 8 October 29, 2000

You received this newsletter because you ...

a) Subscribed at The Newbie Club Website
b) Are an Affiliate of The Newbie Club(TM)
c) This may have been forwarded to you by a friend.

Written by Tom Glander,

Curious about learning how to start an Internet business?
Have you any idea what there IS to learn? The Newbie Club
has done it again. We've persuaded 18 successful Internet 
Marketers to give you an overview of what they feel you 
SHOULD learn. Only then can you get down to learning the
specific Nitty-Gritty details!

It's called "Your Own Internet Business - An Overview"

Download this EXCLUSIVE Newbie Club eBook NOW by clicking
this link and
save it to your desktop. Your PC will start the download 
process immediately if you're online. Whilst downloading you 
can carry on reading this newsletter. Cool eh? 
Hey what are you waiting for? - IT'S FREE!


<< MENU >>

1. Tom's Thoughts
2. Making Names Out of Numbers
3. Working Out With Windows: More Send-To Action
4. Joe's Ramblings - What Do You Want?
5. Cleaning Up And Enjoying It


1. Tom's Thoughts

Hi {firstname},

On Monday I helped a friend named Dave pick out a new PC. 
Since he didn't know much about what he wanted I was free to 
make his PC world come alive.

We put together a DELL system, based on their website setup
options at

He wanted a Gigahertz (one thousand megahertz) processor 
for full power, and a 20 gigabyte hard drive. Why so small 
you ask? Well, he's not going to store 100 million 
photographs, and didn't want to pay the extra for the 60 
gigabyte hard disk. Plus, do you have any idea how long it 
takes to defragment a 60 gig disk?

I don't either. But forever comes to mind.

The most important part of his system, and any system for
that matter, is the monitor. It's what you look at, so it
might as well be nice. I suggested a 19 inch over the
standard 17 inch. He decided to do it.

Plus a DVD player so he can save tons of stuff and have
access to the entire Library of Congress. Scholarly type?
Nah, Dave fixes cars for a living. And he works in the ER
fixing broken people in his spare time.

His computer arrived all fresh and shiny on Wednesday
morning. Did I mention the word "excited?"

Dave has Windows Me (Millennium Edition) installed. And let
me tell you, it's about the same as the Windows 9X family of
operating system software. A few additional doodads, and
some changes to the icons that reflect Windows 2000 changes,
but it's still the same basic look and feel. You could
easily make the jump to Me and do fine.

His old Aptiva that runs Windows 95 sits in the corner now,
all forlorn. Dave says his kids can use it for homework.
Sure, sure. As if they'll ever touch the thing with it's
14 inch monitor and ultra slow 133 megahertz processor, 
whilst he gazes smugly at his plush 19 inch screen.

Dave doesn't have a clue as to how to operate the thing. 
That's why I was there. In one hour I set him WAY far ahead
of thousands of PC users. 'Cause show and tell always works
better than just tell. 

So Dave's a happy camper sitting by the digital glow of his
new one-eyed buddy. The virtual firelight won't keep him
warm, but it will certainly give him the happy glow that
comes from knowing you've got some mighty fine equipment
sitting on your desktop.

But the best investment of all is his copy of "Windows For
Newbies" sitting there on his brand new desktop. Makes me
feel surplus to requirements actually. He doesn't need me
any more! In fact - don't tell Dave - he didn't need me at
all but it made *me* feel good! If you read this you'll see why.

OK, once more into the breach ....

Geek-speak Buster

Object: A doo-dah otherwise known as
an icon, or it's representation. Objects
can be dragged and dropped to move or
copy them to a new location.


2. Making Names out of Numbers

Just so you know, the domain name "" only
exists for your viewing pleasure. Our server doesn't know
it exists. And nether does your browser.


This is educational, so don't fall asleep. Listen up!

This is important because I'm going to tell you WHY your
Internet connection seems so slow at times, why pages
don't load, and why you're sure you've become Rip Van
Winkle (legendary man who fell asleep waiting for his PC
to reboot) of the present day.

When you type a URL into your browser's address bar and hit
the enter key, you're sending a message. Type
and press enter. You've just sent a request to the server
computer for a page named "index.html" and as soon as the
request is received, it's processed and the page is returned
to you.

Except that in the transition, the name "" is
translated into numbers. And the numbers are what makes
the machines happy. 

Four numbers, in fact, separated by dots. Try it yourself.
Type the following number into your browser, and see what

That's the real address of the Newbie Club. That's where it
lives. At Four numbers, separated by dots. 

Ok, so what?

Well, another important point is to know that as these
numbers travel, they go from your PC to our server in Los
Angeles, California. When they get there, they've taken
whatever route they take, and in the form of what's called a
"packet." That's a little dollop of information that's
squeezed out of the end of the cable like a donut machine
squirting out donuts on a production line. Each donut
(packet) has to arrive whole in order to make up the dozen
you ordered.

Now donuts and bits aren't the same obviously, but you get
the picture, right? As the packets travel, they're steered
to their destination by routers. They arrive via a port,
just like a ship arrives, laden with cartons. After each
packet is accounted for, and if everything is intact, your
package (web page) is delivered intact and you get to work
on ordering that new DELL computer off their Website.

Now, let's say the page is taking forever to load. Want to 
speed things up? Sure! Just hit the STOP button to cancel
the request for the page. Then hit the REFRESH or RELOAD
button. Your request will be sent again, this time taking
a different route to the server. And it just may load a 
lot faster. 

So now you know why it takes me so long to get the INSIDER
out. The packets that make up it's entirety have been held
up by the heavy traffic, or gotten lost along the way from
my office to you.

Seriously, that's the way it works. Somebody please pass me
another donut.

Geek-speak Buster

IP: Internet Protocol. The rules for getting
stuff from us to you in one piece. Read more
about it here:

The single most effective action you can ever take to
catapult your knowledge of your PC, is to study 'Windows For
Newbies'. Using the Newbie Club Easy-Learning System, it's
actually FUN to use. 52 picture Tutorials and over 200 pages
cover all you need to start enjoying your PC. Read about it
here ... and end your
frustrations at a stroke. It doesn't sing, it doesn't dance.
But it sure knows how to put a smile on your face.


3. More Send-To Action

The "Send To" menu is one of the least-used menu commands
in Windows, but it is extremely useful, with its pop-up 
menu that springs to life when you right click on an object. 

You can easily create shortcuts to your favorite 
applications and place them in the "Send To" folder. Here's
how it works in plain English. 

Suppose you have a text file that has no program associated
with it. You know it's a text file, but it doesn't have a 
.txt or .doc or whatever, file extension. Which means
Windows won't know what to do with it if you double click on
it. That's the long explanation for "there's no file
association for this program" window you sometimes get, when
trying to open up a file or folder you've just downloaded.

Ok, use "Send To" with Notepad (which in this case is
basically the same as an "open with") and forget 
about dealing with file associations.

A file association is simply the means Windows uses to open
any file encountered on your PC. You double click a file
named "pictures.gif" and your browser or another program
associated with .gif files will open the picture file. 

To access the "Send To" window and add new shortcuts, open 
the "Run" command line by either hitting the Windows Key+R
keys or selecting "Run" from the "Start" menu. With the Run
window open, type SendTo and click OK. Once the "Send To" 
window appears, you can simply right-click on an empty 
space, select "New" and "Shortcut" from the context menu. 
Point the shortcut to "notepad.exe" in the Windows

Point it there by typing the name "notepad.exe" into the
command line in the "Create Shortcut" dialog box that

Or navigate to the original notepad.exe file and drag and
drop it in the "Send To" folder. 

Now, when you right click the file that doesn't have a file
association, you can select the Send To option and send it
to Notepad, which will do its best to open the file for you.

This tip can used to create any new shortcut to any location
on your hard drive, and have it appear in the Send To menu
when you right click an object. Which brings us full circle
to the beginning of this section. 

Whew! It's not that hard to do. Just take it step by step. 
The exercise is good for you, even if the only use is in 
building confidence in your won ability to workout with

Now take a breather, get a drink of water, and come back
for more!

Geek-speak Buster

Lurking: To hang out in a forum or message
board area, reading stuff without responding
to anything. It's good practice. Get the feel
down first before you accidently stick your
foot in your mouth. Good lurking is found here, 
along with some great tips.


If you don't have a Credit Card, or you're wary of using it
to buy goods over the Internet, this could be the answer.
Countless numbers of people just like you are paying direct 
by using Paypal. It's free to sign up, it's highly 
respectable and you can even buy stuff by email! Check it 
out yourself at


4.Joe's Ramblings (Joe is Tom's 'Techie-Hater' partner) 


Hi {Firstname}. What's new?

If I were to ask you "What is the most important thing you
would like to learn about your PC or the Internet?" what
would you say?

We'll I'm asking you ..."What is the most important thing
you would like to learn about your PC and the Internet?".

You see there's absolutely no point in Tom and I producing
Tutorials or books which we *think* will help you, if you
are desperately needing to learn about something else.

The Newbie Club Slogan is "Hey, I'm a Newbie NOT a Dummy -
Just Show Me How! And that's exactly what we are commited
to doing. So ....


Hey I'm getting a little Techie here so I apologize for
letting the side down. But, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

Please help me with my survey and click the subject which
you would most like to learn about. All you have to do is
click on the link relating to the subject you're interested
in. This will bring up a blank email with your subject in
the 'subject' line. Then click 'send'. End of Tutorial.
Isn't technology wonderful when you know HOW!

There's no need to write a message unless you want to add a
comment. Oh and just one more thing ...

PLEASE don't click on every link! Choose only the subjects
you would really like to learn about.

For instance, do you want to learn ...

How to build a Business Website.

How to build a Personal Website.

How to start an Internet business.

How to send and receive email.

How to learn the basics of your PC.

How to surf the Web more effectively.

How to write Sales Copy on the Web.

How to start a Newsletter.

How to write great Internet Advertisements.

How to use a Digital camera.

How to write a Press Release

How to write and compile an eBook.

How to use Microsoft Word

How to use Microsoft Publisher.

How to be a great lover - Field research is still on-going!

And if there's a subject not listed here, just email me at and tell me what
you're looking for.

Please take my word for it when I say you will NOT be
spammed with 'Special Offers'! If you tell me what you want
us to provide, we'll do our darndest to write it for you.

Now here's a great idea someone sent to me ....

If someone in your family is buying their first PC at
Christmas wouldn't it be GREAT if they found out they could
learn all the basics over the holiday period. I mean THIS
holiday period not next year's! Don't be a masochist by
leaving them struggling to manage all their own just because
YOU had to. Buy them a copy of 'Windows For Newbies' and
watch them FLY! Start thinking about the ecology and prevent
another box of silicon and steel being dumped on the garbage
heap! Get the low-down here on the best Christmas present
you could ever buy

Keep smilin'


P.S. Has your free ebook downloaded yet? You've forgotten?
Do it NOW;

Comment from Tom....

Did you know that Joe wrote the Internet blockbuster
"Make Your Words SELL!" with Ken Evoy of Sitesell fame? Bob
McElwain, published author and Internet Marketer, described 
it as "The greatest work on Copywriting I have ever seen". 
It should be - it took him 8 months to write and put back 
the launch of The Newbie Club by 4 months!

Whether you want to write copy for your Family Website or 
your Internet business - you should get your hands on it. 
Joe shows you how to write compelling emails and 
Newsletters, and order-generating persuasive Webcopy! Read 
about it here.. and 
you'll see why he's regarded by so many as the best
Copywriter on the Web!

Geek-speak Buster

CGI script: A bunch of code that makes 
up a program that does stuff on a web
site. like a Written in a language called PERL,
which is a language that can be compiled
just before it's executed. A favorite of 
webmasters who want to make their sites
do things. For an example of a PERL script, 
check out the "Recommend this site"
links at the bottom of the page at:

Want to start your own Internet business? There's no better 
way to start than by becoming a Newbie Club Affiliate. 
Promotion tools, tracking software, articles, sample Ads, 
personalized eBooks and more are available FREE. And it 
costs nothing to join! What's more you get commissionon 
everything you buy for yorself! Read all about it here ....

Geek-speak Buster

Autoresponder: A program that automatically
sends you an email file in response to your
request. You send a blank email to the
address listed, and you automatically receive 
an email in return. For example, clicking the 
mailto link here,
and sending a BLANK email will trigger the return 
of an article written by Joe called "Otto Responder 
Loses A Friend." The article is a hilarious 
description of how a rogue Autoresponder reduced 
Joe to a quivering mess in 10 minutes flat. No
wonder he hates Techies!

So you're not such a Newbie after all? Then I'll bet you'd
love to REALLY bring your PC to heel. This book will take
you from 'knowing a fair bit' to 'Techie' status in no
time. It's called 'The Registry For Newbies' and you can 
read all about it here



5. Cleaning Up - And Enjoying It 

I just thought I'd finish be telling you about a fantastic
sale going on over at Publishers Pipeline. If you haven't
been to Paul's site, you should visit now. How about these

* Rival Crockpot for $6.87;

* Proctor-Silex Toaster for $4.89; 

* Toastmaster Handblender for $8.99;

* Electric Carving Knife for free!

Publisher's Pipeline has added over 200 new items in
exciting new categories like Consumer Electronics, Toys
and Games, Housewares, and much more.

The site can be trusted, and they've written thousands of
rebate checks. I've talked to Paul on the phone, and sure
enough, he's an old pro at selling software and other stuff
at blowout prices. 

Here are a few more examples of the many spectacular,
limited-quantity bargains on the site right now:

Portable B&W TV w/Auto Adapter, Reg: $79.99. 
Just $19.99 after rebate.

Genuine Leather, Designer Fanny Pack, Reg: $37.89. 
FREE after rebate.

"Larger" George Foreman Grill, Reg: $59.97. 
Just $19.97 after rebate.

Wet/Dry Auto Vac, Reg: $29.99. 
FREE after rebate. 

Jansport Children's BackPack, Reg: $21.89. 
FREE after rebate.

By making a purchase during this sale, you will save
money on quality name-brand products, and you'll also
support our efforts to bring you a quality e-zine for free
because we'll get a small percentage of your order. 

You save money, and you also help me pay my bills at the
same time. 

It's a win-win!

Check it out:



P.S. Why not forward this Newsletter to friend? Just click 
on 'FORWARD' in top toolbar, type in your friend's email
address in the 'TO' box, then type in a short personal note
above the body of the newsletter and click 'SEND'. They're
bound to thank you for it. 



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The TNC INSIDER is a production of The Newbie Club(TM) and
is owned by Roglan International whose partners are Tom
Glander and Joe Robson.

(C) 2000 The Newbie Club(TM)

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