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Newsletter Archive

Issue 9

--- THE NEWBIE CLUB INSIDER Issue 9 November 6, 2000

You received this newsletter because you ...

a) Subscribed at The Newbie Club Website
b) Are an Affiliate of The Newbie Club(TM)
c) Received it from a friend who forwarded it.

Written by Tom Glander,

------- Another FREE Newbie Club eBook! -------

----- 'Scientific Advertising On The Internet'

Joe Robson, - co-author of Make Your Words Sell and
co-founder of The Newbie Club - has reformatted the classic
Advertising book by C.E.Hopkins, and added his own superb
Advertising Tutorials and Articles. The original book
has been in Joe's personal library for 15 years, and this
edition brings it bang up to date for the Internet medium.

If you want to REALLY understand the psychology and skills
of advertising - miss this at your peril! You can download
it FREE at If you've
struggled to understand this book before, read Joe's updated
and expanded version and watch him uncover the awesome
information it contains.

And if you haven't yet downloaded The FREE Newbie Club eBook
'Your Own Internet Business - An Overview', then download it
at the same time. Yes, you CAN download 2 books at once!

Do it NOW and return to this Newsletter whilst they're
downloading. Download Tutorials are also on the Club site.


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1. Tom's Thoughts: Autoresponders
2. Who Controls Your PC?
3. Stop Wasting Ink AND Paper!
4. Joe's Place
5. Managing All That Power With A Click


1. Tom's Thoughts

Hi {firstname},

Imagine clicking on a web site and getting information
about school lunches for the week. Or on a video store
site and getting the weekly rental deals. 

Maybe you're into eating out, and would like a restaurant
guide--you know, "today's specials." Or you're a Real Estate
agent, and want to provide listings to interested parties.

You want to give and get information that's up to date and
relevant to your interests. And email autoresponders are
the best answer to the problem of distributing up to date
information in the wink of an eye!

You don't need a website in order to use autoresponders. 
They don't require any special knowledge to operate. As
long as you can write a good letter, or provide information
that others need, you're in business. 

Of course a web site makes things a LOT easier, but it's 
not absolutely necessary.

Wanna test Otto's skill right now? There are three to 
choose from, with more on the way. Data backup info (a 
three-day course), Organization info, and Finding Files 
info. Send a blank email to any of the addresses below, 
and you'll get back immediately (within moments) the 
associated email messages.

Backup info-->

Organizing your stuff-->

Finding Files-->

We've converted all of our autoresponders to this system,
created by Jim Nelson. He's a pretty smart guy who builds
excellent software with one purpose in mind--to benefit
you. If you're at all interested, click away...

And if you're into affiliate programs, this is a good one.
Autoresponders are HOT, Jim's checks don't bounce, and you
get a service that can't be beat. He pays every two weeks.
You owe it to yourself to see what he's "got going on."

And did I forget to mention the price? You'll be surprised
if you've priced these things at all. They start at around
$15 a month to rent. That's $180 annually. Jim's price for
Newbie Club INSIDER readers: $4.16 a month. That's $49.95
annually. Can't beat it. Read more here... 

Take it easy,


Geek-speak Buster

DLL: Dynamic Linked Library. One of hundreds
of files that reside on your PC right now. They're
shared by multiple programs, and shouldn't be
deleted unless you know EXACTLY what you're doing.



2. Who Controls Your PC?

Scary stuff out there on the Net causes people to shut
down in fear. Literally and figuratively. I mean, who's
to say somebody isn't sneaking into your PC right now,
snooping around your files, and taking off with your
personal information?

Now, before you get all wild eyed and bushy tailed, let
me tell you not to worry. The chances of something like
that happening to you are about as good as your winning
any lottery twice in a row.

Of course, if you're using a cable modem, a good hacker
could sneak in, as long as your PC was turned on, and
as long as you've got everything set up for full file
sharing. Which normally, you don't. You have to turn that
option ON intentionally.

You don't recall doing that? Then you're probably safe.
Plus, you may have a personal firewall that you hide
behind, such as the one found at Zone Labs. Curious?
Click--> It's free, easy, and
pretty good at keeping your mind at ease.

I use the product on my PC, and don't worry about any
malicious pranksters or worse.

Now, if you're using AOL, CompuServe, or some other
dialup network, you don't need to worry about any of
this. There are millions of people online at any given
time. So there are millions of options for the pranksters.
I really have to ask, "What makes me think I'm so special
that a hacker, who has the ability to get into secured
zones, would want to snoop inside my PC?"

Why snoop around mine, when snooping could be done at
a bank? Or any other financial institution's computers?
Wouldn't that be more fun? I mean, who's Tom Glander,

This is an area that people get pretty upset about. But
in my years of experience, I've never had a problem. There
are bigger fish to fry. Why mess with me?

Again, if you're security conscious, get a personal
firewall. If you're really cautious, turn your computer
off when you're not using it. Nobody knows when you go
online, and since your address is through an ISP, who
assigns you a new one each time you log on, you have
nothing to fear. (The address I'm referring to is NOT
your email address, but an I.P. address. Learn more
about those here:

I'm not a guru. Please don't write asking for answers to
specific security issues. I do know, however, that hype 
seems to rule the day on the Net. And there will always be 
those who play up to the fears of the uninitiated.

OK, let's see what else is new ....

Geek-speak Buster

Firewall: Software that keeps intruders
out of a network. Used extensively in
business applications. And somewhat for
personal protection.


3. Stop Wasting Ink AND Paper!

"When I want to print just a part of a page, I start the
printing job, then as soon as the part I want is printed,
I turn off the printer, then restart it to get the paper

There's a better way to do this, and it'll save you a lot
of time, ink, and paper! Here's the secret to savings.

Let's say you're browsing a page of text, and you think
"now there's a bit that would sure be nice to save." Or
you want only the last three paragraphs of an article to
print out of a Word or WordPerfect document. No problem.

Just highlight the text that you want to print. Then, on
your program's menu line, click "File, Print." When the
"print" dialog box appears, you'll see a live radio button
with "Selection" under the Print Range area.

Now click OK and only the selected text will be printed.
That is, only the HIGHLIGHTED text that you've selected.

It's the smartest thing I've done in 39 years.

Geek-speak Buster

Serial Port: One of the places you plug
in stuff. It's a way for your computer's
brain to communicate with a device. Info
is sent quite slowly. Not to be confused
with a parallel port, which handles
communications at a much higher speed.


If you're a Newbie Club Affiliate you can have BOTH Newbie
Club Free eBooks personalized with your own Affiliate ID and
Company Name. Offer them to your own site visitors as FREE
bonuses, prizes, subscription incentives, or whatever. These
books are HOT and a big hit. Details are at the Clubroom.


4.Joe's Ramblings (Joe is Tom's 'Techie-Hater' partner)


Hi {firstname}, how's your health?

I thought I was in good shape medically, until I read an
article this week about virus infections.

A well known and highly respected marketer called Jim
Daniels at explained how his PC,
and his business, were brought to a standstill by a virus.
It was picked up from an attachment opened by a relative
using his machine.

Like all sensible people he NEVER opens attachments to his
email, unless he knows they're from someone he completely
trusts. Email attachments are where viruses hide, and
they're highly contagious once you open the infected

Talk about the power of suggestion! My nose started running,
my bones began to ache, and my temperature soared to 103.

Then I remembered that viruses only infect hard drives - not
humans! So with trembling fingers I followed his suggestion
and downloaded the FREE Virus-checker 'Inoculate IT' at

Downloading and installation were a breeze. I had to delete
my out of date virus checker first, but that's why I needed
a new one. New viruses are being sent out everyday by sick
and malicious nerds. Bring back Flogging I say!

"There, there" murmured the new software as I mopped the
fever from my brow. And do you know, my temperature dropped

An hour later I leaped from my sick bed a new man, and
instructed my new 'nurse' to check my medical condition. 
Boy, I didn't realize how many files I had until I saw them 
whizzing by on the screen. Each one being fitness checked for 
cyber action.

THEN, I discovered I had - not a virus - but a TROJAN.
"What's a Trojan?" I cackled through cracked lips and
parched throat. "Don't they infect horses or something?"

I dunno - but it was ZAPPED in a flash by my personal
attendant .... stone dead.

Isn't technology wonderful?

Medical Technology I mean.

So I made a phone call ....

"Hey does this mean that if I keep my PC healthy, my medical
insurance will be cheaper?

Hello... Hello... Hello"... click!

Keep smilin' {firstname} - and healthy!


P.S. I really do wish to thank you and the other subscribers 
for replying to the survey last week. If you asked for the 
answer to a particular problem you're experiencing, I'm 
afraid that the sheer weight of numbers makes it impossible 
to answer it in person. That's why Tom set up the Message 
Board Forum. If you post your problem there, I'm sure 
someone will know the answer. The Forum's at


Want to learn how to make words keep visitors on your 
Website, make readers enjoy your newsletter, convert 
'nearly-buyers' into customers? Whether you have a Family 
Website or an Internet business - you should get your hands 
on 'Make Your Words SELL!' by Joe Robson and Ken Evoy. It's 
been described as 'The Best Copywriting Book Ever Written'.

Joe shows you how to write compelling emails and
Newsletters, and order-generating persuasive Webcopy! Read
about it here.. and
you'll see why he's regarded by so many as the best
Copywriter on the Web!

Geek-speak Buster

e-tailing: The process of selling goods
on the Internet. Short for 'electronic
retailing,' and used in Internet discussions
as early as 1995. E-tailing is synonymous
with business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions.


Want to start your own Internet business? There's no better
way to start than by becoming a Newbie Club Affiliate.
Promotion tools, tracking software, articles, sample Ads,
personalized eBooks and more are available FREE. And it
costs nothing to join! What's more you get commission on
everything you buy for yourself! Read all about it here ....

Geek-speak Buster

Graffiti: The trade name for the specialized set
of characters that the Palm personal digital assistant
recognizes. The program that allows input using this
set of characters is also called Graffiti. (In Italian,
a graffito is a scribbling; the plural form is often
used to describe the scribblings people do on walls, fences,
subways, and so forth.)


So you're not such a Newbie after all? Curious about the
database that makes Windows act the way it does? Then this
ebook will give you a quick, easy understanding of what's
going on inside. It's called 'The Registry For Newbies' and
you can read all about it here

5. Managing All That Power With A Click

Your Screensaver may be set to come on after a few
minutes of inactivity on your computer. But what if
your active Screensaver suddenly just turns off and your
monitor screen goes blank?

Have you ever wanted your Screen saver to stay on and your
monitor to not go into stand-by mode? Here's how you can
turn off the Windows default Power Management settings for
your monitor.

Two Solutions:

a) Launch Control Panel from Start/Settings. Select and
launch the Power Management applet. (Remember, an applet
is just another name for "mini program.") This applet will
give you the ability to enable or disable your monitor
settings. Select when to turn off your monitor from the
drop down menu you'll see.

b) Launch the Display Properties window by right clicking
a blank area of your desktop and clicking "Properties" on
the context menu. Click the Screen Saver tab. This SHOULD
give you the option of disabling/enabling the Power
Management feature of your monitor. If enabled, this should
give you access to the energy saving features of your

Happy computing {firstname}


P.S. Why not forward this Newsletter to friend? Just click
on 'FORWARD' in top toolbar, type in your friend's email
address in the 'TO' box, then type in a short personal note
above the body of the newsletter and click 'SEND'. They're
bound to thank you for it.



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The TNC INSIDER is a production of The Newbie Club(TM) and
is owned by Roglan International whose partners are Tom
Glander and Joe Robson.

(C) 2000 The Newbie Club(TM)

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