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Newsletter Archive

Issue 10

--- THE NEWBIE CLUB INSIDER Issue 10 November 17, 2000

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Written by Tom Glander,

----------- Everyone Loves a Bargain

And there's no better bargain than BRANDED software and
Christmas Gifts which are FREE. Check out this crowd-pulling
site that offers discounts and massive rebates on more items
than you can shake a stick at ...


<< MENU >>

1. Tom's Thoughts
2. Clicking Your Life Away?
3. Send A Web Page In Your E-mail
4. Joe's Thoughts - From Broomsticks to Rocket Ships to ... ?
5. Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is?


1. Tom's Thoughts

I'll be away in Death Valley all next week and Joe's working
like crazy on the next Newbie Club product. It's due out in
two weeks and along with other BIG announcements that will be following on its heels, The Newbie Club is about to really
blast off! So there'll be no Insider next week, I'm afraid.

Where's Death Valley? Somewhere in the California desert.

Now then, how can we make the Internet easier to use? By
using the tools that make it simple. These tools may be up
to date browsers, a connection that's reliable, and
confidence in our own abilities.

Speaking of up to date, what browser version are your using?
Check it out by clicking its 'Help, About' menu. You'll see
the version number listed there. Need the latest? Just visit
the web site that supports it.

Microsoft's latest is here:

And Netscape's latest is here: and click their Download button.
It'll take you to the page for obtaining their product.

Installing Microsoft's latest browser ensures you'll be able
to use any ebook you download, too. And ebooks are becoming
the primary method of distributing excellent information
quickly. A good example is our own library of ebooks at the
Academy. Check them out here:

Finally, Otto is doing a terrific job of sending out
requested information. Nearly 600 people have requested
details on backing up stuff, getting organized, and finding
files. If you have information that you'd like to make
available to others, and want it delivered promptly while
you're asleep, check out the system we use. It's from WYL,
and it cruises.

Now, let's get on down the page....

Geek-speak Buster

HTML: HyperText Markup Language. The stuff
that makes web pages do their thing. Easy
enough for anyone to learn and enjoy.



2. Clicking Your Life Away?

You're browsing a web page, and you decide to download some
piece of software or a file. Using Internet Explorer, you
left click the download link, and the 'File Download' window
pops up, asking if you want to save the program to disk or
run it from its current location.

So you choose to save it.

How about bypassing this silly window? Here's an easy way,
and one that brings up a host of ideas that we'll look at in
more detail.

Instead of left clicking a download link, RIGHT click the
link. This pops up a context menu. Select the option to
'Save target as' and you'll go straight to the 'Save As'
window. If this doesn't work for you browser model, try
holding down the shift key while right clicking.

Once the 'Save As' window opens, you can select the location
where you want to save the file. And even more, you can use
the 'Save As' window just like you'd use Windows Explorer!
That's right, create new folders, delete folders, create
folders inside of folders. Organize your stuff "on the fly."
You can also name the download something new if you'd like.
If you'd like more info on organizing, get Otto's report by
sending a blank e-mail to: AOL
users copy and paste the URL into your email recipient line
and everyone else click

Look at your options when you right click. Let's say you're
on a page that you don't want to lose. But you see another
link you'd like to explore. Ok, just right click, and select
the option to 'Open in new window'. A new browser window
opens with the linked page's contents. The page you're on
stays right where it is.

No loss. No kicking yourself for not saving that page!

Finally, how about setting up buttons on your browser so
you just click once to visit pages you frequent all the time
anyway? Just drag the icon next to the http:// address out
of the address bar, and drop it on a blank area of the links
toolbar. It becomes a button. Now you can click it to load
the page you need to view.

Or, drag the same icon out of the address bar, and drop it
on your desktop. A link to that page will be set up on your
desktop forever and ever. Amen.

No links bar? Turn it on by clicking View, Toolbars, and be
sure the 'Links' item is checked.

Have fun with this stuff. It reduces the number of clicks,
keystrokes, and headaches you'll suffer.

Please pass the Tylenol.

Geek-speak Buster

FAQ: The aficionados' term for Frequently
Asked Question. The proper pronunciation is "fack."
Did you check the FAQ on that before you sent your
questions to customer support?


3. Send a Web Page In Your E-mail

Ever come across a page of info that someone needs? Some
story, some detail of life, some slice of pie that tastes
great--well, don't just savor it yourself, send it to your

Here's how.

Any page that loads in your browser can be sent right in
your e-mail. (With the following caveat: this may not work
for all e-mail clients.)

Ok, you're on a page. Go to the File menu, and click. Then
select Send, and on the flyout menu, click 'Page by e-mail'.
"File send page by email." Hey, that works.

Your e-mail client should load. You type in the address of
the person you're sending to, and when they receive your
e-mail, they have the info right there in front of them. You
can even add a message to the page if you'd like.

Now, depending on how your recipient has his e-mail client
set up, he may or may not see graphics. But the text should
be there. That's the stuff that counts anyway. It's the
words that impart the message.

So try it. Send a page to yourself to see how it works. Just
load any page in your browser, then try sending it to
yourself. Hey, my partner Joe does that instead of using his
Bookmarking feature. He does some other rather unconventional
things, too, but he's going to write a book about those.

Why not try sending the home page of The Newbie Club to
yourself and keep it in a folder in your email client. Then,
whenever you wish to visit a particular page, just bring it
out of the folder, click on one of the buttons on your OWN
home page and Voila!

(Again, this may not work for everyone.)

Alternatively, you can just send a link. This saves typing
the link, and saves errors. It's always a joy to send a link
to someone, only to have typed it wrong and get back a new
e-mail with "hey nimble fingers, you sent a dead link."
Makes you wonder if the nerves connecting your fingers to
your brain might have been severed by a bug or something.

Geek-speak Buster

GIF: Graphics Interchange Format. The most
commonly used graphics format on the Web. We
know. We spent every night for the last six
months counting.

If you're a Newbie Club Affiliate you can have The Newbie
Club Free eBooks personalized with your own Affiliate ID and
Company Name. Offer them to your own site visitors as FREE
bonuses, prizes, subscription incentives, or whatever. These
books are HOT and a big hit. Details are at the Clubroom.


4.Joe's Ramblings (Joe is Tom's 'Techie-Hater' partner)

Hi Joe,

Well it had to happen sooner or later, and fortunately when
it did I laughed out loud. There I was, sat at my PC when
into my office breeze my two beautiful granddaughters.
Sophie is 6 and Emma is 5. Pure innocence and eager to learn
about anything you tell them. Sophie wanted some graph paper
and I was out of it. "Grandad - why don't we make some on
the computer?" So she sat on my knee and off we went.

I thought I was mesmerizing her with my technical skills and
wizardry. She, of course, knew otherwise...

"No grandad, you don't do it that way - you have to save it
first". Huh? So I did - and she was right.

"Grandad, there's a MUCH quicker way than that. Here, I'll
do it".... And of course she did!

You know, when I was a lad, I looked up in awe at my
grandad. There wasn't a THING he wasn't expert at. He had
the answer to everything under the sun and I accepted
everything he said. I'll bet that man could have built a
rocket ship and flown to the moon, just like Flash Gordon.

So much for the bunkem about genetics, because THIS
grandad is just an old fashioned lunkead! At least I can
still beat 'em at arm wrestling - just.

Lunkhead or not, I love 'em to bits and wouldn't have it any
other way. Their future is going to be a wondrous and mind
boggling event, with technology so amazing that we can't
even imagine it.

And one day their grandchildren will sit on their knees and
say "Grandma, in the old days when you ran out of graph
paper, is it true you actually made it yourself on something
called a computer?"....

"Yes darling it's true. And your great, great, great grandad
built a rocket ship to the moon BEFORE they had computers!"

..... "Grandma ... what's a rocket ship?"

Technology. You know, I'm beginning to think it may be here
to stay.

Keep smilin'


PS. Sophie may not need it but you and I do - desperately.
I'm talking about "Windows For Newbies", the PC beginners
perfect solution to PC Rage. By the time I learn everything
in that amazing ebook, Sophie will have written Version 2.
See for yourself at


Want to learn how to make words keep visitors on your
Web site, make readers enjoy your newsletter, convert
'nearly-buyers' into customers? Whether you have a Family
Web site or an Internet business - you should get your hands
on 'Make Your Words SELL!' by Joe Robson and Ken Evoy. It's
been described as 'The Best Copywriting Book Ever Written'.

Read about it here..

AND ... Joe has reformatted the classic Advertising book by
C.E.Hopkins, and added his own superb Advertising Tutorials
and Articles. The original book has been in Joe's personal
library for 15 years, and this edition brings it bang up to
date for the Internet medium.

If you want to REALLY understand the psychology and skills
of advertising - miss this at your peril! You can download
it FREE at If you've
struggled to understand this book before, read Joe's updated
and expanded version and watch him uncover the awesome
information it contains.

And if you haven't yet downloaded The FREE Newbie Club eBook
'Your Own Internet Business - An Overview', then download it
at the same time. Yes, you CAN download two ebooks at once!

Do it NOW and return to this Newsletter whilst they're
downloading. Download Tutorials are also on the Club site.

Geek-speak Buster

Plug-in: A program that attaches itself to
a web browser, then becomes an integral part
of the browser, extending its capabilities
to amazing levels. An example is the WebFX
plug-in for Netscape's browser that lets it
view Virtual Reality pages.


Want to start your own Internet business? There's no better
way to start than by becoming a Newbie Club Affiliate.
Promotion tools, tracking software, articles, sample Ads,
personalized eBooks and more are available FREE. And it
costs nothing to join! What's more you get commission on
everything you buy for yourself! Read all about it here ....

Geek-speak Buster

Slag: To bring a network to its knees because
of extremely high traffic. "That Babe of the Week
page has totally slagged the network."


Have you seen the range of FREE Newbie Club courses? With
one click of your mouse you can have top quality USEABLE
information delivered to your PC, automatically. Then learn
and enjoy at your leisure - offline! Just click on the
following email links and Otto does the rest. (Otto is our faithful

Back Up your Data <AOL users
send blank email to (the mailto:
part of the link doesn't seem to work with AOL)>.

Organizing your Files <AOL
users ditto above.>

Find Lost Files <AOL
users... you get the picture.>

Hey, it couldn't get any easier than that. DO IT!


5. Tutorial: Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is?

Do you really want or need your PC to tell you what time it
is? If you don't, then by all means delete the clock from
the Windows task bar. Here's an easy way to do this:

1. Right-click the task bar and choose Properties from
the shortcut menu.
2. Stuff on the Options tab is displayed by default.
3. Deselect the 'Show Clock' option box.
4. Click OK.

Not only does removing the clock take some of the pressure
off you, but it frees up more space for buttons on your task
bar (not exactly acres of space, but every little bit

Its just as easy to get it back if you change your mind.
How? Right click on the task bar and choose Properties, and
this time check the Show Clock option.

Tick-tock... Time is on your side, or even at your right hand.

Now, you may suffer from the same time-sensitive problem I
have--not knowing what time it really is! If your PC clock
won't keep good time (and most seem to fall behind just a
little every day) you need to sync it with a Master Clock,
such as that used by an International Standards

Here's a slick program that will let you do just this. It's
called AnalogX Time Sync, it's free, and it's hot. Never
wonder about the time again. Set this up, then set all of
your household clocks by it. Hey, that's a good use of your

This is the link you need...

And for kicks, if you want to check out the entire list of
time servers, just click here...

Maybe you don't really care what time it is...

Well, that's it for now. Death Valley. I can hardly wait.

Take it easy, and I'll write again come the beginning of




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The TNC INSIDER is a production of The Newbie Club(TM) and
is owned by Roglan International whose partners are Tom
Glander and Joe Robson.

(C) 2000 The Newbie Club(TM) All Rights Reserved

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