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Newsletter Archive

Issue 11

--- THE NEWBIE CLUB INSIDER Issue 11, December 6th 2000

You received this newsletter because you ...

a) Subscribed at The Newbie Club Web site
b) Are an Affiliate of The Newbie Club(TM)
c) Received it from a friend who forwarded it.

Editor Tom Glander,


In this edition ........

Just Released - 'The Newbie Club First Website Builder' 


Hi, this is Tom Glander.

You've probably been wondering why The Insider hasn't been issued for a couple of weeks. The truth is that we've been working round the clock to bring you The Newbie Club's most exciting product yet. And it's extraordinary!

It was published on the Website late Monday, and the
response has been staggering. In fact I'm just too excited
to talk about it at the moment, so my partner Joe Robson
will reveal all. But just one more sentence if I may...

I promise you this new creation will literally REVOLUTIONIZE your enjoyment of the Internet. So come on, Joe - tell us!

Ok, ok Tom. Sheesh, you Yanks are so excitable!

Hi {first name},

Still, even I'm excited - and I'm a poker faced Brit! A few
hours ago our latest new product went 'live'. And we
designed it specifically for YOU. It's called ...

------ 'The Newbie Club First Website Builder' 

And if this doesn't get your adrenaline pumping, then I'm a
monkey's uncle! No I don't want a banana, thank you!

We've conducted surveys, we've studied the Forum - ours as well as other 'Newbie' message boards - and we've closely analyzed the hundreds of Help emails we receive.

And by far and away the most pressing need of Internet
Newbies - next to learning how to conquer your PC - is to
build your own Website. But we've also discovered that the
BIGGEST problem is that you're totally frustrated and
intimidated by the advice available on the Net. And
disillusioned by the hyped up, cheaply presented junk being
offered. Promises, promises, and no delivery.

So we knew we just had to help solve your problem. After
all, no-one else seems to care.

We decided that any Website Building product we produced had to meet 4 criteria...

1) 100% Newbie-Friendly.
2) A total package taking you from the very basics, to
finished Site up on the Web.
3) Reasonably priced.
4) Ultra professionally presented

Huh, easier said than done. MUCH easier said than done!

But we did it - and how! We came up with a package of 4 
individual e-books written by 3 separate 'Newbie-Friendly' 
specialists and a NEWBIE. Then bundled them all together to make "The Newbie Club First Website Builder".

Book 1...

------ "How A Newbie Built A Great Website 
In Just 2 Days - Absolutely FREE!"

This has been written for us by Dianne Reuby. A self
proclaimed Newbie who struggled and sweated to find the
information she needed, and built a great Website using
totally free software and resources. 10 chapters of really
terrific stuff, and an inspiration to any Newbie. 

Yeah, the information she reveals will enable you to build
your First Website in 2 days. But it took her WEEKS of hard
labor, grim determination and focused dedication before she came up with the answers. And it cost her NOTHING in hard earned cash to achieve it! 

So it's difficult to be cynical about a book written BY a
Newbie, FOR a Newbie. A book that actually shows you what DID and DIDN'T work for her.

Boy this book is dynamite!

Book 2 ...

----- "How To Write And Present Your New Website"

Written by myself, Joe Robson, these 7 chapters show you the importance of good writing and layout - and how to achieve it. It's not an in depth lecture on the technicalities of writing. But I do show you how simple, yet little known
things like the use of the right font, color schemes, and
layout of paragraphs can dramatically improve the overall
appearance of your Website. And give it the professional
look that's usually lacking on Newbie Sites.

Whether you're building a business, family or club site,
this is information that NO Newbie Web building tutorials
ever cover. Why? Because I'm a professional Website writer, and this kind of information would cost any other book author thousands of dollars to have it written for them.

And, NO you don't have to be a good writer. This book shows you how to utilize whatever limited writing talents you may have, to the maximum advantage. They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover - try explaining that to your visitors AFTER they click away!

Book 3 ...

----- "How To Automate, Backup, Promote, And 
Publish Your New Website"

These 4 chapters of Newbie-Speak Tutorials by my partner
Tom Glander, blow away the Techie-Speak of adding Forms, autoresponders, backing up, and FTP ( Uploading your Site to the Internet). He does it all with pictures and pages of easy to understand, step by step advice and directions. 

You don't need to automate? That's because until now, you probably thought it was only suitable for business
Websites. Wait until you read Tom's advice, and you'll soon
change your mind. 

I remember when I had to upload my very first Website onto the Internet, and show it to the world. Sheesh! Talk about frustration. But this won't happen to you, because Tom strips away the Techie Stuff and uses pictures to take you through it. He makes it so easy! But then, he always does.

Book 4 ...

----- "Web Tutor"

Written by Joe Barta, this extraordinary HTML course is 
extremely Newbie-Friendly. That's why it's been used by 
literally thousands of Newbies already. It was used by our 
Dianne Reuby in Book 1, and is widely praised around the Net as one of the best Newbie HTML courses available.

What's HTML? Well, to build your own Website - a REAL
Website - you need to learn a 'Techie' code to do it. And
that's what prevents most Newbies from even starting. It
looks so complicated that it's enough to frighten a 
Pit Bull Terrier. And yet, like most things Techie, it's not 
difficult at all once it's explained in 'Newbie-Speak'!

------ Everything is only one click away.

Everything in books 1, 2 and 3 is instantly accessible 
from the main index. We've made sure you won't get lost or
confused by clicking from one book to another. And to make it even more Newbie-Friendly, you can use our downloading tutorial to download your First Website Builder FREE TRIAL!

Yeah, that's right. We're offering a separate slim-line 
edition as a Free Trial so you can get a taste and feel for
the full version. That's The Newbie Club for you - we try to
make everything as easy and as painless as possible!

So PLEASE make no mistake about it ...

---- This product will transform your Internet experience!

EVERYTHING you need to build your First Website is
in this package, and it's ALL FREE STUFF! You'll have no
need to hunt around for additional information or resources

Need a graphic? - Click here, or here, or here ...

Not sure how to download it? Try our Tutorial ...

Want a link checker? Try this, or this...

An HTML course? Here's the best available ...

Which is the best Font? This is ...

A headline for your Club or business site? Read this ...

How to use colored text to replace heavy graphics? Easy...

A Newbie use autoresponders? Yes. Here's how and where...

How to get your Site on the Web? Here's the easy way ...

FTP software to do it? No problem, try this - it's Free...

And every thing else you require to build your first
Website, painlessly and cost-free!

----- Do it in your own time, at your own pace.

Hey, who cares whether you take 2 days or 2 months? At least you will DO it. Sounds to me like a good project for the
Christmas break.

We've searched everywhere for something to match this, and 
came up with NOTHING that even approaches the amount of 
Newbie Friendly information this package offers. And we've
presented it so professionally it makes many eBooks seem
amateurish in comparison...

And that's not all, because you'll be astonished at how low
we've kept the price. Hey, we want EVERY Newbie to benefit
from this!

Here's what Daryl Clark said when he saw the extraordinary
amount of information it contains. Daryl is President and 
CEO of at

"I run two businesses on the Internet, but before that, I
had no idea how to build a Website! I wish the Newbie Club First Website Builder had been available when I started! The
content is so powerful and easy to follow, it would have
saved me hundreds of hours of work, and more importantly, a

Like we keep saying ... EVERYONE'S a Newbie at some stage.

Here's a comment from another Website owner who was knocked out by what he saw ...

Hi Joe and Tom,

I get a lot of e-mail from folks asking ..."How do I get 
started building a Website?"

Without any doubt, First Website Builder is the answer! It
transforms a 'seemingly' complex topic into plain language
that anyone can understand. What I love best...tons of
links to get the stuff you actually need to build your site
- FREE! It's a great piece of work and I commend you on a
job well done.

Brett Krkosska

OK, no more. There's such a thing as over-kill...

------ What should you do now?

1) Read about 'The Newbie Club First Website Builder' at

2) Either buy the full version - it comes with a Full 12
Months No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee - or download a Free Trial copy. Then ...


It doesn't matter whether you wish to build a Family 
Website, a business Website, or a Website for your local 
PTA, First Website Builder will show you HOW. No ifs, buts 
or maybes about it. And you will do it absolutely FREE!

Hey, just think. You could be showing off your new Website 
to all your friends and family at Christmas. And what about
those relatives at the other side of the country - or the 
far side of the world? They could be enjoying your family 
photo album on their own computer, surrounded by holly, 
mistletoe, and a slightly merry mouse!

Look, this is what thousands of Newbies like yourself 
have been waiting for, searching for, shouting for! A 
COMPLETE Newbie-Speak tutorial that covers EVERYTHING YOU NEED to plan, design, build, write, automate, safely backup, promote, and publish your very own First Website up onto the World Wide Web. And all for FREE! 

Let's cut the sweet talk and get to the nitty-gritty ...

Just click this link to get started ... NOW!

And keep smilin'


PS. ALL The Newbie Club products are absolutely ideal
Christmas presents, Just think of all the New PC's being
bought at Christmas - all to brand new, soon to be 
frustrated Newbies. Let's put a smile on their faces shall 
we? Tell them about The Newbie Club First Website Builder.



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Tom Glander (US) and 
Joe Robson (UK).
(C) 2000 The Newbie Club(TM)
Copy any of this publication without permission and we'll
bite your legs off. Then prosecute the bits left over!

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