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Insider Archive

Issue 14

--- THE NEWBIE CLUB INSIDER Issue 14 December 31, 2000

Edited by Tom Glander,

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Did you know that the highly acclaimed Newbie Club eBook
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1. Tom's Thoughts
2. Tutorial: Painting Your Own Icons
3. Tutorial 2: Installing Your Icons
4. Joe's Place ... You Dirty Boy!!
5. Who Lurks Inside Your PC? Why, it's Dr. Watson!


1. Tom's Thoughts

Hello {firstname},

I keep harping on the snow here in Battle Creek, because
it's more than we've seen in YEARS. At last count, we had
79 inches... would you like to see a picture of the snow in
front of the office complex I live in? Great! "Just click

There, the power of the Internet in your hands!

Now then, wanna see something fun for a change? Good. You've probably heard of Yahoo!, right? If not, they're a directory, also called a search engine in the most generic sense of the word. You can visit them here:

Now, there's a new site that spoofs Yahoo! I think it's
every bit as good as the real thing. The funniest part is
that it's such a GOOD spoof. Check it out for yourself...

And be sure you examine those icons! Or do you call them 
buttons? Or "graphical links." Whatever...

I'm going to show you how to change your icons with the
program you've already got on your computer. No need to buy
or rent special software. This may not be as high tech, but
it works. And then I'll show you how to change an existing
icon to the new one you've created. Why would you want to 
do this? Because you want to exercise your creative side, 
of course, and get more familiar with your computer. Maybe
even build a love relationship with it. Ya think?

So let's do it.

Geek-speak Buster

Bookmark: You can think of your browser as
a book full of millions of Web pages and
a few well-placed bookmarks that you have
chosen. The list that contains your bookmarks
is the "bookmark list" (and sometimes it's
called a "hotlist.") Netscape and some other
browsers use the bookmark idea. Microsoft's
Internet Explorer uses the term "favorite."


2. Tutorial: Paint Your Own Icons

You know, your computer has a bunch of icons scattered hither and yon that make life easier for you. You look at them every day, clicking them to start this or that program. Do you ever get tired of looking at the same icons? Every want to change them? Want to try your hand at something just a touch more creative, letting the artistic side of your brain express itself? 

No problem. You can create new icons! You can create new
desktop wallpaper. You can customize your computer any way
you want - and with the graphics tool that comes with Windows. It's called 'Paint'. So here's the way to go if you have some spare time and want to develop your Techie side just a wee bit more... (you're not like my partner Joe, are you? Don't want to use your computer for anything fun? Awww... come on!)

We'll use Paint for our icon redecorating project. You'll find 
it under the Accessories menu (Start, Programs, Accessories).
Once it's open, you'll need to set the size to 32 by 32 pixels.
That's the size of icons you find on your desktop.

To set the size, click 'Image' on the menu line, and select
'Attributes'. Set the width and the height to 32, and click
the 'pixels' radio button. Click OK, and you've now got a
little 32 by 32 pixel square to work with. Too little? Just
click View, Zoom, Large Size, or press the Ctrl and Page
Down keys together. (Ctrl+Page Down) The space increases
enough to work in. Now grab a tool and start drawing!

Once you're satisfied with your drawing, save it. Put it
in a folder named "My Icons" that you create on your C:
drive. Or on a Zip disk. Or wherever the heck it is you
save your stuff. One tricky thing to observe...

When you go to save your file, give it the .ico file
extension. You won't see that option listed in the file
types drop down box, but no problem. Just give it the .ico
extension and click Save.

If you have a graphical file viewer installed, you can
double click the file you just created and look at it. A
good viewer is ACDSee at Download
and install the viewer. Need a download refresher? Go


Geek-speak Buster

Browser: A browser is an application program
that provides a way to look at and interact with
all the information on the World Wide Web. The
word "browser" seems to have originated prior to
the Web as a generic term for user interfaces that
let you browse text files online. By the time the
first Web browser with a graphical user interface
was invented (Mosaic, in 1992), the term seemed to
apply to Web content, too. Also applies to any
shopper at Macy's department stores.


----- Who Says A Newbie Can't Build A Great Website?

The Newbie Club's blockbusting latest creation blows away the
'Techie' myths forever. This groundbreaking 4 volume library
shows you how to build it, write it, present it, automate it
promote it, back it up, and upload it onto the Web. All in 2
days or less using FREE programs and graphics. There's nothing
like it anywhere on the Web. Click NOW for your FREE TRIAL...


3. Installing Your Icons

Whether you create your own icons, or download a bundle of
them from the Net, you can install them pretty easily.
Here's how...

Select an icon on your desktop. Those that won't let you
change them won't have the function for change. You'll see
what I mean in a second.

Right click an icon and select 'Properties' from the context
menu that appears after right clicking. If the icon can be
changed easily, you'll see a 'Change Icon' button. If not,
you won't see that button.

Click the 'Change Icon' button. The 'Change Icon' dialog
box pops up, showing you the present icon, and any others
that might included. (Some programs pack a number of
different icons along with them.) Click the 'Browse' button,
navigate to the folder you saved your homemade icon in, and
select it. Click 'Open' and then OK, and OK again. Your new
icon should be installed where the old one was located.

4. Joe's Place... You Dirty Boy!!

Hi {firstname}

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas break. I did. I was working
on the next Newbie Club publication. And while you're relaxing
over the New Year holiday, I'll be working on the next one. Then the next and the next ...

We have so many plans for the next few months, that I get
terribly frustrated because we can't launch everything at once.
But if you're really serious about wanting to get the most out
of your computer, I'll guarantee you one thing ...

The Newbie Club will eventually become your one-stop-library
for everything you need.

'First Website Builder' was launched just 3 weeks ago. Not only
were we 'gob-smacked' by the response, but the enthusiastic
testimonials that have come back to us are beyond our wildest
expectations. Obviously, we welcome the income - hey we have to eat! But, at the risk of sounding 'mushy', I feel humbled by the impact that this publication is making on so many people's lives.

And the most common comment we receive is that at last, someone has explained a highly technical - even frightening - subject in words that 'mere mortals' can understand.... and use!

Where's my handkerchief?....

---------- You Can't Please Everyone

You know, some time ago I received an email from someone
complaining that, even though we produce an overload of free
tutorials and ebooks, she was upset because we also advertised our products for sale! Hmmm, well I've yet to buy a newspaper or magazine that doesn't contain advertising of some kind. Well, that's life, and I make absolutely no apologies for doing so. The unsubscribe details are at the bottom of this page. So here's the plug ...

If you haven't already done so, then download your Free
Evaluation Copy of 'First Website Builder' NOW at

Despite what some cynical people may believe, I have yet to discover a method of twisting your arm and *forcing* you to buy the Full Version! But at least you will get a decent idea of how YOU will benefit from it. AND you will also be sent a 5 day tutorial on the pros and cons of building your own Website. Then you can make a valid judgment of whether you actually need a Website.

But be careful, I'm also a pretty good Copywriter, and I may
have planted secret hypnotic words into the Free Trial, that will hypnotize you into rushing to place an order against your will.

Anyway, even if you did, I promise you that it will be the best
4 volume publication of it's kind you will ever come across.
See - your eyes are glazing over already...


---------- Dinner Table Topics

Hey, I've come across a brilliant site that has answers to some
weird questions like ....

"Why does the steering wheel of a car straighten itself if you
remove your hands after turning?"....

Well I thought it was so you wouldn't crash into oncoming
traffic! But apparently there's another reason.

"Why do flys still fly in elevators?" Cos they're stoopid?
Oh no, the techies have an answer for it. Don't they always?

And when I read about the number of bugs and microbes that
cover our bodies - I almost fainted ....

"10 million individual bacteria live on the average square
centimeter of human skin!" WHAT?

See you {firstname} I'm off for a shower!

Keep smilin'


P.S. Sorry, the URL for all this grisly information is at but get your 'First Website Builder'
Trial and 5 day course FIRST at
And while it's downloading explore this site. Miss the article
on "How long does a head live after decapitation" if you're


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Please remember, all merchandise availabilities are subject to
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5. What's Inside Your PC? Find out the Easy Way

This is for the budding Geek. I know you think about this
in the wee hours of the morning. Come on, don't try and
pretend otherwise!

Okay, at the very least you should know what operating
system you're using (Windows... 95? 98? Me? NT? 2000?)
And you should know how much memory is installed, and
how big your hard drive is. Other than that, who gives
a flip?

Well, some of us do. So here's the incredible geeksters
guide to becoming a guru. Let's take a look at...

Dr. Watson!

Now, the doctor won't give you the details about what's
inside your computer, but he'll do a checkup while you
wait. If he finds anything amiss, he'll give you the
report. I've only tried this on Windows 98, so if you're
still using Win 95, give it a whirl and see if it works.

From the Start menu, click Run. In the Run dialog box,
type "drwatson" without the quote marks. Then click OK
or press Enter. (What else is there to do at that point?
Go out for Pizza?)

You won't see anything happen!!! That's a very important
point. But if you observe closely, you'll see a new icon
appear in the system tray (next to the clock). It's the
Dr. Watson icon!

Right click the magically appearing icon and choose the
first line item, 'Dr. Watson.' A bunch of lights and sirens
go off, and a system snapshot is taken. A report will
appear on your screen, saying "you've got a real mess on
your hands" or "everything's cool." Something like that,

So what is Dr. Watson good for? A few things. If you've
got problems, he'll diagnose them. He won't fix them,
however, unlike a real doctor.

Um, maybe very much like a real doctor! Depends on your

You can leave him running there in the system tray, do
your thing, then check back for an updated report. If
stuff is still working right, you'll get the same old
"everything's cool" report.

Now, what if you want to see all the stuff that's in your
computer without taking it apart? Check this out....

It's called System Information and it's under System Tools
(Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System

Start it up, and watch the show. You'll see everything and
more than everything. Stuff that boggles your mind and
reminds you to be thankful for the Techies who created
this monster you call a computer. I call it a pain in the

But then, I'm in love with it, so I put up with the pain.

Kind of like true love.

And now you know.... some more of the story.

Hey, if you're ready to venture past the 'Green Newbie' stage,
why not check out 'Registry For Newbies'?. For less than $30
you can learn how to put your PC through the hoops and *really* make it buzz. Why keep a pet when you can get it to work for you? Read about it here:


That's it from me. If you have questions about anything
you've read in this newsletter, visit the forum. It's
the best Newbie Friendly zone around. "Just click here"....
  and ask away. Someone will
answer you.

Take care,




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The TNC INSIDER is a production of The Newbie Club(TM) and
is owned by Roglan International, whose partners are
Tom Glander and
Joe Robson

(C) 2000 The Newbie Club(TM) All Rights Reserved

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