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Newsletter Archive

Issue 29

--- THE NEWBIE CLUB INSIDER Issue 29 May 10th, 2001

Written by Tom Glander,
and Joe Robson,

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----------------- The NEW Newbie Club Opens Its Doors


Hi {firstname}, this is Joe Robson. Tom's got his feet up today,
and no wonder. There's so much to explain about what's happening,
that I'm afraid this email is rather lengthy. That's why I advise
you to print it out, and find a few minutes to study what I'm
about to say...

------ The NEW Newbie Club Website has just gone live.

It's been 3 months in the making, and marks the beginning of a
MAJOR leap forward in the way Newbies, and even Not-so-Newbies
will benefit from the Internet.

The new Site is now BURSTING with more tutorials, ebooks, courses
and topics than ever before - with even more to come. Also
launched with the new Site are 6 new products - a Scams eBook,
Newbie Club Webhosting, Autoresponders, TNC Net-Biz Bundle,
Free Newbie Club Guest books and FREE Internet and Computer
Technical Support! The only way to describe the New Site is ...


There is now SO much help and information in there for Newbies,
that we intend to offer it only to those who are really serious
about wanting to improve their Computer and Internet experience.

So the site is now accessible to MEMBERS ONLY. But ...


And we've made it as easy and as Newbie-Friendly as possible to
re-enter the site. No problems with forgotten passwords and
stuff. To become a Member,you simply enter your email address as
a password, and First Name for personalization purposes.

Once you become a Member, you can re-enter the site at any time
without having to login - thanks to the magic of Pete-the-Geek.
He's our Programmer!

OK. I've said that the site is now bigger, better, has
substantially more resources, and contains some new innovative
products and services with more to follow over the coming weeks
and months. But the biggest innovative and groundbreaking service
we've brought you is ...

---------- The Newbie Club Clinic

We have negotiated with a large established International
Technical Support Company to offer solutions to your Computer,
Internet, Operating Systems (Windows, Macintosh, etc), Software,
and Program Learning problems which we ALL experience from time
to time. Problems which tax the patience of the most experienced
among us, but which drive Newbies to despair. Me included!

Support is given by over 90 FULL TIME HIGHLY TRAINED AND
EXPERIENCED Technicians, and emailed questions will be replied to
within 3 to 4 hours. But here's an even *bigger* breakthrough ...

As a Member. you can use the clinic for FREE - no matter how many
technical problems you ask!

In fact you can use all the tutorials, courses, eBooks, articles,
resources, and the Clinic for FREE! No charges, no hidden agenda.
No small print - but you *have* to be a Member. Otherwise every
Tom, Dick, and Harry will just drop in, abuse the Clinic and
disappear! Yes, those kind of people are more prevalent than most
people realize! At least having to be a Member will deter some of

There is one proviso however ...

The cost of supporting such a huge number of Clinic users will be
extremely high. So we have made it clear on the Members Signup
page, that we reserve the right to withdraw FREE use at our
discretion. No, that's not an excuse to start charging later on.
We will try our utmost to keep it free forever, even though
other companies charge high sums for such a service.

But who knows what the future holds? So we shall review the
situation after the first 4 weeks, and make a business decision
as to whether we can afford to continue with it. Our whole
philosophy is to make it as easy as humanly possible for beginners
to have access to the very best learning and technical solutions
available - without being ripped off.

The Clinic does NOT use volunteers or contracted experts. It's
manned by permanent, fully paid technicians with a professional
help desk and training structure with over 90 employees. And ...

In addition to PCs it also supports other computing devices
such as Macs, Printers, Scanners, CD Writers and the like.!

And get this {firstname}, they'll answer 'How To' questions on a
wide range of subjects, such as "How do I Insert Graphics when
using Photo Shop"? or " How do I send photos by email?". As well
as stuff like "Why does my Browser keep crashing?" or "Show me
how to get my speakers working again?"

So next time your computer refuses to do as it's told, or if
something seems to be 'broken', all you have to do is go to the
Clinic and ask. Assuming you're a Member of course.


Did I say this is IMPORTANT?

Many Insider Subscribers think of themselves as MEMBERS. We have
*never* had a Membership scheme, so don't let this confuse you.

To gain access to the New Site for the first time, YOU MUST

If you try to gain access without signing up first, you will be
prompted to give your email address to confirm you're a Member.
It's pointless doing this unless you have become a Member,
because our clever Robot checks to see if you are on his
Membership list. After you sign up once you will be able to enter
the site without having to log in again.

It's vitally important that you understand this. So when you go
to the site for the first time make sure you sign up as a Member.
Next time you visit you simply go to the home page, click on the
Members Entrance link, and you'll go straight in.

There's an amazing amount of technology running behind the
scenes, to make it as user - friendly as possible. Quite frankly
I don't understand how it works, but I DO know what it does - and
it's very, very cool!

Now here's some other new products we've just introduced ...

----------- FREE Guestbooks For Your Site

OK, so perhaps you don't use Guestbooks yourself. But Millions of
Internet users do. I've read somewhere that Yahoo have given away
over 8 million of them! So our Programmer has created a unique
Guestbook for us, that's absolutely loaded with features.

Why is it different?...

It's fully customizable so that you can change the background
page color, or replace the background with the image of your
choice. eg. your logo, or Britney Spears!

You can change the FONT size, format, color and style.

You can insert any title you wish such as 'Joe Boggs' Guestbook'.

It's simplicity itself to install, just by pasting some code
into your Web page.

If you want to know the benefits of having a Guestbook on
your site, read all about it on the new site. Then get one
for your Website - heck it's FREE!

And naturally, it's extremely Newbie - Friendly!

----------- Newbie Club Webhosting

I won't go into the benefits of this brand new service - this
email is too long already. But we are offering 3 levels of
hosting and you'll find the nitty-gritty details on the site. I
can tell you that it's a top class service - not a cheapie basic
starter host for newbies. And ....

Yep, it's Newbie - Friendly. What else?

So if you're confused with the number of Hosting offers going
around, here's your chance to use a company you KNOW won't let
you down. If you prefer to discuss your needs with a human,
then use the number on the Webpage and phone Tom. He'll take
you through it step by step.

You can't get Newbie-Friendlier than that!

--------- TNC Web-Biz Bundle

This is not yet completed, but will be soon. I'm convinced this
will be *extremely* popular and somewhat unique on the Web. To
create the service, we've brought together an excellent team of
professionals, and have brought on board a top pro to administer
it. But to save time and space, I invite you to read all about it
on the Newbie Club Main Menu page - listed as 'Coming Soon'. I
think you'll be very impressed. In fact, we believe it to be THE
FIRST OF ITS KIND on the Net. And it's designed for Newbies!

--------- Autoresponders

At the moment we can offer you Free Newbie Club autoresponders,
which can be upgraded to the Ad-Free version for $69 a year.

We have a very advanced and feature-packed Free and Pro
Autoresponder waiting to go live, which will be offered from its
own Website. The features and benefits of this are amazing and
will be a definite winner. Our autoresponders run on our own
dedicated servers so delivery is instantaneous.

Full details are on the site.

---------- New eBook for Sale

We've broken with tradition this time, and are offering another
author's ebook for sale. But The Newbie Club is the ONLY other
site - besides the author's - to make it available.

It's listed in the new 'Scam Watch Bureau' section of the New
Site and is entitled 'Kickin' Butt and Taking Names' by JL Scott
- the Director of The International Council of Online
Professionals - iCop. It's priced at $17 which is $10 less than
JL Scott's selling price. I'll tell you - it's a great book, and
pulls no punches when it comes to exposing the dubious and
disgraceful practices of some 'reputable' Internet Marketing

--------- 'Outside' Resources

You may know already that savvy Webmasters don't encourage
visitors to leave their site by offering beneficial links to
other sites. And The Newbie Club was no exception.

But we're not the fountain of all knowledge on all things Newbie,
and our goal of offering expert help to everyone has been
somewhat restricted because we didn't want visitors to leave the
site. So we were dubious about sending them to some of the
excellent information sites we come across, which could advise on
specific topics.

Now we can!

Now you can enter the site in the FULL and CERTAIN
knowledge that you will have free access to excellent resources
available from other sites. This will save you hours, days, even
months of searching and experimenting to find out how to do

So from now on you can confidently say that The Newbie Club gives
the Best, unbiased information and advice on all things Newbie,
combined with a renowned Free Technical Service that will cure
your Computer and Internet problems. And it's all in 'Newbie-

Boy oh Boy what a winner!

----- Bundles and Bundles of Extra Tutorials and Topics

You'll be amazed at the amount of new tutorials and expert
articles now available to Members. Advice and help on just about
everything that Newbies wish to learn about, by the best experts
around. And all of it ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Visit the NEW Newbie Club Now {firstname}, at sign up as a Member, and have a REALLY
good scout around. Some bits need completing and we have an
abundance of content to add. But you're in for a surprise - and a
real treat!

Keep smilin' {firstname},


P.S. PLEASE give me your feedback on what you think. Bugs,
suggestions, praise or dismay. But remember - YOU MUST SIGNUP AS
A NEW MEMBER on your first visit. After that you'll gain access
straight away without having to login with passwords and other
time consuming stuff!


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The TNC INSIDER is a production of The Newbie Club(TM) and is
owned by Roglan International LLC, whose partners are
Tom Glander and
Joe Robson
Jann Gentry - Customer Support

(C) 2001 The Newbie Club(TM) All Rights Reserved

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