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Newsletter Archive

Issue 36

--- THE NEWBIE CLUB INSIDER Issue 36 June 28, 2001

Written by Tom Glander,
and Joe Robson,

You receive the INSIDER as a benefit of membership in
The Newbie Club. Your membership details are at the end
of this newsletter.

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response must be directed to the addresses listed above.


Buy One - Get The Other One Free!

Cure your PC rage!. This Newbie Club series of 52 picture-driven
tutorials will end your frustration forever. See why someone
once said that it should be included in every new PC sold. Hey,
when you Buy the CD, the download version comes FREE. So you can
send the CD to a friend! Sounds like a good deal to me. CLICK
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<< MENU >>

==> 1. Tom's Thoughts ... "Slim Pickins"
==> 2. Tutorial ... "Cleaning Out Your Cache"
==> 3. Joe's Place ... Announcement: "Changes To The Clinic"
==> 4. Tutorial ... "How to Cut, Copy and Paste"
==> 5. Linda's Office ... "New Release, Word Magic 2"
==> 6. Administration ... "Stuff about your account"


-------------------- Unsolicited
Testimonial ----------------------

"Tom, I've yet to find a hosting vendor as responsive and
customer-focused as Newbieclub Hosting. To top it off, the extra
goodies you includes in EVERY package are mind-blowing. Why?
Cause, I reviewed and compared your features to about 10 leading
and recognized hosts and Newbieclub Hosting beat every one hands
down. Again, Kudos to your benefit-dripping service and your
uncompromising customer service."

Barry Goss, used by permission.

See the 3 incredible packages that Barry's raving about at

==> 1. --- Tom's Thoughts ... "Slim Pickins"

Hello %name%,

Summertime is here with a fury. And it's the hardest thing
in the world to sit in front of the computer.

So I started doing something extra. I finish drywall "for
fun." You know, new construction, sheetrock, taping, joint
compound. All that. Keeps me in shape!

Is your computer in shape? Are you in tip-top shape for your
level of experience? Every computer user the world over has a
particular level of expertise. Whether you're a "green newbie"
or a "not-so-newbie" you can be at the top of your class.

All it takes is belief in yourself and a realization that it's
okay to know a little or a lot about this stuff. So no matter
how much you know, your own confidence level can grow. Like a
child learning to crawl, walk and finally run, you're somewhere
on the growth curve.

It's our goal to see that growth process smoothly along. The
best way to achieve growth is to relax and have fun. Hey, if
it's not fun, it's not worth doing!

Summertime. I spend a few hours by the pool. It helps me relax.
And I think about how I can help more people. It's a great day
when I know I've helped you!

"And that's all I have to say about that. "

Take care,



Geek-Speak Buster: "Netiquette"

Someone who is new to the Net is called a Newbie. To
quote from a published author, "it's an insult to be
avoided at all costs." However, that's from a book
written in 1997. I'd say the author has since changed
his tune.

Netiquette is about using the Net the right way. Like
letters is like YELLING when writing. See how it works?)

Look before you leap. On the Net, it's "lurk before you
leap." That means read stuff first. Then write your notes.
You can do just that here:

Read FAQ lists. Those are Frequently Asked Questions.
The whole point is to educate yourself enough before
trying something new. Like etiquette, Netiquette is
the art of interacting with others in an appropriate manner.


-------- How To Build Your Very Own First Website.

The Newbie Club Website Builder is a 4 volume library written
by 3 successful Internet Marketers and a NEWBIE!. The result is
a stunning Newbie-Speak publication that details everything you
need to know to create, write, design, automate, backup, promote
and publish your own first Website. All in 2 days using FREE
programs and graphics! This blockbuster blows away the myths
once and for all. Click here for
FREE TRIAL and FREE 5 part emailed course.

==> 2. Tutorial: "Cleaning Out Your Cache"

I supplied an autoresponder to a Member. There was a problem on
the page where she set things up. I fixed the problem, and told
her it was fixed.

She went to the web page and tried setting up her new account.
But she kept getting the same error. Why?

The answer was in her cache. Pronounced the same as cash. Once
she fixed her cache problem, she could view the proper page.

When you view a web page, it is stored on your computer. That
store is your computer's cache. When you go back to a page,
your browser looks in the cache to see if the page is there. If
it is, it is displayed for you right off your own hard drive.

It's faster that way to view a web page, since it doesn't have
to load via your slow modem connection.

But what if the page has changed, as in my opening illustration?
You won't see the new web page. You'll see the old one stored
on your computer. To be sure you're seeing the latest pages,
you can click the 'Refresh' or 'Reload' button. You can also
hold down the Shift key while clicking, to ensure you force
your browser to open the page from the server computer instead
of from your hard drive.

To clean out your cache so it's not taking up any extra space
(those web pages and graphics do take up some space, and you
should regularly clean out your cache) do the following:

1. Open Control Panel: Start > Settings > Control Panel.

2. Double click on Internet Options icon.

3. Under Temporary Internet Files, click 'Settings' button.

4. Click 'Delete Files' under the Temporary Internet Files

You're done. All the temporary Internet files are removed,
and your cache is cleaned out. Netscape users will need to
go through their browser to clean out the cache. And that's
a totally separate issue!


-------------- Want a FREE Guestbook for your site?

A fully customizable Guestbook that will blend right in with your
page design and color scheme. This Brand New innovative Guestbook
offered by The Newbie Club is a dream to see, and simplicity
itself to paste into your Site. No programming or CGI experience
needed. It's specially designed for Newbies to install. Get yours
NOW at


==> 3. Joe's Place ... Announcement: "Changes To The Clinic"

Hi %name%, how's things?

Have you used the Newbie Club Clinic yet? We introduced it 2
months ago as a Free Service on a trial basis. With 90
experienced support technicians supplying the help, you can
imagine how costly it is to operate. But all good things must
come to an end, and on July 1st the service will no longer be
offered free of charge.

Just consider this ...

There are some sites on the Web offering email Technical support
for between $9.95 and $14.95 PER QUESTION. Now that's extremely
good value when you consider the cost of using your local
Computer Center to solve your problem.

But in true Newbie Club tradition we've gone one better, because
we're keeping the Newbie Club Clinic Subscription charge down to
the extraordinarily low price of just....


So a one-off Subscription charge will cover you for UNLIMITED use
and UNLIMITED numbers of questions. I think you'll agree that
it's a very small price to pay for the peace of mind of knowing
that you'll have the experience and technical know-how of 90 Full
Time Computer Technicians on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Please note, that this has NOTHING to do with your Newbie Club
Membership. That will always remain free.

There's quite a lot to announce this week, including another New
Product (see Linda's Office Corner), so I'll sign off by saying

Keep smilin' %name%,


PS Just in case my English accent causes confusion, let me repeat
that the changes to the Clinic do NOT affect Club Membership in
any way. That will always remain free. Sounds good to me!


------ Finally. A Totally Newbie-Friendly Unzipper!

Some Zip programs are frustratingly confusing to use. But it's
essential to have one if you're downloading stuff from the Net.
'Unzip Wizard' is so simple it's impossible to go wrong. That's
because it's specifically designed with Newbies in mind. And
The Newbie Club has arranged a special discount for you at this
page. So now you can save AND unzip without embarrassment!

AOL users,
<a href="">click here</a>.

This is a stunner!


---------------- "MAGIC!" ----------------

Many people believe their magic mouse is the be-and-end-all of
modern technology. Click this, click that, right click, left
click, double click, somersault and middle click - magic! And
who can blame them? After all they've never been shown a better
way! But the savvy ones learn all about those mysterious
keyboard keys, and their lives - and creativity - are
transformed. Read about The Newbie Club's best seller
'Keyboard MAGIC! and transform your computer habits - it's so
easy! Prepare for lift-off at

AOL users,
<a href="">click here</a>.

==> 4. Tutorial: "How to Cut, Copy and Paste"

How do I move text from my email program to a word processor?

The easiest way is to copy and paste. Here's how. (All clicks
are LEFT clicks unless stated otherwise.)

1. In your email program, move the cursor to the beginning
of the text you want to copy and click to set it.

2. Click and hold down the mouse button while moving the mouse
to drag the cursor over the text. See how it changes color?
This called "selecting the text."

3. Right click the selected text.

4. On the popup menu that appears, click 'Copy'.

The text is copied to the invisible Windows clipboard.

5. Move to your word processor and click the mouse where you
want to insert the text.

6. Right click, and select 'Paste'. The text will appear.

You can substitute the keyboard shortcuts for this if you
want to. To copy, highlight the text, then press the Ctrl
key and the C key together. Move the cursor, then press the
Ctrl key and the V key together.

If you want to copy all of the text immediately, click once to
set the cursor. Then press Ctrl and the A key together. This
copies "All" the text. To learn all of the keyboard shortcuts
and learn more about your keyboard, purchase Keyboard Magic.
Learn more:


Need a Trustworthy Web Host for your Web site? The Newbie Club
has exactly what you're looking for. With features and benefits
too numerous to list, we have options to choose from. So whether
you're a Newbie or a Pro you'll be blown away by what we have to
offer - and we talk in Newbie-Speak! It's all explained at...

AOL users,
<a href="">click here</a> to visit.

==> 5. Linda's Office Corner: "New Ebooklet - Table Wizardry"

We're taking editorial control this week to promote Linda's
latest Newbie Club ebooklet, "Word Magic 2 -- Table Wizardry".

It's a great addition to her previous ebook on MS Word, named
Word Magic! Fonts, Fun and Formats ( available from this page: )

Her second ebook covers the world of tables. We use tables to
organize data into convenient, eye-catching, professional
appearing presentations, and a whole lot more. All the details
and list of contents are described here:

Go now. You do want to master the word processor, don't you?

Linda's column will appear here next week.


Have you read about the first book Linda wrote for The Newbie
Club? Discover how to create stunning letters, presentations,
greeting cards, promotional materials, memos, reports
and more - just like the professionals. 'MS Word MAGIC' is
guaranteed to delight Newbies and Not-So Newbies alike - all for
just $9.95! Read about it here

AOL users,
<a href="">click here</a>.


So you're not such a Newbie after all? Like to know what makes
Windows act the way it does? Then this ebook will give you a
quick, easy understanding of your PC's Brain. It's called 'The
Registry For Newbies' and you can read all about it here...

AOL users,
<a href="">click here</a>.

See Techie-Speak translated into Newbie-Speak by an expert!

-------- FREE Newbie Club Courses - by email.

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every few days to your desktop - automatically!

AOL users, copy and paste the links below into the TO: line of
your email and click Send. You'll get the info back immediately.

First Website Builder 5 part course:

Backing up your stuff:

Organize your files:

Finding files:

Take the load off your PC:

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Got your FREE exclusive Newbie Club eBooks yet?

"Guide To The Internet - An Overview" features the combined
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"Scientific Advertising On The Internet" contains the world
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Amazon for $11.96) plus observations and Copywriting Tutorials
by Newbie Club co-founder Joe Robson, who is also co-author of
the blockbuster "Make Your Words Sell" with Ken Evoy. Details

Get both Newbie Club books FREE from The Newbie Club Academy at

6. Administration

Subscription details:

To make changes to your membership details, such as updating
your name or email address, or unsubscribing (huh?), visit your
membership management headquarters...

Click==> and check on
your details now! You should see your info listed as ...

Name: %name%
Address: %email%

You can cancel your membership, change your name, update your
email address and more.

Back issues of the INSIDER are found here...

... and we beg - sorry, encourage - you to forward this email to
someone you know. Just don't spam anyone with it!

The TNC INSIDER is a publication of The Newbie Club and is
owned by Roglan International LLC, whose partners are
Tom Glander and
Joe Robson

(C) 2001 The Newbie Club(TM) All Rights Reserved

Roglan International LLC
The Newbie Club
Battle Creek, MI, USA

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