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Newsletter Archive

Issue 40

--- THE NEWBIE CLUB INSIDER Issue 40 July 27 2001

Written by Tom Glander,
and Joe Robson,

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the Newbie Club web site. To remove yourself from this
subscription, follow this link:

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Cure your PC rage!. This Newbie Club series of 52 picture-driven
tutorials will end your frustration forever. See why someone
once said that it should be included in every new PC sold. Hey,
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<< MENU >>

==> 1. Tom's Thoughts ... "The Power of Your Mind"
==> 2. Tutorial ... "Error Messages on the Web"
==> 3. Tutorial ... "Downloading to Floppy Disks and CDs"
==> 4. Linda's Office ... "Get Rid of It"
==> 5. Administration ... "Stuff about your account"


-------------------- Unsolicited Testimonial --------------

==> 1. --- Tom's Thoughts ... "The Power of Your Mind"

Hello %name%,

Don't tell me you're too old to learn. I won't buy it or
believe it. Not when I get calls from 85 year old girls
telling me they're having a blast with their computer!

And I shouldn't leave out the guys, either!

They don't say "having a blast" since that language isn't 
what they're used to. They say, "I'm enjoying my computer.
And I feel like my mind is working better than it has in 
a long time."

Why does her brain work better now? Because she's using
it in a whole new way!

I'm quite sure the older brain is working about the same as
it was when it was 40... maybe a little more slowly, but
working, all the same. And computer can make it feel a little
more zippy!

New neuronal pathways are created when you study new things.
And learning a new skill stimulates your mind. This stimulation
is what was missing in a LOT of older people's lives. It's a 
fact that citizens of long term care facilities, who are given
the use of a computer and taught its use, exhibit renewed
interest in everything around them.

So don't tell me, "I'm too old to learn new things." Instead,
the key to success with your computer is this attitude:

"I can do this. It may take a little longer, but I have all
the time in the world. I will learn one small new thing each
day, and not worry about it. I'm exercising my brain, and I'm
becoming a happier person."

Okay... I'm only 40. But when I'm 95, I'll be sharp as a tack.
I plan to keep my wits, even if my other parts get a little
worn looking!

Until next time,



Geek-Speak Busters:

A. "Host Computer" 

A host computer is a computer that is on the Internet.
It is not your computer, but one that you request 
information from, or that you visit via your travels
on the Web. 

B. "Defragment"

Writing a letter, checking your email, visiting a web
site, all cause little bits of information to be stored
on your computer's hard drive. When you delete any of
this info, you leave a little space where that data used
to be stored. This causes your files to be fragmented.
That is, to be all messed up from the orderly state they
should be in. When you defragment, you are rearranging 
your files back to their orderly fashion. 



The Newbie Club Website Builder was written in Newbie-Speak by 4
people, to create a stunning 4 volume collection that blows away
the myths forever. Now you can create, write, design, automate,
upload and promote your very own individual Website in 2 days or
less. All with FREE programs, pictures and graphics. See for
yourself and prepare yourself for a revelation. WOW what a
blockbuster! Visit for your FREE

==> 2. Tutorial: "Error messages on the Web"

How many times have you clicked a link, and the next thing you
see is...

HTTP 404 - File not found

"The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its
name changed, or is temporarily unavailable."

What does this mean? There's something affectionately called
"link rot" that affects the Internet. People create web sites,
and put up web pages on those sites. Then they change stuff
around, remove a page, or rename a page. 

So of course the page is gone, but anyone who may have linked
to that page isn't aware of the fact. You click the link, and
you get the error message. 

How can we stop link rot? That is, how can we ensure that the
pages linked to will always be there? We can't. Link rot is 
just like wood rot, except you can't spray a chemical on the
code that makes the link!

There are other error messages that you may see during your
Internet travels. But the most prevalent of all is the 404
message: HTTP 404 Not Found

Think of this as a telephone number you call... and the message
your hear: "We're sorry. The number you have dialed is no longer
in service. Please check the number, and try your call again."

Problem is, I did check the number. So calling again won't do
any good. The Internet is full of web pages that are "no longer
in service". Oh well... that's life on the Web!



------ Don't be Shy - Unzip with Confidence!

Some Zip programs are frustratingly confusing to use. But it's
essential to have one if you're downloading stuff from the Net.
'Unzip Wizard' is so simple it's impossible to go wrong. That's
because it's specifically designed with Newbies in mind. And
The Newbie Club has arranged a special discount for you at this
page. So now you can save AND unzip without embarrassment!

This is a stunner!


-------------- "MYTH BUSTER!" ---------------

Think your mouse is the best way to navigate your PC? Then what
are all those mysterious keys on you keyboard? Learning to use
them will absolutely TRANSFORM your PC experience - and your
creativity. Your keyboard was designed to achieve more than
your mouse could ever even hope to attempt. Yet most people are
never shown HOW! Keyboard MAGIC! by The Newbie Club blows away
the Myths for ever -and opens up a world you never knew existed!
What an eye-opener!

==> 3. Tutorial: "Downloading to Floppy Disks and CDs"

I'm not going to say you CAN'T do this... but I *am* saying
you shouldn't do it. 

When you download, don't try to download directly to a floppy
disk, or to a CD-ROM. Download to your computer's C: drive. 


Your hard drive is MUCH faster than your A: drive (floppy
drive). And it holds a lot more than a little 1.44 megabyte
floppy could ever think of holding.

Many of our customers have tried downloading our products to
their floppy disks, or to a CD. I always tell them to download
to their hard drive, or "C: drive" then to make a COPY of the
program onto their CD. We only have one program that is small
enough to fit on a floppy disk: Keyboard Magic. It is about
half a megabyte in size... which means you could fit two of
them on a floppy! (See what Keyboard Magic is all about by

CDs are usually created by going through your CD software that
lets you "burn" a CD. We don't have tutorials on this process,
as it differs greatly, depending on the manufacturer of the
software and player you have installed. 

But when it comes to downloading, just save the file to your
computer's hard drive. Then move it later. This will save you
a lot of frustration! If you want to see a real quick tutorial
on downloading... check this page out:

For a much more detailed explanation, visit this page:

If you're a downloading expert, great. Help someone else 
learn this vital Internet skill!


--------- Another Unsolicited Testimonial

"THANK YOU!!! Your newbie clinic solved my computer problem. 
Most service people in this area were mostly concerned how much 
they could make. You saved me money and very important, saved
me loss of time on my computer. I will spend money with you on
your programs. I believe your offers to be much, much more 
valuable than what you charge for them. I'm unsubscribing with
most of the free offers I joined. I TRUST YOU... 
Gotta go now. I'm ordering more of your programs! 

--Leon Zimolong. What is Leon raving about? Visit the Clinic
and see for yourself:

Thanks, Leon. We're working to make things better for you and
others just like you! 

==> 4. Linda's Office Corner: "Get Rid of It"

Did you notice, in any of the Office programs, that at the
bottom of your File menu you have a list of the Most Recently
Used files? Did you know you can control how many you put
there? Find out how... with my next tip: "Getting rid of those
recently used files." Visit
and look at the top tip!

Hang in there,


Tutorials by MS Office expert Linda Johnson. Her site is
located here:


So you're not such a Newbie after all? Like to know what makes
Windows act the way it does? Then this ebook will give you a
quick, easy understanding of your PC's Brain. It's called 'The
Registry For Newbies' and you can read all about it here...

See Techie-Speak translated into Newbie-Speak by an expert!

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5. Administration

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Name: %name%
Address: %email%

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The TNC INSIDER is a publication of The Newbie Club and is
owned by Roglan International LLC, whose partners are
Tom Glander and
Joe Robson

(C) 2001 The Newbie Club(TM) All Rights Reserved
Computer problems are solved daily at the Newbie Club Clinic.
If you haven't checked in for a visit, you owe it to you and your
computer's health. For $2.48 a month, it's excellent insurance. <==Visit Now!


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