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Newsletter Archive

Issue 48

--- THE NEWBIE CLUB INSIDER Issue 48 Oct 2, 2001 

Written by Tom Glander,

You receive the INSIDER as a benefit of membership in
The Newbie Club. Your membership details are at the end
of this newsletter.

Please **Do not Reply** to this email. Write to us at 
the address given at the top of this newsletter. 


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Is your computer a problem? This Newbie Club series of 52
picture-driven tutorials will decrease your frustration!
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<< MENU >>

==> 1. Tom's Thoughts ... "Has it been a Year?"
==> 2. Tutorial ... "Have Speakers, Will Sound Off!"
==> 3. Joe's Thoughts ... "The Best Way to Shoot a Cheetah"
==> 4. Tutorial ... "How to Install Your Own Sounds"
==> 5. Linda's Office ... "Adding Web Events to Your Calendar"
==> 6. Administration ... "Stuff about your account"


==> 1. Tom's Thoughts: "Has it been a Year?"

Hello %name%,

The Newbie Club has been around for a year now. It started
as an idea, was fleshed out with words, and now lives on
because you continue to give it life. 

You use the tutorials to learn more about your computer and
the Internet. You buy the products because you understand them,
being written in "Newbie-Speak" instead of "Geek-Speak". 

( Tutorials: )


Have you met some helpful folks on the Net? You meet them by
email. Usually by reading newsletters, or reading web sites,
and by interacting with them on the phone. 

Have you ever tried to call someone based on your findings
at their web site? Was there a real person on the other end,
a warm voice, someone who cared about your concerns or questions?

That's what communication is partially about. The web site is a 
calling card. A method of getting the word out. The Newbie Club
is about people. Real people with real feelings. Though I may 
have never met your personally, I feel like I know you. Because
you read my thoughts... and you're a "people", too. Just like me. 

We're not all that different, and on the inside, there's no way
to tell us apart. Okay, on with the show. Some tutorials we'll 
put in the "sound advice" category this week... so enjoy!


P.S. Joe Robson is back this issue with a note and a new book
he's promoting. A book that YOU will no doubt enjoy. I'll let
him tell you more about it... who's Joe Robson? Why, he's my
esteemed partner who makes his way along the island shores of
England, saving aquatic wildlife to make up for shooting
Elephants. Has a fine collection, or so I hear... read his 
notes... he'll explain it all...


Geek-Speak Busters:

A. "Windows Explorer" 

Microsoft did nobody a service by naming the Windows file
manager "Windows Explorer" and naming their web browser
"Internet Explorer". You've never confused the two, right?

Well, back in the dark ages of Windows computers, there
was a method of looking at all the files on your computer
that used a device named "File Manager". The file manager
and Windows Explorer are basically the same thing.

You can access Explorer from an icon, or by typing the
word 'explorer' into Run dialog box after clicking
Start, Run... 

Think of this way: You explore your computer's depths 
with Windows Explorer... and you explore the Internet
with Internet Explorer. Even Ford Motor Company has 
joined in the fray with their 4x4 "truck" name Explorer.
It even comes with a computer. At least I think it's Ford...

B. "Properties"

What are your personal properties? Your hair color, eye
color, height, etc. They describe you. And various "objects"
within your computer have properties, too. For example, 
what are the properties of your monitor, or "desktop"? 
Right click a blank area of your screen, and select 
Properties. You'll see the properties of your Display
(called Display Properties) listed. 

Many objects have "Property Sheets" attached to them. To
find out more about some item in your computer, try
right clicking... and selecting 'Properties'. You're in
for an eye-opener.



The Newbie Club Website Builder was written in Newbie-Speak by 4
people, to create a stunning 4 volume collection that blows away
the myths forever. Now you can create, write, design, automate,
upload and promote your very own individual Website! All with 
FREE programs, pictures and graphics. See for
yourself and prepare yourself for a revelation. WOW what a
blockbuster! Visit for your FREE

==> 2. Tutorial: "Have Speakers, Will Sound Off!"

Does your system have a sound card and speakers? Did it come
with a microphone? If yes, let's have some fun!

You can make your computer say anything when it starts up and
shuts down, or when you click on some item... all you need to
do is record your voice. First, let's do the recording, then
we'll set up the sounds in the next tutorial.

I'm sticking with the recording stuff that comes with Windows.
If you have some other sound recorder, you can use it. 

1. Open the Sound Recorder. It's under Start, Programs, 
Accessories, Entertainment.

2. With your microphone hooked up, click the red round dot
on the far right side. This is the record button.

3. Say a few words, then stop the recorder by clicking the
square Stop button next to the Record button.

4. Save the file (click File, Save As, and give it a name.)
Save it in your Documents folder, under My Recordings. If
there's no folder named My Recordings, you can create the
folder, or just save the file in My Documents for now.

You can record phrases, words, anything. Add music if you
want. If you're into telephone answering machine messages,
hook up your answering system to your computer. (Now that's
a tricky one!)

Remember, a "document" is not just a word document. It can
be a picture, a sound, a spreadsheet, whatever. In the purest
terms, a document may be written words... but in computer
parlance, it's more.

The sound recorder is a lot of fun. My 3 year old nephew
grabbed the microphone and said, "See ya later, dude." His
dad has saved those words for his shutdown message. 

Trevor is now 10 years old. But the "see ya later, dude"
is still only 3 years old. And will be forever. Maybe you'll
save your kids voices or grandkids voices forever. Just
record them onto your computer... it's a ton of fun!

Note: The sound recorder has a 60 second limit. That's way
more than you'll need for simple voice work. And by the 
way, 60 seconds of sound during my test took up 1.2 megabytes
of disk space. You can record a LOT of sound and still have
room to spare. So have fun with this! You can always delete the
files later if you find you aren't using them. 



------ Don't be Shy - Unzip with Confidence!

Some Zip programs are frustratingly confusing to use. But it's
essential to have one if you're downloading stuff from the Net.
'Unzip Wizard' is so simple it's impossible to go wrong. That's
because it's specifically designed with Newbies in mind. And
The Newbie Club has arranged a special discount for you at this
page. So now you can save AND unzip without embarrassment!

This is a stunner!


==> 3. Joe's Thoughts: "The Best Way to Shoot A Cheetah"

Hi %name%, long time no see.

Recent events are weighing heavily on all our minds and hearts,
so I'll duck any of my usual dry humor.

I've just got back from South Africa where I was speaking at a
couple of conferences. Obviously my wife and I took the
opportunity to explore what we could of that beautiful part of
the world. We shot elephant, rhino, lion, giraffe, cheetah and
all sorts of other magnificent animals - with a CAMERA I might

If you attended either conference please email me at and tell me what you thought. 

When I returned to the UK I discovered that my very good friend
and successful Internet marketer, Bob McElwain, had sent me a
copy of his new book "Your Path To Success". And boy what an
excellent book it is!

It's just about the best Newbie book I've seen on how to start an
Internet business from scratch. No theory, no unproven ideas, and
certainly no re-gurgitated dross, harvested from around the 'Net!

It's written specifically for Newbies, and Bob's honest, up
front, and friendly writing style makes it a pleasure to read. I
would expect nothing else from Bob of course, because he's
already a published online and offline author in his own right,
as well as having many years behind him as a school teacher. But
most importantly, his book covers all the questions that wannabe
Internet business owners have to consider before taking the

I have a hard copy, but Bob also makes it available in eBook form
to download and print out. I consider it a 'must have' for anyone
even contemplating starting an Internet business.

If you know me at all, you'll know that I never use this spot of
mine to promote other peoples work. But I really do recommend you
have a look at his Website at
and learn more about it.

And even if you've only just played with the idea of starting an
Internet business, 'Your Path To Success' could well be the best
$19.95 you will ever invest. I promise!

Take a look now at

Keep smilin' %name%.

Joe Robson

P.S. Of course, the photos I took in South Africa turned out to be 
hopeless. The animals could be seen of course - as tiny specks in 
the distance. Looks like we have to be techies just to take a 
simple snapshot these days. I think I'll dig out my father's Box 
Brownie. On second thoughts, I'd better start studying Jann
Gentry's Camera book

-------------- "MYTH BUSTER!" ---------------

Think your mouse is the best way to navigate your PC? Then what
are all those mysterious keys on you keyboard? Learning to use
them will absolutely TRANSFORM your PC experience - and your
creativity. Your keyboard was designed to achieve more than
your mouse could ever even hope to attempt. Yet most people are
never shown HOW! Keyboard MAGIC! by The Newbie Club blows away
the Myths for ever -and opens up a world you never knew existed!
What an eye-opener!


==> 4. Tutorial: "How to Install Your Own Sound Files"

In the previous tutorial, we used Sound Recorder to make our
own sounds. Now what do we do with them? Lets attach them to
events in the Sounds Properties window. Here's how...

1. Open the Sounds Properties dialog box. You'll find it as
an icon in the Control Panel, named "Sounds". 

2. Highlight the line item named "Close program" by clicking
on it once. The "Name:" field comes alive. You can select
from pre-existing sounds there, but we're going to browse
for our new sound.

3. Click the 'Browse...' button, and navigate to your My
Documents folder, and select your new sound. The speaker
will appear in the Preview box if you had no sounds selected

4. Preview the sound by clicking the right arrow button in
the Preview area. Like what you hear? Okay!

5. Click the Apply button. Select another Event, attach
a new sound, click Apply, until you've set up all the sounds
you want. 

6. Click the OK button to put the dialog box away.

The Details button will give you additional details on the
sound file you select. In the Schemes field, you can choose
from existing sound schemes, if they exist on your system.

Going back to Trevor... his "See ya later, dude" sound was
attached to the Exit Windows event. Every time his dad shuts
down the computer, Trevor's voice is heard. 

"See ya later, dude."


---- How to Take Stunning Photos with YOUR Digital Camera!

Have you fallen for the seductive Digital Camera ads... then
wondered what to do next? Maybe you'd like to know HOW to take
better pictures... and how the digicam actually works its magic?
Enter Digicam Magic! Written by Jann Gentry, this e-book shows
you how to take better pictures, and a lot more. Just visit... and you're on your way to more
fun with YOUR digital camera! Of course, The Newbie Club is 
100% behind this, so you'll understand everything you read.

==> 5. Linda's Office: "Adding Web Events to Your Calendar"

NOTE: These tips apply to Microsoft Office products, such as
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Not to Microsoft Works products.

We all know we can manually add information to our Outlook
Calendars, but that takes too much time sometimes and there
are easier ways to do this.

Let's say you are on a web page and see a notice that the page
will be hosting a chat with your favorite movie star on a 
certain date and you want to remember to go there and check it
out. Just highlight the text on the web page by holding down
your left mouse button and dragging across it. Then copy it
either by RIGHT clicking somewhere within the selected text and
choosing "Copy" or simply hitting ctrl+c on your keyboard. Then
go to that date in your Outlook calendar and click inside the
date's box and hit ctrl+v on your keyboard.

The New Appointment dialog box will come up with the text you
copied inside it. All you need to do is add a subject line and
adjust the start and end times. Then put a check in the box
that says "Reminder" and Outlook will remind you of this before
it happens.

Just click "Save and Close" and you are all set and don't need
to remember anything because Outlook will take care of it for

And no, Marlon Brando isn't REALLY doing an online interview.
That's just a fantasy of mine. :-)

Hang in there!


Tutorials by MS Office expert Linda Johnson. Her site is
located here:

View Linda's tips online at


So you're not such a Newbie after all? Like to know what makes
Windows act the way it does? Then this ebook will give you a
quick, easy understanding of your PC's Brain. It's called 'The
Registry For Newbies' and you can read all about it here...

See Techie-Speak translated into Newbie-Speak by an expert!

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5. Administration

Subscription details:

To make changes to your membership details, such as updating
your name or email address, or unsubscribing (huh?), visit your
membership management headquarters...

Click==> and check on
your details now! You should see your info listed as ...

Name: %name%
Address: %email%

You can cancel your membership, change your name, update your
email address and more.

Back issues of the INSIDER are found here...

... and we beg - sorry, encourage - you to forward this email to
someone you know. Just don't spam anyone with it!

The TNC INSIDER is a publication of The Newbie Club and is
owned by Roglan International LLC, whose partners are
Tom Glander and
Joe Robson

(C) 2001 The Newbie Club(TM) All Rights Reserved

Computer problems are solved daily at the Newbie Club Clinic.
If you haven't checked in for a visit, you owe it to you and
your computer's health. It's excellent insurance! <==Visit Now!

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