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Newsletter Archive

Issue 62

--- THE NEWBIE CLUB INSIDER Issue 62 Jan 24, 2002

Written by Tom Glander and Joe Robson.

You receive the INSIDER as a benefit of membership in
The Newbie Club. Your membership details are at the end
of this newsletter. 
Please **Do not Reply** to this email. Any reply will go into
a black hole and not be found again. Write to us at...

--------- "How To Spread Happiness In The New Year!"

Suffering from PC Rage? This Newbie Club series of 52
picture-driven tutorials will eliminate *your* frustration, and
help a friend or relative at the same time. See why someone once
said it should be included in every new PC sold.
Follow this link ...


<< MENU >>

==> 1. Tom's Thoughts ... "Technology and Oars: Row Your Boat"
==> 2. Tutorial ... "Who's Behind the Site? How to Find Out"
==> 3. Joe's Place ... "One Upon A Time"
==> 4. Tutorial ... "Applets: Can You Eat Them?"
==> 5. Administration ... "Stuff about your account"


A note from the Inbox

Hi Newbie Club, 

I would just like to say thanks for your most informative
Windows Tips & Tricks e-book which I purchased earlier. 
It fits the bill perfectly. I have been looking for something
on these lines since I started with Windows 3.1, (years ago).
I am now on to Windows Mellenium but all the tips work 


( Henry enjoys using Windows for Newbies. See why for
yourself here ==> )


==> 1. Tom's Thoughts: "Technology and Oars: Row Your Boat"


Hello %name%,

If you're stuck with a dial up connection like I am, you may
decide to change your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

And thinking about spending less than $21.95 per month for the
likes of AOL or anyone else charging "stoopid money" for access.

If you're shopping for a new ISP, it will behoove you to take
a look at CogniSurf. There's a web page where you simply enter
your home phone number, and if there's a toll free connection
in your area, they'll give you the number. 

You can sign up... it's only $12.45 per month instead of $19.95
or $21.95. And it's unlimited access, 56K access with email. 

Check out the web page:

While you're thinking about saving money, how much do you pay
for long distance phone calls? If more than 4.5 cents a minute,
you're probably paying too much.

I've been using the services of OPEX for two years. I never
agree to the offers from Sprint, MCI, AT&T, etc. How much do
those companies spend in Television advertising? Who do you
think pays for the higher per minute charges? 

You do, if you use their service. 

You pay 8 cents a minute, 11 cents a minute, or even 25 cents
a minute. It's absurd. There are a lot of phone companies, 
resellers of phone services, etc... and I'm sold on OPEX. If 
you want to check out the offerings for yourself,

Use the best rate calculator. It's great. I set up my whole
long distance phone service using their web page... and can
get an up-to-the-minute report on my long distance use, just
by logging in.

They'll give you 100 free minutes when you sign up!


The Internet creates opportunity like no other man-made device
has ever done. It's made Joe and me wealthy. We have a fleet
of ships now, and the people who row them for us are strong.

We have state of the art oars, and even a rudder to guide our
ships. We just phone our coordinates into the central Newbie
Club office, located in Spain, they give us directions, and
we then yell through the bull horn to the rowers to apply 
more or less of their backs to the oars.

See? Technology is grand. What? steamboats, you say? Gasoline
powered motors? Surely you jest. The Internet can't deliver
fuel to our rowers.

But it can give you a great deal on phone and Internet service
for your home or office!


If you need motivation to "just do it" (whatever "it" is) don't
miss Joe's Place below. No, it's not "Joe's Place Below"... it's
just a scroll down this page.

Wishing you the best,


P.S. Back issues of the Insider are located here:
Indexed issues are here:


Geek-Speak Buster: "Image File"

An image file is just another type of file found on your
computer's hard drive. Image files will have a three letter
"file extension" that tells your operating system (Windows)
what program to use to open that file. The most common image
files have either a ".jpg" or ".gif" file extension. Files
with ".jpg" extensions are usually photographs, but not always.
Files with ".gif" extensions are usually graphics with fewer

Photographs taken with a digital camera are almost always
in .jpg format. They have millions of colors. A typical file
name could be: mounteverest.jpg

Image files are different from text, sound, or video files.
Whether you call them "pictures", "graphics", "photos" or
"art", they're an image file. 



The Newbie Club Website Builder was written in Newbie-Speak by 4
people, to create a stunning 4 volume collection that blows away
the myths forever. Now you can create, write, design, automate,
upload and promote your very own individual Website! All with
FREE programs, pictures and graphics. See for
yourself and prepare yourself for a revelation. WOW what a
blockbuster! Visit for your FREE


==> 2. Tutorial: "How to Find Out Who's Behind the Site"


You're surfing the web, and come across a web site that doesn't
tell you much about *who* is really behind the workings. Who
controls that site?

You can find out, and here's how.

All web sites have to be hosted somewhere. Some company or 
organization that provides a computer that's connected to
the Internet all the time (known as a web server) provides
this hosting service. 

They're called "web hosts". 

The web site is found by domain name, such as
Who registered the domain name? Who is behind
the site? 

Some person. Some individual is the "registrant" of the 
domain. Who is it? Or maybe I should ask "to whom" does this
domain name belong?

Just visit and type the domain name of
any site... and you'll have the answer to your question. 

Up comes a bunch of information about the site, and the 
person who registered it!

If you're having problems with a site, you can try contacting
the person who registered the site. They may be able to help.

Example: you visit and type
"" (without the quotes) and you'll find that Joe
Robson, my partner, registered the domain name. And you'll also
see where he lives, and what his phone number is. 

Apply this bit of knowledge to any domain you are interested
in. You may even want to call the owner and make an offer on
the purchase of that domain. 

The WHOIS database is a repository of all the domains that
are registered. Who is behind that domain? They can't hide.

And now you know... so there you go!


------ Don't be Shy - Unzip with Confidence!

Some Zip programs are frustratingly confusing to use. But it's
essential to have one if you're downloading stuff from the Net.
'Unzip Wizard' is so simple it's impossible to go wrong. That's
because it's specifically designed with Newbies in mind. And
The Newbie Club has arranged a special discount for you at this
page. So now you can save AND unzip without embarrassment!

This is a stunner!


3. Joe's Place ... "One Upon A Time"


Hi %name%, how're things with you?

I have two wonderful and beautiful grand daughters, Sophie, who's
8, and Emma who's 7. They both mean absolutely everything to me
and my wife Rita. And to their mom and dad of course.

Occasionally they stay overnight at our house, and when they are
finally persuaded, bribed or bullied into going to bed, it's my
job to tuck them in ... and it's story time. There's no getting
out of it, no matter how late it is. They *demand* we resume our
wonderful magical journey around the world.

You see, the three of us have shared the magic journeys of
small boy Jack and his rabbit friend Thumper, for over a year
now. I know they're a figment of my imagination, but Emma and
Sophie know different. These two characters are no fantasy - 
they're real flesh and blood. The strange and exotic places they
visit on the back of Albert the Albatross aren't make believe -
because they can touch and see them in wondrous Technicolor.

They can *feel* the wind on their faces, the sun on their backs,
and actually *taste* the Candy Mountain and Lemonade Stream.

But one day they will relegate Jack and Thumper to the realms of
childish fantasy. As the poem goes... "When I was a child I spake
as a child ...... but when I became a man I cast aside childish

But do we?

Yes, we become more cynical as we grow older, and yes it's true
that we become more cautious - even afraid - of adventure and
fresh challenges. Our craving for security dulls our imagination,
and our childish ability to actually 'live and touch' our dreams
gradually ebbs away just like our taste buds.

At least that's what I keep reading ...


Just ask 94 year old Bill Meyers if his imagination is dimming
(see the '94 year old Wizkid' article at ). Bill is an 
inspiration to us all.

But what sometimes annoys me ...

... and others who have outgrown discos and 'high fives', is the
astonishment often generated when someone with a few gray hairs
manages to come to grips with a computer.

They seem to think that gray hair triggers the destruction of
brain cells. That experience of life - and the knowledge
acquired by 'surviving' it, suddenly diminishes once their 
bones begin to creak a little.

I remember thinking how wonderful it was when my dear departed
mom began traveling far and wide around the world on her own, at
the ripe 'old age' of 61!

Shame on me.

I also vividly remember asking my dad on his birthday, how it
felt to be 65. He looked at me and said with a cheeky grin ...

"Exactly the same as I felt at 25. Except it takes me a bit
longer to walk uphill".

I firmly believe that our chance of success in any task has got
nothing to do with our physical condition, education, or social
background. Lady Success doesn't check your medicine cabinet, or
count the wrinkles on your brow. She doesn't ask to see your bank
account, and is totally unimpressed by your academic
qualifications. Nor does she ask if you can spell, write, prepare
a spreadsheet, or write a business plan. 

She asks just one thing ...

"How's your attitude?"

If your answer is "I'm too old for this sort of thing" or "I'm
not educated enough", or " He did it because he's cleverer than
me", then she simply walks right on by and calls out ...

"Next please."

Sophie and Emma never stop to think that the astonishing things
Jack and Thumper achieve, couldn't be done by a small boy and a

So why can't you believe that almost anything is possible if
you have the right attitude?

My wonderful wife Rita has been a rock throughout all the years
we've been together. She has been my inspiration, my mentor, and
my spiritual guide through countless of highs and lows. And I've
seen her achieve things that have astonished me.

She's walked on white hot coals at 2000 degrees. She went
through a 72 hour personal development course on just 6 hours
sleep. She overcame her fear of deep water by learning to swim.
She once packed her bags and two young kids, and traveled to
meet me at the other end of the country, to help me start yet
another new business - at just 12 hours notice! And yet ...

She can't spell to save her life, but she's an avid reader. When
she comes to a word she doesn't understand she just skips it. 
She's absolutely lost when it comes to mathematics, so she uses
a calculator. (Strangely enough, she's a wiz with her Credit
Card.) Show her a business plan or a spread sheet and her eyes
glaze over. But she'll insist on an 'English' translation and
give her 2 cents worth.

Yet I know some who are highly educated and much younger, but
who couldn't hold a candle to her. Because, regardless of their
academic qualifications and self importance, they still believe
that to succeed in certain fields outside of their immediate
realm of experience and knowledge, requires a certain 'gift'.

But unknown to them, that gift is still inside all of us. It's
been dented, weathered and knocked about over the years, until
it bears little relation to its original shape. But it's still
there - crying out to be rediscovered.

It's called a Positive Mental Attitude.

You missed out on your education? Pick up the courage to contact
an adult learning group. You've always wanted to play the guitar?
Then *do* it! Frightened to start building a Website? Don't just
dream about it - do it! And don't you believe you'll have nothing
to write about ...

If you're a gardener, millions of others would love to learn from
your experience. How about all that time you spent working with
the underprivileged? Wouldn't it be great to teach others how to
do the same? You have DIY skills? Show the bruised thumb brigade
how to put up a shelf that doesn't collapse after 2 hours.

You've traveled a lot? Millions of others would just love to
share your experiences. Then maybe do the same themselves. 

You see ...

Success isn't about making money.

It's about achieving something which you previously thought
too difficult. It's about growing a particular rose after years
of failure. It's about bringing up a family you're proud of.
It's about overcoming your fear of failure, swallowing hard,
and taking action!

And %name%, whenever you think of giving up - and believe me
you may - just bring to mind those words you first heard all
those years ago ...

"Once upon a time ..."

And get to work on your attitude!

Keep smilin' %name%


PS Dianne Ruby once thought she could never build a Website. She
had no experience, thought it would be too difficult, and far too
expensive. But she went out and did it for free, and now has a
great Website business, and a successful newsletter. Her positive
attitude has since helped Newbies all over the world to achieve
something they previously thought impossible. Because Dianne
wrote everything down to create Book 1 of the 4 book library
called First Website Builder at


Joe's Pause For Thought.

If wrinkles must be written upon our brows, let them not be
written upon the heart. The Spirit should not grow old.

-- James Garfield



4. Tutorial: "Applets: Can You Eat Them?"


If your memory serves you as well as mine, you can recall
that the way to find lost files or folders is with the 
"Find" applet included with Windows. 

What's an applet?

It's a little program. It's the little engine that could. 
And there are oodles of these little programs in Windows!
I don't know where the 'Applet" name came from. But I'll
bet Atomica knows.

You can download Atomica here: and
look up anything. It's the ultimate database of information
at your fingertips.

Now, here's an improved method to find files using the 
standard Start > Find> Files or Folders... routine.

Let's say you downloaded an MP3 named "Home on the Range."
How would you find it? What do you do with the spaces? 
Just stick a question mark wherever there's a space.

If you leave out the question mark, and search for "home
on the range" you'll get every last instance of home,
on, the, and range. As well as additional words that 
include the letters "on" such as "question." 

Type it like this:

"home?on?the?range" (without the quotes).

And you've got your file! No messing about searching the
undergrowth or the bush country for the missing sounds.

No, you can't eat an Applet. But I hear organgelets are good!


----------- "Take a Look at Your Keyboard Right NOW!"

Just look at all those keys! Go on, take a look. I'll guarantee
you've often wondered WHY there are so many - F1, Insert, Tab,
Ctrl, Pr Scr, End, Home, Alt, Pause, PgUp, Shift, Sys Rq, and
the rest. Why? And what about all those keys with the funny
looking characters like ~ # > \ ^ ? Sheesh, surely someone put
them there for a reason! And yet you NEVER use them. 'Keyboard
MAGIC!' by The Newbie Club, outsold all their other products in
the first 5 days of release. Find out why, and brace yourself
for an eye-opener at


Geek Speak Buster: "Toolbar"

Most programs have little icons, or "buttons" that can be
clicked to make something happen. These little buttons 
are found on the section of the program named the "toolbar".
These buttons are "tools" used to work with your programs.

For a Windows anatomy lesson, point your browser to: <==Click and discover!


So you're not such a Newbie after all? Like to know what makes
Windows act the way it does? Then this ebook will give you a
quick, easy understanding of your PC's Brain. It's called 'The
Registry For Newbies' and you can read all about it here...

See Techie-Speak translated into Newbie-Speak by an expert!


Got your FREE exclusive Newbie Club eBooks yet?


"Guide To The Internet - An Overview" features the combined
advice of 18 of the Internet's most successful marketers.

"Scientific Advertising On The Internet" contains the world
famous Claude C. Hopkins' Classic, plus observations and
Copywriting Tutorials by Newbie Club co-founder Joe Robson,
who is also co-author of the blockbuster "Make Your Words Sell"
with Ken Evoy. Details at

Get both Newbie Club books FREE from The Newbie Club Academy at

And don't forget, you can get your own Fully Customizable
Guestbook for your site absolutely FREE. This Newbie Club
creation is so packed with too many features to list here. And
it's an absolute dream to install - no experience needed!


Email courses and articles are available. Just send a blank
email (no message needed, just the address is all) to any of the

Course: Backing up your files:

Course: Getting organized:

Course: Finding files anywhere on your PC:

Course: Configuring your startup programs:


5. Administration


Subscription details:

To make changes to your membership details, such as updating
your name or email address, or unsubscribing (huh?), visit your
membership management headquarters...

Click==> and check on
your details now! You should see your info listed as ...

Name: %name%
Address: %email%

You can cancel your membership, change your name, update your
email address and more.

Back issues of the INSIDER are found here...

The TNC INSIDER is a publication of The Newbie Club and is
owned by Roglan International LLC, whose partners are
Tom Glander (US) and Joe Robson (UK).

(C) 2002 The Newbie Club(TM) All Rights Reserved

Computer problems are solved daily at the Newbie Club Clinic.
If you haven't checked in for a visit, you owe it to you and
your computer's health. It's excellent insurance! <==Visit Now!

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