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Newsletter Archive

Issue 63

--- THE NEWBIE CLUB INSIDER Issue 63 Jan 31, 2002

Written by Tom Glander,
and Joe Robson.

You receive the INSIDER as a benefit of membership in
The Newbie Club. Your membership details are at the end
of this newsletter. 
Please **Do not Reply** to this email. Write to us at

--------- "How To Spread Happiness In The New Year!"

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==> 1. Tom's Thoughts ... "Unwittingly Spreading the Spam"
==> 2. Tutorial ... "Killing Popup Windows: Again?"
==> 3. Joe's Place ... "Spice Up Your Love Life"
==> 4. Tutorial ... "Ordering Securely"
==> 5. Bottom Line ... "Stuff About Your Account"



==> 1. Tom's Thoughts: "Unwittingly Spreading the Spam"


Hello %name%,

Are you unwittingly spreading spam? You know, the junk email
that clogs your inbox. In the broadest definition, spam is any
email received... that wasn't requested.

Could you be contributing to the spread of spam, and not know

You found a humorous or inspirational story. "Joe would like
this," you say. "And so would all the other folks in my address

So you load up a bunch of email addresses in the CC line of
your email client, and hit the Send button.

Now you hear the banging of rifle butts on your front door. 
"Must be the spam cops," you mutter. Because there are plenty
of them patrolling the Internet, looking for anyone they can
accuse of a violation. And they might just practice Net Rage
(I'll explain that in a minute).

OK, think about this.

If you use the CC (Courtesy Copy) line for addresses,
*everybody* gets a copy... and they also see *everyone else's*
email address!

That's not a good thing for privacy. With no mention of the
fact they didn't request this missive from you... so 
technically, you just spammed them. (Maybe they don't want the
email. Technically, you're not spamming if you aren't sending
offers for free cell phones or methods on making $5,000 in 30
days. Or less.

I get a bunch of forwarded email... and a bunch of "free" email
addresses thanks to folks who practice this form of "accidental

If you want to send email to more than one person, use the BCC
field in your email. That's for a Blind Courtesy Copy. Type one
person's address into the TO: field, and put the rest of the 
addresses, separated by commas, where they belong. In the BCC.

Just don't confuse that with the BBC, which is where Joe gets
his Television shows, and his ideas for making technology
easier to understand. 


You've heard of road rage, right? There are actually crazy
people on the Internet who practice Net Rage. They'll do
anything possible to make life miserable for you. They might
even by spam cops hopped up on cyberdope. Who knows?

Be safe. Email is a wonderful communication tool. But like
constant chatter from small children, many just tune it out. 
And that's not communication. 

I hope you find yourself following this simple rule: 
"If someone doesn't request it, don't send it." That'll keep
you out of any trouble...

At least when it comes to the Internet and email.

Wishing you the best,


P.S. If you're wondering how mom is doing, she went through
round one of chemotherapy. No problems. Not bald yet. It
takes more than one treatment to lose your hair! Overall in
excellent spirits, feeling quite well. We'll see if she keeps
it up after the next round of intravenous joy juice. Thanks
for your prayers on her behalf.


Geek-Speak Buster: "Joy Juice"

Any substance taken internally that's so awful it makes you
say afterward, "What a joy that's over!" 


A segment of the whole. Just like a boxcar in a train... a 
packet is one piece of data that travels over the Internet

If you download Digicam Magic from it'll be delivered in little
packets of information, travelling from Los Angeles to 
wherever you live. If a packet gets lost along the way, you'll
have a corrupted file on your hands. Remedy: Download again
after deleting the messed up file. Packet corruption can 
occur anytime anywhere for any or no reason. It's just the
imperfection of the Internet delivery service.


The most important ingredient needed when surfing the web
on a slow dial up connection or trying to download something
that keeps timing out or getting corrupted.



The Newbie Club Website Builder was written in Newbie-Speak by 4
people, to create a stunning 4 volume collection that blows away
the myths forever. Now you can create, write, design, automate,
upload and promote your very own individual Website! All with
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yourself and prepare yourself for a revelation. WOW what a
blockbuster! Visit for your FREE


==> 2. Tutorial: "Coping With Frustration"


A few issues back, I wrote about stopping popup windows.
The problem is, the method I gave interferes with the normal
activity of the Net, like using online banking. 

Have you been surfing the Web, and been bombarded by windows
that keep popping open? No matter how fast you try to close
them, they just keep coming.

This usually happens if you get into an "adult" entertainment
site and try to leave. If you mistype a URL, or naively click
links, you can end up in porn land. Not a good thing.

Instead of trying to close the windows that appear by clicking
on the exit boxes, use the keyboard. Hold down the Alt key, and
while its held there, hit the F4 key every time a new window
opens. That'll kill 'em fast.

If you want to permanently control this kind of intrusive web
behavior, you can download CookieCop 2. It's available from But be warned... it took me
what seemed an eternity just to get the download started.

I had to register as a Member first. Which took me away from
the download section. I then had to go back and find the 
page I had left. 

The download itself took a long time just to start. Then my
dial-up connection went dead at 27% of the download. Just up
and popped offline. Dialed Prodigy again... and went back to
restart the download. It's now at 35% and climbing...

You have to really want this download if you're on a pokey 
narrow band connection like I am. I really do miss the "good
old days" of cable modem.

Frustration: need an antidote? It's called "patience". I need
another helping. At least the crazy popup windows won't
plague me again... *if* I ever get CookieCop to download!

By the way, the file is zipped, so if you aren't familiar
with zip files, check out the Unzip Wizard in the ad below.
It'll make life easier for you.


------ Don't be Shy - Unzip with Confidence!

Some Zip programs are frustratingly confusing to use. But it's
essential to have one if you're downloading stuff from the Net.
'Unzip Wizard' is so simple it's impossible to go wrong. That's
because it's specifically designed with Newbies in mind. And
The Newbie Club has arranged a special discount for you at this
page. So now you can save AND unzip without embarrassment!

This is a stunner!


3. Joe's Place ... "Spice Up Your Love Life"


Hey %name%, I'm glad you dropped by today.

Had any problems with techies recently? No - *please* don't
tell me about it - I'm up to my eyeballs in them :-)

I had a long meeting yesterday with a great friend of mine
who's an out and out techie. But the reason he's a friend, is
because he explains things to me in Newbie-Speak without
'talking down' to me. But guess what? ...

He can't work his video recorder!

%name%, he made my day when he told me that. So I'm not
such a lunkhead after all. I gave up trying to work my state of
the art video recorder after 3 hours of digging through the
'help' manual - in 14 different languages. It's a pity it didn't
include Plain English!

After our meeting I went back to my car and tried to phone
my wife on my cell phone. But this time I decided to attempt it
without wading through the 3 'user' manuals that came with it.

OK here we go, just press menu and follow the on-screen
instructions. It must be easy I muttered, my grand daughters
have one each, and they still believe in Santa Claus ....

Press this, press that, scroll up, OK that, enter this, scroll
down, use your eleventh finger to press the blue button, your
elbow to click enter, and your nose to scroll up again. All I
wanted to do was bring up my home phone number, so I could
click 'call' and do it the quick-and-easy way. I was living in
cloud cuckoo land!

I got the time to the nearest hundredth of a second, was
asked if I wanted the road traffic situation, a breakdown
service, local radio station, weather report, pizza delivery,
send a text message, battery condition, signal strength,
adjust your underwear, check your credit card balance,
measure your cholesterol level, access the Internet ... Gimme

10 minutes later, after I'd retrieved my amazing labor saving
device from the far side of the parking lot, I came up with a
brilliant idea. In fact it was pure inspiration ...

I punched in my home phone number the old fashioned way,
and got straight through to my wife. Trouble is, by that time
I'd forgotten why I was calling her. So I just said I wanted to
tell her I loved her. Yeah I'm a creep as well as a lunkhead:-)

Isn't modern technology just wunnerful? It can do wonders for
your love life!

Anyway, when I arrived home she asked about my meeting,
then made my day by telling me I'd missed the final part of a
serialized TV drama I'd been following for 5 weeks.

"It's OK Joe", she said "I recorded it for you on video!"

Big head!

Yeah, yeah. So I *am* a lunkhead. But at least I know how to
use a cell phone the old fashioned way. I'll bet even my grand
daughters can't do that!

That's all for now %name%. If *you* can use a cell 
phone the 'quick-and- easy' way, why not ring me on mine and
tell me how. Email me first with a time though, and give me a
couple of hours to wade through the 3 manuals. Then maybe I'll
discover how to accept your call.

But whatever happens ...

Keep smilin'


P.S. Lots of people wrote to me about my article last week on
Attitude, and I'm extremely grateful. Just an hour ago, Tom
told me about a wonderfully inspiring book he'd come across
called 'Unstoppable Confidence' by Kent Sayre. I've just signed
up for his free email course and am really looking forward to
reading it. If you're interested you can do the same at
If you're not interested - well please yourself. :-)


Joe's Pause For Thought ... "We're with you"


I've been asked a few times by Americans, what the British
attitude is toward the terrible atrocity of Sept 11th. I take
great pride in being British, and I hope this famous quote gives
all Americans an inkling of why we're so utterly determined to
back you all the way.

It was made by The British Prime Minister, Winston S. Churchill
in June 1940, responding to threats of an imminent German
invasion of Britain, when she stood all alone against the worst
threat to humankind the world had ever known ...

"We shall not flag or fail. We shall fight in France, we shall
fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight in the air, we shall
defend our island whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on
the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall
fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the

.... we shall NEVER surrender."


4. Tutorial: "Safely Ordering Online"


Sometimes I feel like a lone voice crying in the wilderness...
then I realize I'm not alone at all. People are just practicing
caution with technology they don't trust.

Referring to ordering online with your credit card.

You know, it's safer to use your credit card on The Newbie Club
web site than it is to hand the card to a waiter in a

When you use a secure web site, your card information is 
scrambled so bad nothing can read it except the descrambler
on the other end. This is called "encryption". And strong
encryption is like scrambling an egg, mixing it in a 55 gallon
drum of water, then putting it back together again. At least
Humpty Dumpty was just broken.

When you bring up an order page, it should begin with "https"
and not just "http". And the padlock on your browser should
be locked. 

Test this. When you get to a secure order page, double click
on the padlock in your browser's status bar at the bottom.
It'll open an interesting window of information about the
security of the web site you're visiting.

If you've ever ordered anything from us, it's possible you
were presented with a warning about the security certificate
not matching the name of the site. That is true. The names
don't match. But the site is secure, even if the names don't

You can safely order and download any of products with 
complete confidence. Thousands already have!


"Who Knows What All Those Unused Keyboard Keys Are For?"

Those who've been shown that those keys can TRANSFORM their
everyday PC experience. Those who learned they could achieve so
much more with one click of a key - instead of 4 or 5 clicks
with their mouse. Those who now perform tasks that will make a
mouse choke. Hard to believe? Not when you read about' MAGIC!'
from The Newbie Club. The $9.95 eBook that will make your eyes


Geek Speak Buster: "Newbie"

A person new to some technology, mainly in the computer world.
Once a mildly derogatory term used by Nerds when poking fun
at the less knowledgeable, the word has been given new status.
Nerds may still joke amongst themselves about newbies, but you
can remind them that they themselves are Newbies if they're
learning something new. And that, of course, is a great thing. 

"I'm like a tomato plant. As long as I'm green, I'm growing.
When I think I'm ripe, I start to rot."


So you're not such a Newbie after all? Like to know what makes
Windows act the way it does? Then this ebook will give you a
quick, easy understanding of your PC's Brain. It's called 'The
Registry For Newbies' and you can read all about it here...

See Techie-Speak translated into Newbie-Speak by an expert!


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5. Administration


Subscription details:

To make changes to your membership details, such as updating
your name or email address, or unsubscribing (huh?), visit your
membership management headquarters...

Click==> and check on
your details now! You should see your info listed as ...

Name: %name%
Address: %email%

You can cancel your membership, change your name, update your
email address and more.

Back issues of the INSIDER are found here...

The TNC INSIDER is a publication of The Newbie Club and is
owned by Roglan International LLC, whose partners are
Tom Glander (US) and Joe Robson (UK).

(C) 2002 The Newbie Club(TM) All Rights Reserved

Computer problems are solved daily at the Newbie Club Clinic.
If you haven't checked in for a visit, you owe it to you and
your computer's health. It's excellent insurance! <==Visit Now!

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