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Issue 65

--- Special Edition of ---
THE NEWBIE CLUB INSIDER Issue 65 Feb 13, 2002

You've received this Special Edition because you're a Member
of The Newbie Club. Your membership details are at the end.

Please, do NOT hit **Reply** to this email. It will disappear
into cyberspace. Write to us at

The Newbie Club is owned by Tom Glander (US) and
Joe Robson (UK)

----- "Exciting New eBook Just Launched " -----

----- "Exciting New eBook Just Launched " -----

----- "Exciting New eBook Just Launched " -----

Hi %name%, this is Joe Robson. 

Guess what this is all about? OK, so you've guessed, but I
really do believe this letter will make your day because...

In response to the ever increasing number of requests from
Newbie Club Members, Tom and I have created what promises
to be our most 'must-have' product so far.

When we launched 'Keyboard Magic', an experienced Internet
marketing friend of mine wrote to me and said "Who on earth
wants to learn about the keyboard?"

Yeah right, *he* didn't, because he's been using his for nearly
10 years. But we ordinary mortals did. And Newbies in their
Thousands now have it on their PC desktops - including my

I mention this because so many 'experienced' PC users have
forgotten what it was like when they were Newbies. And many
of them - believe it or not - *still* make do with the stuff
they 'just picked up' in the early days. And close their eyes to
the almost daily improvements in technology and software.

But from the abundance of emails we receive, and the
thousands of questions asked through the Clinic, it's obvious
to us that massive numbers of people are frustrated and
confused, about using the most innovative form of
communication ever devised ...


So we've produced a Newbie-Speak 2 volume ebook called ...

"Email for Newbies -
The Gobbledygook Explained"

Not a cute and clever title is it? But we don't believe in cute
and clever. We leave that to the 'clever' techies who write
those so called email 'help' files that no one can understand.
That's why our Newbie Club books, services and tutorials have
helped hundreds of thousands of people all over the World!

Look, I won't ramble on about how great *we* believe it to be
- you can find out yourself at
- but here's a quick run down on the contents ...

------ "Email for Newbies is Actually 2 books In One" -

1. "Translating The Techie Stuff" by Tom Glander
2. "How to Write Email Professionally & Courteously" by Joe

There are 16 Chapters, with answers to all the most commonly
asked questions we've received, such as ...

# What's a screen name? How do I set up a new email
address? What's that confusing window for? How do I ....?

# Web Based and Client Based Email - how do I read my email
when I'm away from my PC? What's an email account? Client
based email? - but I have no clients!

# Pop 3, SMTP, Account names, Protocols, Servers and other
gobbledygook that sends Newbies into orbit - and back onto
snail mail!

# Email Netiquette? - and what's an email stripper? - sounds a
bit seedy to me!

# SPAM - how to deal with it. How can you spot it before you
open it? The magical sure-fire Spam killer. Can it ever be

# Bulk email - can it really make you a million bucks? Hmmm.

# Email Headers - no, it's not an Internet soccer game!

# Attachments. How do you send a wedding photo? I need to
forward a document but ... This simple technique continues to
be a mystery to many - yet it's so easy. But be extra careful,
or mayhem follows!

# Virus protection. So you think you're safe from those sickies
who flood the Internet with viruses - hell bent on crashing
your PC? Reading this is absolutely essential. And you'll learn
how to protect yourself for free!

# Think that writing emails in a professional manner only
applies to business emails? Then think again, because this
will shock you. Can others judge you by the way you write
your emails? And - wait for it - why some of the emails
you send may never even get read. Sheesh!

# Why so many emails suck! And *you* may be sending them.

# The Salutation, Subject line, intro, text that's impossible to
read, line breaks, signature ... Is there really so much to
writing professional emails? It sounds a lot, but it's not
at all.

# The best and most effective way to deal with someone who
upsets you. Do it wrong and you're in deep water!

And so on, through page after page of entertaining and
enlightening Newbie-Speak tutorials.

"You Simply Must Read 'Email for Newbies' Before
You Even *Think* About Sending Another Email"

# You'll get 2 Printable Volumes on everything you need to
know about getting the very best out of the extraordinary
medium of email.

# 16 Chapters of 'from the trenches' tutorials, written in
Newbie-Speak. You'll discover benefits that many seasoned
email users don't even know exist!

# Tons of Screen Captures (pictures) to make your learning
experience Rewarding and FUN!

In short, you'll soon be using email like a Veteran, and showing
off your new skills to all your friends and colleagues.

OK %name% that's enough. If you're not convinced by now
that you *really can* benefit from 'Email for Newbies', then
slip on over to and get a much
more detailed appraisal of this fabulous collection.

They're all designed to *dramatically* shorten your learning
curve. And just as importantly to ...

Keep you smilin'.

Best wishes %name%,

Joe Robson

PS If you think only Newbies can learn from these books,
you'd be wrong. Dead wrong! One delighted guy has already
wrote to us and said ...

"I learned more about using email in 2 HOURS from these 2
books, than I did in 2 YEARS of trial and error".

Go on - see what he's raving about for yourself at


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updating your name or email address, or unsubscribing (huh?),
visit your membership management headquarters...

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your details now! You should see your info listed as ...

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Address: %email%

You can cancel your membership, change your name, update
your email address and more.

Back issues of the INSIDER are found here...

The TNC INSIDER is a publication of The Newbie Club and is
owned by Roglan International LLC, whose partners are
Tom Glander (US) and Joe Robson (UK).

(C) 2002 The Newbie Club(TM) All Rights Reserved

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