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Well, the Newbie Club has done it again - Keyboard Magic is rich in helpful content and fresh with creative ideas, such as how to easily make your own screen capture graphics.

Here, collected in one place for the first time is a comprehensive guide to all the special key combinations you didn't even know existed! 

For example, before I read Keyboard Magic I never knew what the
Windows logo key did, 
it just sat idle on my keyboard up until now. But from now on I'll use it every day! 

As you'd expect, this delightful ebooklet is written in an easily understandable way, with even a bit of humor here and there. And as a bonus there are quotations in the 
sidebar on each page to inspire you or make you smile - or both.

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"Discover The Amazing Hidden 
Talents Of Your Humble Keyboard - And
 Open Up A World You Never Knew Existed"

It's Only US$9.95 and
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"Isn't it time to shift out of
first gear and start cruising?"

"I found more shortcuts, tips and tricks from this e-book than in over 6 years of using Windows." Peter Hyde Programmer

Hi, this is Joe Robson.

Hidden talents of your Keyboard? It's just for typing isn't it?

Yeah, that's what many people think. They believe their magic mouse is the be-and-end-all of modern technology. Click this, click that, right click, left click, double click, somersault and middle click - magic! And who can blame them? After all they've never been shown a better way! 

Yes, the mouse is a wonderful invention. It's so easy to use, and it's a no-brainer to learn. But the tragedy is that its simplicity is also your biggest barrier to using your PC to its maximum potential. And it's habit forming to such an extent that you eventually become its slave.

Did you know ...

... the chances are you will never ever realize the full potential of your computer, because you've been mislead into believing your keyboard is just for typing documents? It's not your fault, it's just that when you first began fumbling your way around your PC, every tutorial you read took you through each designated task with a series of mouse clicks.

Hey, before the mouse came along everything was achieved from the very same keys sitting on your keyboard right now. Then along came Wonder Mouse and 'simplified things'. But only some of them. And there was a price to pay. The awful truth is that your mouse only makes it easier to learn - not to perform at your best. And it drastically stifles your creativity!

You know, there are hundreds of things which can only be performed with your keyboard. Yet because you never learn them, you never use them! It's like driving your car in permanent first gear, because you were never told you could shift up!

Take a look at your keyboard right now

Just look at all those keys! Go on, take a look. I'll guarantee you've often wondered why there are so many - F1, Insert, Tab, Ctrl, Print Screen, End, Home, Alt, Pause, PgUp, Shift, Sys Rq, and the rest. Why?

And what about all those keys with the funny looking characters like  ~ # > ¬ \ ^ ?  Sheesh, surely someone put them there for a reason!  Of course they did, and yet you never use them. Does anyone? Yes of course ...

Those savvy enough to learn! Those who've been shown that those keys can transform their everyday PC experience. Those who eventually realized they could achieve so much more with one click of a key - instead of 4 or 5 clicks with their mouse. Those who now perform tasks that in many cases their mouse was never designed to perform! 

So that's why we created this book. To help you become one of the savvy ones. It's jam packed with 'tips and tricks' that will open your eyes so wide, they'll start watering.  And when you see the amazing things your keyboard can do - things no one ever told you about because they never knew themselves - you'll very quickly see why we named it ... Keyboard MAGIC!

"So how will you benefit?"

Your keyboard can practically replace your mouse - and achieve so many things that clicking just cannot do. It can improve your creativity to a level that will simply amaze you. And it's soooo easy!

From A to Z, F1 to Delete, Alt to Tab, and everything in between, I'll take you through tips, shortcuts, 'secrets' and explanations of the not-so-commonly-known benefits of the modern keyboard. 

"Keyboard Magic is incredible! ...You have achieved a remarkable feat considering that I have the technical ability of the average house plant. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" 
Kent E. Butler, Editor, Publisher

Here's the chapter list for you ...

Chapter 1. Introduction
Observations, insights, and useable information you really shouldn't be without. An eye-opener right from the start! Hey, you're starting to enjoy it already!

Chapter 2. General Tips
A collection of my most favorite performance boosting tips. Easy to read, and even easier to start using. All of them specifically related to your keyboard, and each one guaranteed to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Chapter 3. Keyboard Shortcuts
Now we're really warming up. What are those mysterious
Ctrl and Alt keys?  What do they really do? And what are all those F keys for anyway? Pressing combinations of them will dramatically improve your computing. Not to mention wear and tear on your temper. Why mouse around, clicking here there and everywhere, when you can achieve exactly the same thing in a fraction of the time?

Chapter 4. Logo Key Shortcuts
Now we're cookin' with gas! If your keyboard has the Windows Logo key between the Ctrl and Alt keys, you're in for a huge surprise - and an even bigger treat. This grossly under estimated key extends your performance even further, helping you achieve things you've probably never even heard of. 

"I never knew what the Windows logo key did, it just sat idle on my keyboard up until now. But from now on I'll use it every day! 
Stewart Shaw www.coolmoney.com

Chapter 5. Access Options
Do you want your board to do even more? Need to change the way it responds when you hold down a key? You didn't even know you could do that? Well this section spills the beans on a vitally little known and extremely interesting topic. Freeway straight ahead!

Chapter 6. ANSI Secrets Revealed
ANSI, what's that? It's the crazy function that lets you jazz up, dress up, and revitalize your otherwise boring plain text email with fancy characters like this ... 
© Æ  ®    ¾  æ.  Soon you'll be wowing your friends with the coolest emails they've ever seen. And of course you'll impress them when they ask how you did it. Yea, it's cool. Very, very cool!

Chapter 7. Wingdings
Huh, like flying saucers? Nope, they're zany, they're wild, they're the little characters you can make with the keys on your board, like these examples:


And even though you didn't know it, they're already installed on your computer. So bring 'em out, dust 'em down, and start wingdinging! They'll be so pleased. And so will you.

"You're even shown how to use the numeric keypad as a mouse replacement. And the Character Map is covered in complete detail. This is a total keyboard reference and productivity booster, for sure."

Chapter 8. Emoticons Explained
Sorry about the rude language, but that's what they're called.  It's so easy to give the wrong impression in your email messages. Even a 'witty' remark can be misinterpreted and throw the recipient into a blind rage. 

So how do you express your true feelings in your emails? With emoticons, of course. Those friendly little smiley face doodads you've no doubt seen. So here's a list of over a thousand - all 'drawn' with the click of a key or two. Smile please :-) and keep the revs up! &8-]

Chapter 9. Playing it Safe
Injury! Yes I know what you're thinking. "It'll never happen to me." But then one day, when you least expect it .... no airbag!  And it can be caused by your keyboard, your monitor, chair position, and other factors. Especially if you spend a lot of time in front of your computer. So devour this guide thoroughly. It'll really open your eyes.

"... a terrific, highly practical resource. It's amazing just how helpful and time-saving these little tricks can be!" Ed Green www.ggalaxy.com

Like all Newbie Club™ Products, Keyboard MAGIC!  comes with our Famous 12 month unconditional, no-questions-asked Money Back Guarantee! That's right - unconditional!

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With us, unconditional means unconditional"

"It's Crunch Time!"

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