The Newbie Club Membership Rules

Rules? Hey, this is The Newbie Club™. We're relaxed, informal and friendly. But without rules you can guarantee someone will take advantage and spoil it for everyone else. Besides which, we have a legal obligation to lay down some stuff in writing. So when you apply for Newbie Club™ Membership you must agree to the following ...

  • Use of The Clinic is for individual member's personal use only and is a service you must pay for. You may not submit queries on behalf of anyone else. e.g. You may not use the Clinic to answer queries for someone and publish them on your Website or in your ezine, unless you make it clear that the answer was given by the Newbie Club™ Clinic, and a clickable link to the Newbie Club™ is attached to the published information.

  • If you have a commercial need for The Clinic, e.g. you are a Company with a network of computers requiring support, please email us with your requirements.

  • The Clinic is for non-commercial use. You must never re-sell or undertake to charge payment, in kind or in cash, for any of the solutions you are offered.

  • All queries relating to questions asked of the Clinic Team MUST be addressed to the Clinic Support Team with the ticket number they issued, and not to the Newbie Club™ Support Team. 

  • You will undertake never to bring The Newbie Club™ into disrepute, e.g. we are totally Anti Spam.

  • If, in our opinion, we feel that membership of The Club, or use of The Clinic is being abused, your Membership will be cancelled.

  • All Club Members will receive the Newbie Club™ Insider newsletter and occasional special mailings such as new product announcements. If you unsubscribe from the newsletter your Membership will automatically be terminated, since the subscription and membership database are one and the same. 

  • We reserve the right to refuse Membership to any applicant without reason.

  • In line with our very strict Privacy Code Of Practice, your Membership details will never be made available at any time to any third party.

  • We reserve the right to add to, or amend this list of Membership Rules at any time without notice. Your continuing Membership will be on condition that you agree to the Membership Rules prevailing at the time of any dispute.

  • The Newbie Club™ warrants that it will use all reasonable care and skill in trying to resolve problems but due to the limited nature of the interaction, cannot guarantee that every problem will be resolved.

  • The Newbie Club™ Doc and The Newbie Club™ or any of its associated companies and personnel, will not be held responsible for any damage, problems, inconvenience or consequential loss that may arise by implementing the advice or recommendations offered by The Newbie Club™ Clinic Team. It's recommended that if you're attempting changes to anything involving your system's configuration, such as the Windows Registry, that you exercise extreme caution.

Hey, that's the legal formalities. If you agree to be bound by these rules, close this window, complete your Membership Application, and let's have some fun!

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