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Linda's MS Office Tips

Adding Drop Caps to Your  Document

Do you like the effect of Drop Caps in the first word of a chapter?  If so, Microsoft Word lets you add them to your document pretty easily. 

Just click your cursor in front of the first word in your paragraph and go to the Format menu and select Drop Cap.  In this box, select the middle box at the top that says Dropped.  Then, below this, choose the font you want to use, along with your preferences for how much you want it dropped and how far you want it from your text. Then click OK and your document should look something like this:

Or, if you would prefer an even better look, try Microsoft Publisher (which is included on the second CD in the Office 2000 Professional and Premium editions).  In Publisher, it is done the same way, but when you go to the Format menu and choose Drop Cap, you can click on the Custom Drop Cap tab and specify how many letters you want to include, so you can drop an entire word and it would look like this:

Remember, when it comes to desktop publishing effects like this, Publisher has more customizable features than Word.

If you want the job done well, you must use the right tool.  Or, in this case, the right Office program.

Hang in there!


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