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Linda's MS Office Tips

Changing ClipArt Colors in PowerPoint

This is one that some people don't know because they assume ClipArt works the same in all the Office programs.  But, PowerPoint has some greater capabilities when it comes to graphics than Word or Excel.  Here's an example:

Inside PowerPoint, insert a ClipArt picture in one of your slides by going to the Insert Menu and choosing Picture, then ClipArt.  When you insert the ClipArt, you should see your Picture Toolbar.  If you don't, go to the View Menu and choose Toolbars, then Picture. 

Make sure your picture is selected by clicking on it once so it has the little white boxes around it and look on your Picture Toolbar for the "Recolor Picture" button.  It should be the fourth one from the right end and looks like a paint bucket with a picture behind it.  Click on it and you will see this box:

As you can see, all of the colors in your ClipArt image are listed on the right and to the left are dropdown boxes where you can choose different colors to replace them. As you change them, notice the preview on the right changes to show you how your ClipArt will look with the new colors.

Once you've made all your changes, simply click OK and your picture appears in your slide with its new look.

I've used this to change yellow flowers to pink ones and dull gray cars to flashy red ones.  The thing to remember is that changing the color in one place changes every instance of that color in your picture.  So, if you don't mind the gray-haired man sitting in the gray car becoming a redhead when his car changes, you will be fine.

Hang in there!


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