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Linda's ebooks:
Fonts, Fun & Formats :: Table Wizardry

Have a look at what she's done. You'll be amazed!

Linda's MS Office Tips

Linda's Office tips can be found by date. When we send out a newsletter, the link from her tip leads you to this page. The newest tips are always at the top, so click on through and enjoy!

06 Dec 2001 "Understanding Tables of Contents" ... MS Word Tip

29 Nov 2001 "Easter Eggs" ... Just a fun tip

15 Nov 2001 "Workspaces in Excel" ... MS Excel Tip

08 Nov 2001 "Using Detect and Repair" ... General Office Tip

01 Nov 2001 "Changing ClipArt Colors" ... MS PowerPoint Tip

25 Oct 2001 "Adding Drop Caps to Word Docs" ... MS Word Tip

18 Oct 2001 "Separating Text into Columns" ... MS Excel Tip

11 Oct 2001 "Shooting Bullets in Word" ... MS Word Tip

02 Oct 2001 "Adding Calendar Web Events" ... Doing it in Outlook

06 Sep 2001 "Bookmarks and Hyperlinks" ... Doing it in Word

23 Aug 2001 "Quick Launch Calculator" ... Doing it from Excel

16 Aug 2001 "Addressing Envelopes" ... The Easiest Way!

9 Aug 2001 "Removing Duplication" ... Keeping Access clean.

2 Aug 2001 "The Need to Know" ... Super easy Word stats.

27 JUL 2001 "Recently Used Files" ... How to get rid of them.

19 JUL 2001 "Document Privacy" ... Making Documents READ ONLY.

 12 JUL 2001 "Quickies in Word" ... How to use AutoCorrect.

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