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Privacy and Belief Statement
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This is what we believe and you can absolutely depend on. We take this seriously so you can rest assured of your privacy.

  • We place the highest priority on your privacy.

  • We'll keep your email address safe and secure.

  • We'll never sell any information about you to anyone for any reason.

  • We'll never trade, barter, swap or in any other way compromise your email address.

  • We do not store credit card information on our server.

  • We believe in asking permission before we send anything to you.

  • We desire your trust.

  • We will earn your trust.

  • We are worthy of your trust.

  • You are the reason for our success, and we believe we are contributing to yours.

  • We'll do nothing to compromise this relationship.


Tom Glander

Joe Robson

The Newbie Club™ Co-Founders


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