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Upload Mysteries Revealed:
The Overview

I've downloaded an e-book from your web site, and need to get it onto my own site so other people can download it. How do I upload the ebook?

Uploading is the exact opposite of downloading. Both are simply a means of copying a file from one location to another, across a network. That network is all the routers, switches, and other stuff between you and the computer you're communicating with.

Upload your e-book file, or any file for that matter, using an FTP client. "FTP Client" is just a techie name for computer software that does a specific job. You'll also hear the term e-mail client tossed around when you listen in on a techie conference.

We recommend a simple FTP client called FTP Explorer. Why this one, and not some other? Because it's very simple to use, and supports dragging and dropping of files. You can literally drag an icon from your desktop into the right window pane, and the file is uploaded to your destination directory. 

Screen Capture:

Get FTP Explorer from You can pick up a copy right now if you're online. Just click the link above, and a new browser window will open with that site loaded. Download your copy and get back here to continue reading!

Back already? Great! Now, first thing you need to do is get this thing fixed up to communicate with your server. This can be tricky at times if you don't have the required information. We'll explain what goes where and why, so you can rest easy. The next page will explain how to get connected.

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