Upload Mysteries Revealed:
Connecting to the Server

Now that your profile is ready, let's get connected. Click the Connect button, or double click your Profile Name in the left window pane. Make sure you're online, and you will be connected to your host's computer. Since you are most likely be on a system shared by many different people, you will see a list of folders. You should be taken immediately to the "root" of your folder structure. Here's an example of how this could look:

This is the account. When we signed up for the account, we received a welcome letter stating that all of our HTML files should be placed in the folder named "public_html". So that's where we put them. Your own host will tell you where you should put your HTML files.

Okay, now we're logged in. So where do we upload our ebook?

Here's the key: You'll want to create a new folder in the folder where your HTML stuff is supposed to go. In the example pictured above, we created a new folder named "ebooks" and made it in the "public_hmtl" folder. Here's another screen capture of the new folder structure:

You see the ebooks folder? If you were to open it, you'd see all of our ebooks listed in there.

Now, note the Contents line:

Whenever you double click a folder, the contents line changes, just like it does in Windows Explorer. So you always know exactly where you are in your folder tree. Opening the ebooks folder gives us this Contents line:

So that's where you put your ebook. Stick it in your newly created ebooks folder. Or maybe you have another name you like better? Doesn't matter. Create whatever works for you.


We've figured out how to log on, and how to navigate, and how to create a new folder. Oh yea, I didn't say how to actually create a new folder. Just click File, New, Folder. And give it a name. Just like Explorer. And that's why I like this FTP Explorer program. You don't have to learn a bunch of new stuff, really. Just apply what you already know.

Next, let's look at the actual uploading process for our final answer to the question, "How do I upload my ebooks to my web server?" 

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