Upload Mysteries Revealed:
Uploading Your Files

Now comes the fun part. The satisfaction of sending that ebook to its destination, so everyone else can enjoy it. Here's the stuff you need to know.

You have three options: Use the upload menu item on the File menu, use the upload arrow on the button bar, or drag and drop the file from your desktop to the right window pane of FTP Explorer.

You may remember we mentioned earlier that the desktop is used as "scratch pad". A place to download, move things around, copy and paste to and from. It's a great place to work from. So, assuming you've downloaded an ebook to your desktop, all you do is drag and drop it into the right window pane with your Contents are showing you're in the right folder, like this:

When you release your grip on the icon, a nice new window pops up that explains what's going on. It'll look like this:

By the way, if you don't have EBook Paper and you create ebooks, you need this program. It lets you create and brand ebooks with the greatest of ease.

Visit Wes Blaylock's site for more info on EBook Paper and EBrander. They come together as a package. This ebook was created with EBook Paper. A new window will open, and you'll be taken through a redirect link to his site. You'll see how to make these redirect links in chapter five of this ebook.

As soon as the file is finished uploading, you're done. Depending on your connection speed, this will take between seconds and minutes. Remember, uploading works a lot slower than downloading.

Okay, what if you use FTP Explorer's upload arrows (buttons)? You just get a view of the Upload dialog box where you can navigate to manually select the file or files you want to upload. Hold down the Ctrl key while selecting multiple files.

When you've selected the files to upload, click the Open button, and up they go. This part of the program isn't that intuitive, because of the Open button. I would have named it Upload, but I didn't write the program.

So that's how uploading works. To sum it all up, you do the following: "FTP into your server, create a folder for your ebooks, and upload them." Makes sense, doesn't it? And that's what the NCLS is all about. What's the NCLS? It stands for Newbie Club Learning Systemô. We apply it to everything so you don't go nuts trying to figure things out.

Now that you can upload your files, your ebooks, your pictures, and anything else on your computer, how about creating a link on your web page so our friendly visitors can download the ebook you've uploaded? We'll jump into that topic in the next chapter.

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