Purpose for this ebook

This ebook was written to answer common questions encountered by Newbie Netrepreneurs the world over. These questions are always the same. As with most anything new, it always seems hard at first. And a lot of what goes on with the Net seems almost magical. But instead of leaving you wondering and wandering in cyberspace, let's sweep away the mystery and make it all plain.

If you're working with a file other than an e-book, just substitute that file for the name "ebook" in the questions below. For example, you could be uploading a shareware software program, a picture, or a sound file. It doesn't matter what it is, if you can move it from your computer to the server computer, it qualifies. Even your HTML files qualify, since they are, indeed, files.

We'll address these questions

1. I've downloaded an e-book from your web site, and need to get it onto my own site so other people can download it. How do I upload the ebook?

2. Where should I put the ebook that I upload? Is there some special folder location where downloads should be placed?

3. How do I create download links for the ebook after I've uploaded it to my web site?

4. How can I create a new folder on the computer that hosts my web site?

5. How do I create a redirect page so nobody can see my affiliate coded link, or because I just want to redirect my visitors from one site to another? And how can I make this take a few seconds to happen, or make it just happen instantly?

These are the top five questions we encounter from Newbie Netrepreneurs. Not everyone wants to learn in-depth HTML coding. And many people use programs like FrontPage or some other HTML editor to create their sites, and could care less about the coding that goes on. That's why we use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors. 

Apply what you learn here, and you'll never have to ask someone for help in this area again! The Newbie Club™ is working to provide solutions, and we're working to help you succeed.

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