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"Imagine using the Newbie Club™ 
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MS Word 

Hi, I'm Joe Robson and I'm absolutely thrilled to tell you about a brand new range of Newbie Club™ Tutorials that will literally transform your creativity, and help you exploit some amazing creative talents of which you are probably totally unaware.

Microsoft Word® is the world's favorite word processing program. If you don't have it on your computer, chances are you eventually will. And yet, like most software, its huge range of features and  creative benefits remain hidden behind a wall of difficult and boring help files. Benefits available only to the select few who are specially trained to exploit them.

Enter The Newbie Club™ - and the extraordinary Linda Johnson

Linda is a highly talented, 'Face-to-Face' Personal Trainer and Tutor for the Microsoft Office range of programs - of which 'WORD' is the most popular. Her one-to-one experiences of overcoming Newbie frustrations makes her the ideal author for this much requested range of tutorials.

She knows the problems Newbies experience when trying to grasp the benefits of this remarkable program. And knows from personal experience exactly how to overcome them. She also knows that many 'experienced' users are totally unaware of the extent of its huge range of features and benefits. So they just 'muddle through and make do' with the basic features of word processing. What a sad waste of such a remarkable program!

Did you know for instance that ...

A thorough grasp of Word will help you to use many other publishing programs? 

Flyers, posters, reports, greeting cards, letters, html email, and even Web pages are much easier to produce, if you fully understand how to exploit WORD to its maximum. And because many of Word's toolbars and features are used in so many other programs, your learning curve with new software can be dramatically reduced.

So we were absolutely delighted when Linda agreed to create this series of 'bite sized' WORD tutorials for The Newbie Club™. Her experience with Newbies is extraordinary. And by combining it with The Newbie Club™ Easy Learning System of screen captures, pictures and Newbie-Speak exercises, she has produced a series of eBooklets which are guaranteed to help you produce professional and stunning creations. Creations previously reserved only for those 'in the know'. 

Why MS Word MAGIC!?

Because that's what happens when you first experience the sheer pleasure of creating the kind of publications you thought only the pros could produce. And whether you use this new talent for business, hobbies, pleasure, family, or for teaching the children, your sense of achievement will be ... MAGIC!

Each eBooklet is devoted to a particular area of Word, helping you to digest and learn in 'bite sized chunks', before moving on to the next. Until eventually you'll have a thorough, in-depth understanding of the amazing, yet little used, range of benefits of the world's favorite program. And they're only $9.95 each! 

eBooklet 2 is called ...

"Table Wizardry"

And here's your List of Contents ...

Chapter 1. Introduction

  • What to expect from this ebooklet. You'll definitely impress people with your documents after you've pulled what was once a rather unprofessional mess into a beautifully laid out and professionally presented work of art.

Chapter 2. Creating Tables

  • What's the big deal about tables? Most people think tables are only used when you want to show a list of numbers or some such data. But hey, they're way off base. They're the best way to organize graphics, columns, headings, and more!

  • Different ways to set up tables. Using the Insert Table function from the Menu, or using the buttons. We'll show you exactly how it works.

  • Table anatomy. How to select the various parts of a table. Table Rows, Cells, Columns, and how to select and use the various Table parts.

  • How to navigate inside a table. "If you click inside a cell, you will see that hitting the Enter key moves you to the next line within the cell.  To move to the next cell in this row, hit your..."

  • Customizing your tables. "First select the top row by clicking when you see the diagonal white arrow at the left end of the row, or by clicking inside any cell on the top row and going to the Table menu and selecting..."

  • Drawing tables from scratch. How to use the Tables and Borders Toolbar to draw the basic design of the table. It's all spelled out in plain language for you, and done with pictures...

Chapter 3. Sprucing Up Your Tables

  • Changing table colors. Pretty straightforward stuff!

  • Merging rows within cells. Why, and what for?

  • Changing the colors of backgrounds and borders. Working with shading and making it all look fantastic.

  • And plenty of tips like this one: "Be careful when you remove borders from one side or another because cells share borders, therefore removing the bottom border from a cell will also remove the top border from the cell below it in the table."

  • And more tips. This ebooklet is full of great tips!

Chapter 4. Advanced Tables

  • Working with pre-existing data lists. Here's an example... 

"Let's say you have a list of names, addresses, and phone numbers that you have set up using tabs so it appears to be in columns. This works OK only if all of your names, addresses and phone numbers are the exact same length, otherwise you need to keep adding manual spaces to line everything up right.  If you decide you want to add another category (like "Birthday"), your columns get all messed up again.  What a pain!!  This is much easier to do in a table." 

  • Finding hidden characters. "To turn on your hidden characters, simply click on the show/hide button on your Standard toolbar." Why would you want to do this? Let Linda show you why.

  • Converting your data into a table. No, you won't be able to eat from it, but your next sales brochure or report just may help put that bacon on the table!

  • Adding additional data. Just laid out a nice table, and forgot to add the birthday list? No problem. Just add the data using the appropriate buttons. You'll become a real expert at all of this!

  • Adding picture to your tables. Yes, you can add any picture, and align it exactly the way you want. "You see you can also insert pictures directly from your scanner or digital camera if you have pictures there." And of course insert charts from Excel, too. It's amazing!

Chapter 5. Sample Tables

  • A sample calendar is included.

  • A sample invoice is included.

  • A garage sale flyer is included. 

  • All created to show you the versatility of the types of documents you can create using tables. It's magic! Or so it would seem. Actually, you're the "magician in training" and will soon know all the secrets!

Hey, does this look hard to do? Only the results should be impressive, not the work that goes into creating them! Let Linda show you how to pull of some incredibly eye-pleasing work with her ebooklet, Table Wizardry. You can learn to do all of this and more, and you'll have fun with it at the same time. We promise!

The dramatic combination of Linda's hands-on teaching experience, and The Newbie Club's unique Easy Learning System, makes MS Word MAGIC! the easiest, quickest and most rewarding way to catapult your knowledge of Microsoft Word® and other creative programs - by far. And what's more, it's fun!

So why don't you go to our order page and get your copy of 
Table Wizardry
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Hey, it's only $9.95!

Like all Newbie Club™ Products, the MS Word MAGIC! series comes with our renowned 12 month, unconditional no questions asked Money Back Guarantee! That's right - unconditional!

"If, within 12 months of purchase and for any reason whatsoever, you decide that MS Word MAGIC! is not for you, simply let us know and we'll refund your purchase price immediately. No Questions Asked! No ifs, buts or maybes. No hidden clauses and no small print. With us, unconditional means unconditional!"

"It's Crunch Time!"

You can either stay as you are and stifle your creative opportunities, or you can join that liberated group of people who choose to make their lives easier, more creative and much more enjoyable. This low cost, $9.95 eBooklet will literally transform your everyday use of your PC. And if you don't agree - just ask for an instant refund!

MS Word MAGIC! 2 requires the installation of Internet Explorer - at least version 4.0 - on your computer. This is the most common type of ebook format for Windows computers. If you don't have Explorer, you're missing out on a lot of the downloadable stuff on the Internet. And it's very likely you already have it installed. In fact, if you have Windows 98 or over, you've already go it! If you need to download, you can download it free from www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/default.htm after you've ordered.

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